Why You Should Consider Kids’ Night Lights

Ah, the night light. It’s been a staple of young children’s bedtime everywhere. For some children, they are scared of the dark and want a little light to help them feel more secure. For others, they want a guide to help them when they want to get up and use the bathroom or sneak to the kitchen for a midnight snack.

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Here are a few reasons why a night light for kids may be a good idea.

It Helps Your Kid With Their Fear of the Dark

When you’re a kid, things do go bump in the night. Every little bump is a monster coming to get you, and the only way to prevent that is to get them a night light for kids. Yes, your kid should learn how to sleep in the dark, and realize that there are no monsters that are trying to get them, but a night light is honestly not a bad idea for the time being as they learn how they can be better. You can buy a night light that isn’t harsh, giving your kid just enough light to see around the house when they are going to bed.

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Great For Trips To The Bathroom

When your kid has to go up and use the bathroom, a night light can help. Many night lights can light up the hallways, and the bathroom, preventing your child from waking others up as they turn on the overhead lights. Plus, this allows them to walk to their place without harsh light waking them up. We say to try that out if your kid finds themselves getting up and going to the bathroom a lot. Just make sure they know how to be quiet should they want to use the bathroom.

There Are Cute Designs To Go With It

Many night lights are shaped like cute cartoon characters, making your kid feel like they have a companion whenever they go to bed. Your kid can feel like they have a guardian as they head to sleep and their little companion prevents them from the monsters that come to them. Just make sure that your companion is put in a place where they can see it should they feel any fear. Luckily, their friend is there to save the day at all times.

They Play White Noise

Many night lights for kids will have noises they play. From calming music to ambient noise, it can help drown out the things that go bump in the night and allow your kid to have a more restful sleep that is not interrupted. This is a great idea for many reasons. For one, many people use white noise to a degree to keep them sleeping well. For another, music can help relax a child who is having trouble winding down. Just make sure that the music is not too loud or distracting.

They May Project

Some night lights come in the form of a projector. They will project images on the ceiling, such as stars, and do it in a relaxing manner. Your child can look at the stars until their eyes grow heavy, and then pass out. This is not only awesome for adding some unique ambience to the room, but your kid can use this to fall asleep much easier while looking out at the stars.

They Don’t Consume Much

Night lights don’t consume much electricity at all, meaning that you won’t have to pay much to keep one on. Many night lights adjust automatically. For example, if it’s bright in the room, it turns off, and vice versa. This allows you to worry less about plugging it in and turning it off whenever you are not using it. This is a good way to save a lot of time.

With that said, not all night lights are created equal. Make sure you are buying a night light that doesn’t consume much electricity at all, or else you may have a hard time with your electric bill.

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There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Light

With that said, some people are against night lights. They point out that bright lights can disrupt a child’s sleep and cause troubles going to bed. There is some truth to this. If you find that your child is having more trouble falling asleep, make sure you are buying a night light that has mild light. There are night lights where the lighting is subtle, giving you just enough to see, but not enough to disrupt your sleep. Also, make sure that some day, your kid grows out of using a night light and instead looks to other options to fall asleep better.

What To Do If Your Kid Has A Fear of the Dark

If your kid has a fear of the dark, you may want to tackle that. A night light can help, but it doesn’t eliminate the cause. And while most kids will outgrow this fear, you do want to eliminate it if possible.

Kids have a fear of the dark for many reasons. Their active imaginations go wild when they can’t see around them. Media depicts monsters such as the boogeyman attacking kids while they are asleep. Plus, it is a bit creepy at night, you have to admit.

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Be logical, and explain like monsters don’t exist. Don’t pretend that you’re trying to look for monsters, as this can imply that you believe they exist.

Ask your kid why they are scared of the dark. Some may have logical reasons, while others are in fiction. Explaining to your child why the dark won’t hurt them is always a good idea, and you can help them grow.

If you’re still having problems, talking to a counselor can help you as well. A counselor who deals with children is always a good thing to try. They can help reach your children better than you can at times. Make sure you speak to a counselor whenever your kid has a fear.

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