Best Travel System Strollers A Comprehensive Guide For Parents

The best travel system strollers simplify things for new parents by putting together a compatible infant car seat and stroller in one neat package. This combination makes the decision-making process easier and more convenient.

Looking for the top travel carriers? They usually are two-in-one with strollers and car seats. But the biggest thing you need to realize is that they typically aren’t all made equally.

Travel strollers are ideal for families on the go.

Best Travel System

There are so many travel systems that seem like a great idea until they break and you’re out of money. It stinks, but here, we’ll talk about the baby travel system you can use.

Aside from the best brands that we chose to personally review in this article, we also included a list of options for the best infant car seat travel system according to verified users from Amazon. We had a brief product description for each of the best baby carriages to help you decide if it’s what you need or not. Before you buy a travel system, make sure to pay attention to the stroller features of the car seat stroller combo to avoid spending money on something that will not last.

Best Travel System Strollers

For starters though, what is a baby travel system? Many parents are familiar with what travel systems include. However, if you’re a new parent or grandparent, you may not already know. A baby stroller travel system is a baby gear that consists of a stroller and car seat that can be used together. The infant seat will simply click into the best travel system strollers while the baby is strapped in. You can also use the infant car seat with a car seat base that is secured in the back seat of your vehicle at all times. The key is for everything to work together, ensuring that the car seat clicks into place effortlessly, making traveling and transport more convenient through the use of a modular stroller and the other pieces.

The best baby carriages can cost quite a lot of money. However, there are travel systems at affordable price ranges. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the different travel systems for you to consider so you can be on your way to making your life easier and your baby more comfortable.


Shopping For The Best Travel System Stroller For Your Toddler

Knowing the functional uses of baby strollers is one of the first things you should learn when shopping for a baby stroller. Let’s talk about what you should be looking for when shopping for your best travel system strollers and its other stroller components.

The stroller is the largest piece in all of this. You can get one with three wheels or four. You can also find a travel system that includes a jogging stroller. In that case, you’ll want one with a front wheel that can lock in place. 

You also need to consider the stroller seat. How large do you want it to be? Do you want to be able to recline it all the way back? And how much of a weight limit do you want it to have? Do you intend to keep using the travel system stroller long after your child is done using an infant car seat? If so, you’ll want to get a travel system stroller with a high weight limit so it will grow with your child.

Storage is important when it comes to a travel system stroller, too. You’ll likely want a large storage basket for toting things underneath the stroller. Infants require a lot of products, like diapers, wipes, creams, bottles, teethers, extra clothes, and more. A large storage basket is the perfect place to put those things or a diaper bag. You should also think about personal item storage. Look for a travel system stroller that has a nice tray or caddy by the handlebar for keeping your personal items and drinks in. And, if you’d like somewhere for your child to place a drink or snacks, then make sure to get a travel system stroller with a child tray you can attach.

Positioning your child may be a big deal to parents, also. Some strollers will give you the option to have your child rear-facing or forward-facing. If you want to have the ability to choose, then consider that in your shopping time.

Finally, the folding of the travel system stroller is important to look into. You’re going to want a jogging stroller or other stroller car seat combo that is easy to fold down into an easy-to-move piece of equipment that fits well in the trunk of your vehicle. Some car seat combo manufacturers have a one-handed fold function built into their strollers. For instance, the Graco Fastaction Fold system is worth a look.

So now, let’s do just that, and take a look at what options are currently on the infant seats market.

best travel system strollers

Best Travel System

Best Graco Travel System Stroller

Graco makes high-quality products at affordable prices. You can recline this stroller all the way back to a lying-down position if you’d like. That way your baby can take a nap while you’re on the go. You’ll have the room to tote everything you need for your entire day out in the large storage basket underneath the stroller. You can keep your baby rear-facing in their lightweight infant car seat during the first year of their life and then turn them the other way to see the world when the time is right. Then, when you’re ready to put the stroller away, there is an easy one-step folding system that makes it easy for you to be on your way.

  • The Nimblelite travel system from Graco is designed to keep your baby safe while giving it a good ride.
  • The lightweight car seat and stroller weigh less than 15 lbs and are ideal to bring when traveling.
  • These Graco baby strollers include the SnugRide 35 car seat which can be used rear-facing from 4-35 lbs and up to 32″.
  • Another top baby carriage feature of the Nimblelite is the built-in cup holders and ample storage space for your baby essentials.

Baby Trend EZ Ride 35

  • The EZ Ride 35 Travel system is ideal to use up to the maximum weight of 50 pounds.
  • One top carriage feature is the multi-position reclining seat and adjustable handle.
  • It comes with a large storage baster and large head support for both the car seat and stroller.

Safety1st SmoothRide

  • This one of the top baby carriages is known for its easy transition from car to stroller feature. It has a quick-click technology that allows the car seat to be transferred into the stroller without waking up the baby. It’s a fairly basic car seat but it has what you need for an outing. It even has a child and parent tray for both you and your toddler to use.
  • These Safety 1st premium baby strollers also feature effective side-impact protection, providing an additional layer of safety during unforeseen situations.
  • The carriage is equipped with a 5-point safety harness to keep your little ones secured at all times.

Nexton Travel System

  • The Nexton Travel system offers a large soft head support to protect your baby’s head while in the car seat or stroller.
  • It is highly recommended for babies 5-30 pounds.
  • These Baby Trend top baby carriages include a padded seat, adjustable 5-point safety harness, and Flex-Loc infant car seat and base.

This travel system is tested and proven to absorb energy when it crashes, and it’s got double layers of impact protection, so you won’t have to worry about the protective barrier being poor for this one. It’s got a foam liner headrest for the baby’s head and neck. Plus, a pillow that can be adjusted as the baby gets taller. It can be used for children up to 32 pounds, so it’s good for those first few years, that’s for sure.


Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System 

Another top baby carriage is the Chicco Bravo. This is a great combination of a stroller and car seat for under $400 and it has a removable seat that goes from a skeleton frame to a giant stroller frame for bigger kids to use. The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Stroller is one of the top infant carriages because it’s super simple to install and put together, and with the bubble levels on the seat, it can show you how it’s positioned. The top carriage also comes with a parent cup holder and a tray for phones and keys. It also folds super easily so that it stands on its own, and is perfect for storing in cars or closets. 

This travel system stroller is also a super-secure one, and it includes a canopy that’s adjustable, a handlebar that can be adjusted, and even an easy brake in the event that you need to stop, and also a large storage basket that is good under the seat. It also is super narrow, so if you need to go through smaller spaces, this is perfect. 

The seat within this is removable, which means that you can snap the seat of the car seat into the toddler seat, and you can easily recline the stroller and chair with just the push of a singular button. It is also super compact, which is perfect for parents who have a smaller car, or limited home space. It allows for the toddler stroller to easily move about and transport, and it is super simple to store too. Installing the car seat base in your vehicle for rear-facing travel is a straightforward process. You have the flexibility to use the stroller independently or as part of the modular travel system based on your preference.



Graco FastAction Fold Travel System Stroller

The Graco FastAction Fold Travel System includes a lightweight stroller that is part of the top baby carriages on the market for its price and functionality. It’s on the affordable end of the price range for strollers on this list. There is plenty of storage within the stroller. The infant carrier accommodates children up to 50 lbs, and its standout feature is the one-second, one-handed folding mechanism, making it incredibly convenient. Moreover, this Graco stroller is compatible with most Graco infant car seats. With the use of car seat adapters, it can also accommodate other brands of car seats.

Graco Trax Jogger 

Here’s our pick for the top baby carriages that are affordable and perfect for active parents who like to jog. There is a single front wheel that swivels but can be locked in place for easier steering when you’re on a run. The front wheel is large with an air-filled tire that is perfect for rolling over all types of terrain. The front wheel combined with the large tires in the rear will ensure your child gets a smooth ride at all times.

Like many of Graco’s other strollers, you can fold this stroller down with one hand very quickly. The Baby Jogger City System is the top baby carriage for use in your hometown or when you’re traveling to other places. You can use it to jog, but it works well as an everyday stroller, also.


The Uppababy VISTA Travel System

This is a high-end baby travel system stroller, and it even comes with a car seat for infants. This top baby carriage has a stylish chick system that allows for multiple functions and versatility. It can be used for multiple kids, so if you’ve got children of different sizes, you don’t need to buy multiple systems. The stroller is super useful, and it’s a high-quality buggy system that contains rubber and foam-filled wheels with a good suspension that gives a super smooth and nice ride.

VITA travel stroller system stroller is more for city use but handles terrain pretty well. The seat contains soft padding, a handle that reclines, adjustable restraint, and can be adjusted to work as a double stroller. There is an oversized canopy with a visor as well so that you don’t have to worry about harming the baby with harmful rays. It also has an adjustable handlebar for parents who are short and tall.

VISTA is one of the convertible strollers of Uppababy, making it suitable for various family configurations. It is good for children up to thirty pounds. The MESA car seat is super nice too, and it is a great one that’s good for cars if you don’t plan on moving it. It’s got side impact protection, a huge storage basket, adjustable head support, fabric with moisture-wicking too, and a harness that’s adjusted for when a child gets bigger. Additionally, the stroller can accommodate a second seat for families with multiple children, offering added convenience and flexibility.

Graco Stylus Travel System Stroller

The Graco stylus click-connect travel system stroller is a good one for parents on a budget. This one has an adjustable handlebar as well, and even an adjustable leg rest for children. There is also a huge basket near the bottom of the travel system stroller that can fit everything from a diaper bag to purses and even purchases that you may have.

Another best stroller feature of the Graco stylus click connect travel system is the fact that the car seat is much lighter than most, and you’ll notice it immediately when you carry it, which is good if you’re not into carrying super heavy seats since some people don’t like the overly heavy ones. The one downside though, is that this travel system stroller can be a little bit cumbersome to lift the stroller, but it’s super easy to transfer the car seat, which is what people love about this.


Doona Car Seat And Stroller

  • People can’t stop talking about the Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller for a good reason: it takes the travel system concept to a new level. The integration of a car seat and stroller ensures a seamless transition from the car to the pavement. When it’s time to load into the car or onto an airplane seat, the Doona stroller wheels conveniently fold up beneath the car seat. Then, when you’re ready to switch to stroller mode, a simple push of a button effortlessly deploys the wheels.

Britax B-Free Travel System Stroller

  • If you want a travel system that is quick and has a long range of use, this is the case with the Britax B-Free Travel System Stroller. This is one of the top baby car seat combinations for those with a price range that is medium, and it comes with an infant car seat and stroller that’s good for the first few years. It does have a base for this, and you can even install this without the base either, meant to be used rear-facing for babies and it’s good for parents who use taxis and ride services, or who travel a lot.
  • The stroller has a single front wheel, however, this is not a jogging stroller. The single front wheel is meant to make the stroller easier to maneuver. There is also an adjustable handlebar to help with this.
  • You can use this as an infant car seat stroller with other brands of car seats if you have the infant car seat adapter to do so. Britax is known as being one of the top baby products manufacturers in the world, so you can be assured you’re getting a high-quality piece of equipment.

Britax Willow Brook Travel System

  • The Britax Willow Brook Travel System seamlessly combines convenience and safety features. The Willow car seat, equipped with ClickTight technology, ensures easy installation and precise adjustments. It effortlessly connects to the Brook stroller without needing an adapter. It has an all-wheel suspension for a smoother ride on uneven surfaces. It allows seamless transition between parent-facing and forward-facing toddler seat through a convenient release feature. Notably, it includes a washable infant insert for added convenience.
  • While not one of the lightweight stroller options, it offers greater portability than other full-size options, accompanied by features such as a spacious cargo basket, built-in parent cup holder, and snack tray. Priced at around $450, this travel system delivers an affordable all-in-one solution for parents. The car seat has weight limits, accommodating children weighing between 4 and 30 pounds, or up to 32 inches tall.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System

  • The Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System is a versatile twin stroller that accommodates two car seats simultaneously, offering up to 23 different configurations for various seating arrangements. It adjusts and grows with your children, allowing for parent-facing and forward-facing modes at different heights. The stroller’s flexibility extends to accommodating babies lying flat by reclining the seat, creating a bassinet on wheels. With the additional seat option, it becomes a practical solution for families with multiple children. The system includes the Evenflo SafeMax Infant Car Seat, offering competitive weight limits and safety features like an anti-rebound bar and side-impact protection, all at an affordable price of under $500.


  • Getting a good travel system stroller for a child is super important since it’s something that will help later on when you want to transport the kid around in a very simple way, and you can do so with these travel systems that are cost-effective, and good for young kids as well.

FAQs: Best Travel System Stroller

What Does The Graco Stylus Click Connect Car Seat Stroller Combos Include?

The Graco Stylus Click Connect Travel System comes with an infant car seat and stroller. You will also find a seat base in the box.

How Does The Graco Travel System Stylus Weigh With And Without The Car Seat And The Base?

The Graco Stylus Click Connect Travel System Stroller weighs 26.1 pounds on its own. When you attach the car seat with its base, it weighs 40.27 pounds.


Does Graco Car Seats Have A 5-Point Harness?

Yes, the Graco car seat has a 5-point harness. It ensures that your baby will stay safe while sitting or sleeping in it.

Can I Take The Infant Car Seat And Toddler Seat To The Airplane?

Yes, you can take the car seat on the plane. Still, make sure to read the “airplane use” section of the manual.

When Will The Graco Car Seat That Comes With The Stylus Stroller Expire?

The car seat’s expiration date is seven years. That is a bit longer than other car seats.

Does Travel Systems Have Plastic Wheels?

This Graco travel system has polyurethane wheels. It is similar to what skateboards and longboards have.

Is The Stroller Self-Standing Once Folded?

No, the stroller is not self-standing. Once you fold it, you can lay it on the ground or prop it against your body.

Does The Stroller Come With A Reversible Car Seat?

No, the stroller does not come with a reversible seat. You need to purchase another Graco car seat if you want this feature.

How Far Can You Recline The Stroller Seats?

You can recline the stroller seats up to an almost 180-degree angle. This means that they can be parallel to the ground.

Do The Travel Pushchair Wheels Have Separate Brakes?

Yes, the Graco Stylus stroller wheels have separate brakes. It is helpful if you want to lock only one of them.


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