What Are Some Benefits Of Wooden Alphabet Blocks?

One of the most iconic toys for a young toddler who is just learning how to walk are alphabet blocks. We’ve all seen babies stacking them, knocking them down, and spending hours entertained by these silly little blocks. If you have a baby, you may be wondering why you should check them out for your child. There are a few reasons why baby blocks are quite good, and we will discuss them in this post, particularly the wooden ones.

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Why Wooden?

There are many types of blocks out there. Some are made of plastic, for example. However, wooden blocks is still our personal favorite for a few reasons. First, wooden blocks are just more durable. They are long-lasting compared to other blocks.

Also, they tend to be made from non-toxic paints that don’t chip off, if they aren’t painted to begin with.

Wooden blocks just look great, and there is a reason why wooden toys have been making a comeback. With that out of the way, let’s look at some other benefits.

Good For Learning The Alphabet

If you want your child to get a head start on learning the alphabet, wooden blocks do help. Your child can see the giant letters painted on them and feel them if they are sculpted on. You can tell them what each letter means, and chances are, your baby will repeat it once you’ve said it a few times. By learning their letters early, this can help improve your baby’s literacy skills by quite a bit. Try it out today and see what we’re talking about.

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Great For Hand-Eye Coordination

Ah, hand-eye coordination. When your kid is a toddler, learning hand-eye coordination is important. A set of wooden blocks teaches them how to use that. When they are stacking their blocks, they must be mindful of where they are placing the block. If they stack it in the wrong place, the block tower will fall. Making sure they keep the tower high is a goal of any toddler, and learning hand-eye coordination can help them with that.

Good For Toppling Down

Most babies will want to stack up a tower of blocks, but it’s also fun to knock them down. This can help the toddler relieve some stress if they are feeling it, and plus, it’s always fun watching the tower of blocks fall. Just make sure that your baby knows how to pick the up when they are done.

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Teaches About Shapes

When your baby is stacking the blocks, they’ll start to notice the shape of the block and how it contrasts with the shape of the letters on there. This is a cool way to teach them about the many shapes. For added fun, try stacking the blocks to form a shape like a triangle or a rectangle, and show the baby what those shapes are. This can be a fun lesson for everyone involved.

Teaches About Spatial Awareness

When your baby is a toddler, their sense of spatial awareness may not be their strong suit. Building blocks can show them the space between them and the blocks, and how blocks in the same space can stack up. This is a cool little way to develop their awareness that you may have not thought of before, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Great For Engineering

When you think of blocks, you rarely think of engineering. You may imagine engineering as more of putting together machines. But in a way, blocks are an early form of engineering. Your kid must place the blocks precisely together or else they will fall. They will figure out the heaviness of the block and see what happens when you stack too many in a row. Your baby may become creative and learn some cool ways they can stack and sack and stack until they have made some impressive shapes.

Great For Fine Motor Skills

As your baby is growing, their sense of fine motor skills starts to improve. Fine motor skills include using their fingers, and blocks require some tricky finger work. For example, it can involve your baby placing their fingers around the edges while trying to prevent their fingers from slipping. This sounds easy as an adult, but when you’re a toddler, it can be a big challenge in of itself. Make sure that your baby has a head start on their find motor skills by buying them a set of building blocks that make the whole process easier.

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It Helps Improve Logical Thinking

You may not associate building blocks with critical thinking skills, but think about it in the perspective of the toddler. Your toddler is stacking those blocks and thinks they will stack up to space without toppling. Then, it topples. Why? Your baby starts to notice that when they put blocks a little too close to the edge when stacking, it can increase the chances of the tower toppling. Therefore, it’s wise that your baby starts to stack them in a way where all the blocks are fitted to the center if possible. This helps improve the logical thinking of your child in ways you didn’t think were possible. This is yet another reason why wooden blocks are a fun toy.

It Gets Them Interested In Other Building Toys

Okay, so building blocks are going to lose their novelty fast. When your baby becomes too old, wooden blocks are boring. However, this is where you can encourage them to look into more advanced toys if your baby has an interest. For example, they may look to blocks that can be snapped together. These include Lego sets.

This may cause your child to go down a path where they are building more complex things until they are a little engineer, then an adult engineer. Of course, they may just want to build for fun too, and that’s okay.

So if you have a baby who just learned to sit up, crawl, or walk, a set of building blocks are right up your alley.


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