Spring Rocking Horse

Spring rocking red horse
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What Is A Spring Rocking Horse

It is something classic, and they don’t go out of style. These spring rocking ride-on toys are ones that children love still, and they are the perfect gift for children, for they have some super cool features. What are these special new features? Read on to find out the cool features that the best spring rocking horses have.

Spring Rocking Horses VS. Rocking Horses

Is there a difference between a spring rocking and a rocking horse? Yes, there is. However, they are essentially made to do the same thing. They both are meant to be spring rocking horses. But, the way they provide the moving motion is a bit different and may feel different to the children riding them.

To give you an idea of what’s best toy selling online, we made a list of the highly-rated spring rocking horses from Amazon, and we included a brief description of what they offer. By going through the list, you will see how each unique style can bring different fun levels to your child. If you continue reading, you will also find more FAQs about these classic toys.

Top Spring Rocking Horse Options On Amazon


Lavender – Grow-With-Me Pony


This spring rocking horse talks and sings. The rocking spring horse can say 6 fun phrases. It is the perfect gift for your kid. The rocking spring horse can will surely enjoy bouncing and swinging with the soft and huggable plush horse.

Lavender Pony Best Features

  • This Lavender Grow With Me spring rocking horse is the perfect gift for your little one. It is ideal for kids 9-24 months.
  • This spring rocking horse will surely enjoy bouncing and swinging with the soft and huggable plush horse.
  • This spring rocking horse also talks and sings and can say 6 fun talking phrases and sound effects.rocking spring horse

Rockin’ Rider Starlight Spring Unicorn



Spring rocking horse. This spring rocking rainbow horse can be used as a bounce.

Rockin’ Rider Starlight Spring Horse Best Features

  • The rainbow-colored spring rocking horse can be used as a bouncer, toy and as a coiled unicorn.
  • This spring rocking horse sings “I’m a magical Unicorn” and it has the same features as its Lavender version.

This rocking spring horse sings "I'm a magical Unicorn" and it has the same features as its Lavender version.


Rockin’ Rider Maverick Plush Spring Toy Horse


rocking spring horse

Rockin’ Rider Maverick Plush Horse Best Features

  • The cowboy-style spring rocking horse toy comes with songs and different sounds effects. It allows 3 position stirrups and parental volume control.
  • The spring rocking horse is made of a sturdy steel frame and you can be sure that your child is safe while they enjoy bouncing nonstop.

made of a sturdy steel frame and you can be sure that your child is safe

Rocking Rider Spirit Spring Horse, Pink


This pink spring rocking horse features talking phrases

Rocking Rider Spirit Horse Best Features

  • This spring rocking horse features 25 talking phrases and realistic sounds effects and it has synchronized moving mouth that makes it look more magical when it speaks.

This pink spring rocking horse has a pocket on it.

Spring rocking horses have one or more coils that act as the mechanism providing the swinging motion to the horse. Sometimes, it is centered right under the middle of the horse. These can be tough to get going, which is good when you consider the age of the child who is riding on the toy horse. Then, they can only move as fast as they’re capable of doing. If the toy is being used by kids ages 18 months to ages 36 months, they’re less likely to get hurt while they play. Other times, there are four coils holding the horse from the corners. Your child can still get a good swaying motion going on these, but the coiled horse toy can also go side to side and up and down.

A more spring horse, such as a wooden toy rocking horse doesn’t have a bouncy horse mechanism to create motion. This kind of toy has runners along the bottom that allow children to kind of roll back and forth. There are many different kinds now of rocking spring horse, like the wooden horse toy, the plush ride horse toy, other toy animal ride ons, and little plastic horse toys.

Ride Up Higher In The Air With These Spring Rocking Horses

It has well, a coil in it, and that means you can get a little bit of an extra bounce to it. That means you typically can ride up a little higher in the air than some of these other ones, and they’re made for fun to be had. The coils are not squeaky and annoying, and they allow for a nice ride that allows for children to be a little bit higher up in the air. You’ll see a lot of kids ride this type of rocking horse toy at parks around their neighborhood. There’s usually a horse for toddlers at many neighborhood parks.

It is ideal for imaginative play, and if your child likes this, then they’ll certainly want to play with it more and more. A great way to get a super fun ride! And maybe a good way to tear them away from other things like video games.

spring rocking classic toy horse
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Good For Stuffed Animals

As stated before, they are great for stuffed animals. That means, you can have your child throw their favorite bear on it when not in use, and they’ll be riding it.  It is great for a little girls’ room since you can get an attractive little horse, and you can also use dolls and the like with it, adding to more fun for this, and lots of times, they’re made to enhance the experience that a child has. When their toys ride along with them, children feel happier and more secure sometimes. Boys and girls, both, will likely get a kick out of watching their toys moving along with them.

Have Extra Springs For Nice Bouncing

These have a lot of bounce, and it’ll feel like a child is riding a horse. The coils on these are pretty big, but the great thing about it, is they’re covered in thick and removable finger wraps to prevent pinching of the fingers, and there are extra coil straps installed in these modern versions to bring forth extra protection to it. Coils are great, since they allow for an extra bounce to their actions, but also can make it enjoyable even if you’re just sitting down. Plus, for parents, the fact that it’s made with safety at the forefront is often a plus, and lots of times, parents want something safe, since their child will be riding this, and the last thing you want is for that to fall or something. A horse toy that just goes back and forth is fun, too, but spring rocking horses that have additional motion are even better.

spring rocking wooden horse
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They Even Have Sound!

The sound is something that a lot of these newer horses have. Now, I will say that not every single one of them does, but the Radio Flyer Lucky bouncy toy rocking horse, for example, has real sounds, and it sounds just like a real horse! It is a new feature put into newer coil swingers, since lots of times, they tend to be an extra feature that enhances imaginative play. Your child can giddyup, and the rocking horse will make realistic, interesting, and imaginative sounds that your child will love!

They Have An Attractive And Realistic Design

Now let’s talk design. With rocking horse oys, they are designed with real ponies as the main consideration, and they can even neigh clip-clop, and you may notice that the features are very beautiful on these, with realistic looks to the frame itself. There is great attention to details on this which is what makes them attractive and realistic for children, and lots of times, you can even get them with real yarn and even a real yarn mane and tail. Definitely, a beautiful feature that children will love. Plus, with the realistic look, children will feel like they’re riding on a horse, definitely something worth trying out. Sometimes riding toys are the most popular when they look the most real.

They Made To Be Sturdy

So these are made with strength in mind. The companies that make this know the importance of safety, and while the coils are something that you should definitely factor in as a beneficial feature, there is also the frame itself. It’s made of sturdy steel material, and it’s extra-wide, so it will prevent tipping. This is made for children especially toddlers and young kids, and even children will grow into this. Toys age appropriate are the safest ones to go with. It’s very rare for these to break or tip over unless, of course, the child is too big for this, but it’s a nice feature.

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The rocking spring horse toys have been around for a long time. You may have had one, your parents might’ve had one, and your child might’ve had one. Ride ons have survived the test of time for good reason. Some companies have been making lots of these for many years. Radio Flyer, for example, has been producing these since 1917, over 100 years ago! Definitely, a big thing to remember when choosing these. They’re made with security and your child’s well-being in mind, that’s for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the best spring rocking horse toys?
It toy is classic and never goes out of trend. There are still several companies that manufacture cool ones, and we found some of the best:
  • VTech Gallop and Sway Spring Rocking Horse
  • Hape Bounce and Ride Spring Rocking Horse
  • Little Tikes Blue Spring Rocking Horse
  • Happy Trails Plush Spring Rocking Horse
  • Labebe Ride On Spring Rocking Horse
  • Rider Carrot Spring Rocking Horse
Source: flickr.com
Spring rocking horses are specially made for children aged 1 to 6 years. At this age, kids are amazed by the different colors and designs.
Spring rocking horses are known to be strong and best for craving is the tulipwood. Most swaying toys are made from this type of wood. Aside from that, other makers also use oak and chestnut, which are also stable.
  • Are spring rocking horse ride-on toys suitable for toddlers?
A rocking horse toy is good for small children. The swinging movements stimulate the senses, especially the inner ear, that encourage your toddler’s growing sense of balance.

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