What Are The Best Gifts For A 4-Year-Old Girl?

All the celebrations during the holidays may have exhausted you. Then, when you are just starting to recover from all the parties, get-togethers and the chaos of being around so many people at the same time, you get an invitation to attend a birthday party for a four-year-old girl!

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The Best Toys

Now, are you ready for more gift guides hunting? If you are, discover the top toys for four-year-old girls with these tips.

Letters are Better

The first thing that a four-year-old girl learns is the letters of the alphabet. This is the beginning of her learning to read and then on to higher learning. A toy to help her learn the letters of the alphabet is a good toy to give to 4-year-old girl that helps with fine motor skills.

letters of the alphabet toys
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In Amazon, a toy option is a “Sesame Street Elmo’s On the Go Letters.” Your 4-year-old girl will be more familiar with each letter and what they look like. Also, the case has a designated space molded for each letter of the alphabet. She’ll not only learn the letters, but she will also learn the order of the letters in the alphabet. Since it is an on-the-go toy, she can bring it anywhere and learn anywhere! It is also a very colorful toy good for learning in these early years.

Math is the Path

An option is a gift that will help her learn math. The 4-year-old children start learning math in Pre-Kindergarten. They learn to count from 1 to 10. They learn the numbers, what they look like and when they count objects, which numbers represent the number of objects they counted. This may be one of the top gifts for 4 year old kid to consider if your kid is on quiz mode and fact mode.

Count objects
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Some favorite toys can help your child learn to count 1 to 10. Here are some examples found in Amazon.

First, Melissa and Doug Counting Caterpillar – Classic Wooden Toy With 10 Colorful Numbered Segments. The toy is a caterpillar with ten horseshoe-shaped objects as its body. Numbers are printed on each horseshoe from 1 to 10. Each horseshoe is also a different color to help her differentiate between each number. There are also counting dots printed on top of each horseshoe. A 4-year-old girl will be using the counters to represent each number.

Art Is A Big Part

Making those little 4-year-old hand eye coordination work is always a good idea. So, a gift that will allow her to paint or draw will be good for her development. Of course, anything good for her will be greatly appreciated by her mom or dad.

A girl coloring art
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Crayons, Pencils, Paint and Colorful Chalk are common presents for four-year-olds. Other than these, there are also other options for you. One example is “Soyee Button Art.” This toy consists of several boards and buttons. She is supposed to complete a picture on the board by matching the buttons with the colors on the boards. She will learn to match colors and learn new ideas in coloring. She will use her world imagination to complete the photo on the board. Her little hands will be busy identifying colors and pictures. This imaginative play is the best for mental development.

Play Makes a Good Day

Most kids love to role play in groups. Playdates are a good idea at age group of four. She will have her dolls. She can treat her friends to a party with tea sets. They will play “house,” or they will play “school” and they will have a lot of fun.

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There are a lot of toys that can help her have a lot of fun with her friends. But one of the top toys for four year old girls is Kiddey Kids Play Tent & Playhouse. The tent has a lot of entrances so everyone can plan and have fun. She and her friends can also imagine different games. It is also very colorful, and the colors are very attractive to 4 year olds.

Would you consider any of these gifts to give to a 4-year-old girl?

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