A List Of The Best Diaper Bags According To Price, Durability, And Looks

Having a baby entails a lot of changes that will happen in your life. One of these changes is using diaper bags instead of your usual fancy bags. While purses and wallets are good in looking minimalist or fashionable, it cannot be denied that diaper bags are needed with how much stuff babies need like diapers, milk, extra clothes, and many more. These are necessary especially when going out with your baby. Normal bags aren’t enough to handle all those stuff, especially when going out. But you also don’t need to bring a suitcase to carry them.

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A diaper bags that has convertible straps that make it possible so that you can carry it in different ways would make this job easier. It should also be attachable to the stroller, has a lot of space, and has pockets for the bottles, wipes and everything else that you are bringing for the baby.

To help you decide on what to choose, here is a list of the best ones in the market right now. These were carefully chosen and considered for their durability and appearance. Prices for each are also included.

The Top Picks

Best Overall Diaper Bag: Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

Price: $37

The good thing about this bag is that you can use it and still be fashionable all at the same time. Even though it has been around since 2003, it remains to be one of the favorite bags of parents. The updated version of it includes new features that parents have requested and made it into a perennial best seller.

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Additionally, you are ensured of the safety of this bag as it uses BPA-free and phthalate-free polyester. With ten pockets that you can use for your items like your phone and other relatively small items, it certainly helps with carrying a lot of stuff. Its shoulder straps with shoulder pad also allow you to wear it comfortably. The shuttle clips, on the other hand, allow for easy and convenient attachment to the stroller. That’s a big plus.

Finally, the interior spacing is big enough to be able to carry a 15-inch laptop and a cushioned changing pad. This is a fantastic winner as the overall best diaper bag. Choose from beautiful gender-neutral designs that you like for you and your little one.


Best Diaper Bag for Dads: Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Price: $66

Despite how the name implies that it is exclusively for dads, the Bag Nation Diaper Bag is unisex and for everyone. However, it is true that dads can enjoy carrying this around.

With ergonomically padded shoulder straps and a back panel that has a breathable mesh, this bag can be worn as a backpack comfortably. Even if you fill the bag, it’s still comfortable when carrying. With adjustable stroller straps, changing pad, sundry bag, and 14 pockets, all the baby’s items and even your own can fit and be organized comfortably.

Durability is also one great quality of this one, as it is water-resistant and is made from the high-end polyester material. Last but not least, you get to have a lifetime warranty for the bag. Not bad at all.

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Best Diaper Backpack: HaloVa Diaper Bag Waterproof Travel Backpack

Price: $36

One of the best-selling diaper bags available on Amazon and with high user ratings of 4.5 stars, this bag is one of the top choices for moms and dads alike. Their main reasons were its waterproof fabric, sturdiness, affordability, and weight.

The front part of the bag contains insulated pockets that can hold three slim bottles and also has pockets for other items like baby wipes. At the back, there are different types of pockets such as zippered, wet, and zippered tech. With these elasticized pockets, you can fit in several items and organize the bottles, creams, clothes, and diapers easily, no hassle.

Unfortunately, this diaper bag isn’t attachable to a stroller. You can, however, place it inside the carriage, wear it as a backpack, or carry it using the straps.


Best Diaper Bag for Twins: Skip Hop Duo Double Signature Diaper Bag

Price: $85

This diaper bag is the perfect choice for parents of multiple babies. With a large interior space, 18 inches in length and 13.25 inches in height, you are sure that your items can fit in this bag. It also 16 pockets, two of which are insulated. With tote straps and removable messenger strap, you’ll certainly have a comfortable time carrying it.

The Skip Hop Duo is also one of the only diaper bags that can be used for side-by-side double strollers, so it’s perfect for twins. However, it cannot be used with single strollers.

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Best Large Bag: Arrows Weekender Bag

 If you’re planning to go on an overnight trip, the Arrows Weekender will help make your trip a breeze. Its large size and spacing capacity allow you to carry all the extra gears you would need. Being 19” x 15” x 6”, it is perhaps the biggest diaper bag among the list. It also has four interior pockets and two exterior ones that are deep enough to fit bigger and longer items.

This diaper bag doesn’t have a changing pad, though, and it’s not attachable to strollers either. However, you can still carry it as a shoulder bag using the cotton canvas or the leather straps, which are vegan-friendly. Versatile and durable, this is a bag you would want to use for weekend trips and holidays.

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Other Great Bags

Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag

Price: $90

Convertible bags for diapers are naturally meant to be handled in different ways. But the Legacy Collection B.F.F is one of the most versatile diaper bags out there as it can be carried in a lot of ways like by its top handle or as a messenger bag. Or you can even wear it as a backpack. With cushy memory foam straps, the Ju-Ju-Be won’t slip off of your shoulders, which often happens when you’re carrying a baby.

But more than that, this bag is a favorite of moms due to a lot of features. Its fabric is stain-repellant and Teflon-treated. Therefore, the interior lining prevents bacteria that cause odor and mildew to harbor, which is usually the case if you forgot to clean spilled milk in the bag. These features make it possible for the bag to last long enough without being washed, but if you need to clean it, you can just toss it into the washing machine.

It also has a changing pad made of memory foam and has features that allow you to organize your items properly like the zippered mommy pocket at the front that can hold your phone and keys. It also has zippered interior pockets and a back pocket that has crumb drains.

Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System

If you have a lot of items, it’s not easy to be organized. But this bag allows you to do that with its multiple pockets that can make organizing the bottles, burp cloths and wipes easier. You can also put your smaller items like phone and house keys in its smaller pockets. You can also change diapers easily because it has a changing pad. The Graco Smart System can be used for boys and girls so parents can enjoy carrying this around.

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So choose what you think suits according to your preference. The diaper bags above are recommended for a reason, so if you want what’s best, go for one in the list.


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