Best Toys for a 6 Year Old Girl

Your six-year-old daughter will most likely be in kindergarten by now. Like any parent, you undoubtedly like to make sure that she gets to learn as much as she can. You also want to make sure that she has fun and enjoys her time at school!


The good thing is that you can always combine fun and learning during playtime. Whoever said one is excluded from the other, right? So, when you buy toys for your 6-year-old girl, always consider how you can combine learning and fun. Here are some ideas for the best toys for a 6-year-old girl.

Best Toys For Your 6-Year-Old Girl

There are many best toys for a 6-year-old girl. There are so many products to choose from. You can look at them in different categories based on the interests of your 6-year-old girl.

Fun And Her Artistic Side

Each kid is different. Your six-year-old girl could be interested in art. If that is the case, find toys that will help her to explore her artistic side further. There are a lot of toys to choose from.  It can be drawing, painting, or other arts and crafts.


One toy to get for your six-year-old girl is “American Girl Ultimate Crafting Kit.” This is one toy your daughter may very well spend a lot of time on. For $51.49 from Oriental Trading, your little girl will have mini bottles, large bottles, spools, twine, elastic cord, embroidery floss, mini clothespin, round beads, iridescent donut beads, wooden beads, pearls, cube beads, mini start beads, cylinder beads, earring hooks, and jump rings. Your little girl can make bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. You are sure to get your money’s worth from this! Perhaps, one of the best toys for a 6-year-old girl.

Another toy to consider for your 6-year-old girls is the “Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad.” Whether she likes to draw animals, plants, flowers, or fashionable items, this is proper training for your little artist! A set that is about $24 will include one graphite pencil, 12 colored pencils, ten tracing sheets, and ten blank sheets. The light-up clipboard or pad will help motivate your little artist to keep creating!

Your Little Girl’s Active Side

You can also choose toys that will explore your 6-year-old girl’s active side. After all, your little girl needs her exercise too. A sort of rite of passage is for your little girl to learn how to ride a bike. Try the “Avigo Hot 18-inch bike for girls.” This bike has training wheels and foot brakes, making it safe for your little girl. Not only will this be hours of fun, but it will also provide good exercise and lots of time under the sun to get those vitamin Ds!


Another fun and active toy to buy is “Kidoozie Foam Unicorn Pogo Jumper.” Not only does this toy provide active fun, it even makes fun sounds. So, while your 6-year-old girls are jumping around, she will be making music with her movement. Too cool!

Practical Play

It is never too early for your little girl to learn practical skills. Guess what, you can also help her learn these skills through play. There are some toys you can buy for your little girl to help her make play a life lesson. One example is the “Melissa and Doug Created By Me Star Fleece Quilt.” This toy is straightforward. Your daughter just needs to tie pieces of cloth together to make a fun and pretty quilt. She will look forward to bedtime with this quilt! Not only is it warm and comfortable, but she will also make it herself! Thus, it is extra special!

Another practical toy is “My Fairy Garden – Magical Cottage.” This time, learn about nature and how nature behaves. Your little girl will learn about planting and taking care of other living things. The good part is that plating does not need to be hard or tedious. It can be a lot of fun! The cottage that your little one will use as a pot for her plant will have moving doors and trickling water. What a way to connect with nature!


Fun and learning can always come together. Your daughter will learn so much more if you choose the right toys for her.

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