The Top Building Toys Kids Will Love

One of the best toys to get a creative child is anything involving building. We are not just talking about building blocks, but instead, toys that have many different complex parts and accessories. Some of them can involve creating setpieces, others may involve crafting complex structures, and a few of them allow your child to create vehicles and other machines. These toys can stimulate a child’s creativity, especially if they are interested in STEM or other types of building.


Factors To Consider When Buying A Building Set

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a building set for your child.


Depending on your child’s age or skill level, you may want a set that is easier or more challenging. There are some sets meant for little children that have a smaller amount of parts but still provide a challenge for their skill level. There are sets meant for older children that have more parts, more complicated instructions, and the end product is more complex. Start off your kid with a simple setpiece, and if they can do it, look for more complex sets.

Number of Pieces

Some sets have fewer than 100 pieces. Other sets have literally thousands of pieces. If your child gets overwhelmed easily or has a hard time not losing pieces, start them with something that has fewer pieces and moves your way up.


Outside Materials

Some building sets will require other materials for you to get the most use out of them. Rubber bands, batteries, the list goes on. Look at the set and see if it requires anything else. You don’t want your kid to be disappointed when your set is lacking something.

Creative Opportunities

A building set that has a strict set of instructions can teach your kid about parts and patience, but it doesn’t allow for much creativity. Some building sets allow you to take another path and still come up with something magical. We suggest that you look at those sets and see what your kid can come up with.


Sets For Kids

Without further ado, let’s look at a few building sets.


These are great for young beginners. They use magnets and allow you to make creations using anything with a magnetic surface. You can add lights to them or other goods to enhance the experience. The appeal of Magna-Tiles is that they are great for beginners, yet a seasoned builder can do a lot more with them.


Anything Lego

Let’s face it: when you think of building sets, Lego is the first that comes to mind. These sets can vary in complexity, and there are sets both boys and girls will love. You can find mechanical sets, buildings, and sets for any age. From young children to older teens and adults, Lego is a brand that grows up with you. We suggest going to your local toy store, or local Lego store, and seeing what they have in store for you.

Marble Run

Here is a creative set that involves marbles. Marble Run allows a child to craft some complex, winding tracks and then race their marbles across them. You can create many different routes with varying paths, inclines, and secret paths. Marble Run is one toy that your kid will love, and it’s great for all skill levels. Small children can craft a simple, circular race track. Older kids can make one that’s much more complex.


K’Nex building sets are something that has been overshadowed a bit by Lego, but they offer some unique structures that Lego just cannot bring thanks to their unique shapes and sizes of their pieces. They have a nice range of motion and they have unique sets, just like Lego. If your child is tired of Lego, you can’t go wrong with showing them the world of K’Nex.


Lincoln Logs

This is a vintage toy, but it’s sure gold. Lincoln Logs are simple logs that you can use to build some nice wooden structure. Wood is a material that went out of style, but more people are rediscovering it for its durability and its many uses. We say to give them a try if you haven’t done so already.

Snap Circuits

This is a building set that involves electrical circuits. It’s definitely a more unique spin on the building block set. If your child is interested in technology and electricity, you really can’t go wrong with it. It’s easy to follow for most kids and provides some valuable education. We believe that school should start using them for how easy and educational they can be.


While the name sounds goofy, this is actually a great toy set for older kids. It has many different complex pieces that snap together, along with spinning axels and extending parts. This is a toy that is friendly towards any skill level, with simple and complex models available for your child to put together.



Tegu combines wood with and magnetism in order to combine vintage with contemporary. These are building blocks that are great for young children. You don’t have complex parts or any lengthy instructions; just put them together and build. Your children can spend hours on them, and maybe you’ll join them as well.



Really, any building block set has value, unless they are cheaply made and have poor reviews. If your child is interested in crafting, why not teach them how to do so? Lego and other building block sets can make for a great hobby, and possibly a career. Your child can use their building skills as an adult for construction, science, engineering, or any other fruitful career.


Just buy them a set that is appropriate for their age and skill, and upgraded as needed. Soon, you’ll have a child that is more creative than you could have ever imagined.

Also, video games such as Minecraft can encourage some creative building skills as well, so take a look at them, too!

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