Child’s Creativity: Best Easels For Your Toddlers

Kids love to paint and draw. It’s incredible to see the best images the toddlers’ imaginations come up with come to life when they draw. Encouraging art projects for kids is a great way to boost their creativity. The use of an easel makes the artwork even better. Let’s talk more about the best easel options and some important factors to consider.

Children in school do their best artwork activity together using their best colored pens.

Drawing and painting are activities beneficial for kids’ fine motor skills and prepare them for writing as they grow older. Not to mention the mental health benefits that come with expressing emotion through art.

One challenge for art with kids, though, is where they’ll do it. Some kids will draw anywhere – including on your wall. Giving them a dedicated space for their art is a great way to give them ownership over their work and encourage them to avoid drawing or painting in places where they’re not supposed to.

An ample space for kid’s art is an art easel. Picking out an art easel for kids can be a little overwhelming, though. You’ll want to find a kid’s easel that works for their height and the kind of art they’ll want to do.

A boy wearing striped shirt and blue apron does his best painting seriously while standing in a brightly lit room.

Best Easel For Toddler: Features

  • Sturdy construction for safe use by toddlers. By providing a stable foundation, a well-built easel minimizes the risk of accidental tipping or collapse, allowing kids to explore their creativity without concern for their safety.
  • Adjustable height to accommodate growing children. By allowing for customization according to the child’s height, an adjustable option ensures optimal ergonomic positioning, promoting proper posture and comfortable reach for artistic activities.
  • Bright and engaging colors stimulate creativity. Bright colors make kids want to try different colors and ways of making art. These colors make the art area seem fun and interesting, so kids feel excited to create.
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces to achieve hassle-free maintenance. Those with surfaces that are easy to clean make keeping them tidy easy. You can quickly wipe away any mess or spills from art projects. This helps keep the easel ready to be used the next time you want to make art. It saves time and keeps the area clean and neat, so kids can focus on creating.
  • Portable design that allows convenient storage and transport. A portable one is easy to move around and store. You can take it with you wherever you go, and when you’re not using it, it doesn’t take up much space.

Best Easel For Your Toddlers

Here are some of our favorite kid’s art easel options. We broke our choices down into two main categories: easels that have the option to use large pieces of art paper roll with them and ones that are instead meant to be primarily used with five-colored chalk sticks, dry erase marker, magnetic dry-erase board, or erasable paint (cups or none).

A toddler uses her best easel. This best easel makes toddler's writing easier.

Almost all of the kids’ easels on our list are double-sided (chalkboard on one side), except one, which is single-sided. We’ll note which one it is, so if we don’t say, then you can assume that it is a two-sided easel.

A toddler in a blue shirt uses the best easel for kids while practicing writing letters. This easel makes the toddler's writing easier.

Melissa & Doug Tabletop Kids Easel: Best Easels For Your Toddlers

This tabletop easel looks deceptively simple, but it is our favorite out of the whole list. The adjustable angle is truly an authentic art easel experience. At the same time, it’s easy to store because it easily folds up.

It comes with a roll of paper and two sides: one for chalk and one for dry-erase. A bonus? You also get magnetic letters to hold paper that your children can add to their designs. No need for paper clips!

Melissa & Doug keep up their reputation for smart, fun toys in their design. Your little one will certainly have a wonderful time with this one.

Arkmiido Kids Wooden Art Easel

Arkmiido Kids Wooden Art Easel with its sophisticated design makes it look like it could have stepped out of a child’s art class. The sturdy, yet adjustable, durable wood frame paired with the helpful tray for storing art supplies makes it an ideal art easel for any little artist.

We love that it combines a dry-erase side with a whiteboard side, both of which are magnetic. This gives your child plenty of opportunities for drawing as well as eventually even maybe for learning to write!

It also comes with strong number magnets to easily pin up craft paper and encourage art skills to come out of your child. Your budding artist will have no end of creativity standing in front of this kid’s easel.

The NextX Kids Adjustable Art Easel

If you look at this art easel and think, “That’s an art easel for multiple children that are young,” then you’re right. This is one of the top overall art easel options for kids, especially young kids, who might not be so gentle with it, thanks to its durable plastic design.

Its adjustable height makes it ideal to use with quickly growing toddlers, and it’s made even better by the fact that the little tray for storing art supplies with the easel also adjusts.

Although chalk and dry erase are best for this easel, one side does have the option for clipping up a piece of paper, so this can be used for either erasable work or art that you’ll save forever.

This is one best easel that children can use during their drawing and painting session. This toddler's best easel makes writing and painting easier.
The HearthSong Heavy-Duty Vinyl Inflatable Indoor & Outdoor Easel For Kids

This kid’s easel is the only single-sided easel on our list. It is single-sided because of the nature of how the easel stands up – the inflatable supports extend far behind the easel, so kids can only stand in front of it, instead of on either side like they should be able to do with a two-sided easel.

Although it only has one side, this has many cool features that make it an excellent choice. It is significantly larger than many other art easel options and is made to be washed after each use.

It may take a few minutes to set up and put away, but that extra time is well worth it because this kid’s easel is so easy to store, since it’s so much smaller than a typical easel when deflated.

You may also find that it’s double the fun for your kids when it comes time to clean up since you need to wash off the paint on the easel’s face with water. Try encouraging your kids to wash it up themselves by turning it into a water game!

One best simple and colorful toddler's easel placed in the side of a brightly-lit room. This easel makes writing, drawing, and painting easier.

Tabletop Magnetic Best Toddler’s Easel & Whiteboard

Like the inflatable easel, this tabletop caddy is another great art easel for kids with lots of toys and not much room for storing them. It folds down to be completely flat and is very quick and easy to both set up and put away since it depends on a simple design.

It does not stand alone, though, so your child will have to use it on top of another surface to lean on.

Although it comes with a few dry-erase markers, you can use any additional dry-erase markers you have on hand for such tabletop easels. This is an excellent art easel for kids who shift their attention quickly because of its easy storage space capacity and erasable design.

A toddler wearing her best green dress happily used her easel for toddlers while doing her drawing. This high-quality easel makes the practice of writing skills so much better.

Conclusion On The Best Easel For Toddlers

Despite not being able to fit these in fabric bins, we hope you’ve been able to find the top easel for toddlers that fits your little ones’ needs on our list. We know that each budding artist – and their parents – has different requirements as to what makes the best art easel for them.


Best Easels For Toddlers FAQs

What Is The Best Easel For A Child?

The best easel for a toddler is a kid’s art easel that includes paint brushes and three paint pots, designed specifically for budding artists.

Can A 2-Year-Old Use An Easel? 

A 2-year-old can use an easel, as easels for kids are often designed as a first easel for younger children, providing a space to create with crayons or more paper on a table-like surface, suitable even for older kids.

Why Is Easel Important For Toddlers?

An easel is important for toddlers because it is a great choice and a great option for encouraging creativity across various mediums such as pens and chalk on chalkboards, while also including accessories like trays and shelves for storage, and helps prevent drawings on the walls.

Is Kidkraft Easel Magnetic?

Is The Ikea Mala Easel Magnetic Type Of Kids Art Easel?

What Age Is Good For An Easel?

How Do You Make An Easel For A Child?

How Do I Best Clean My Ikea Mala Easel?

  • Wipe down the surfaces of your Ikea Mala easel with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • If needed, use a mild soap or gentle cleaning solution to remove stubborn stains.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could harm the easel.
  • Let it air dry fully before using or storing it.
  • Clean any accessories or attachments regularly, such as paint cups or trays.
  • Store it in a clean, dry place to prevent dust accumulation when not in use.

What’s The Best Easel Height Of A Kid’s Easel?

What Can I Best Use Instead Of An Easel?

  • Opt for a large piece of cardboard or foam board placed upright against a wall or table.
  • Convert an old bookshelf or bookcase by adjusting the shelves to various heights.
  • Secure a large sheet of paper or canvas directly onto a wall using painter’s tape or removable adhesive putty.
  • Transform an old picture frame by removing the glass and backing, then attaching a canvas or paper to the frame.
  • Lean a sturdy board or large book against a table or countertop to create an improvised easel.
  • Use an adjustable music stand or tripod as an alternative easel for smaller artworks.

What Is The Best Beginner’s Easel?

What Is The Best Kid’s Wooden Art Easel?

What Size Of  Kid’s Easel Is Best?

Can A 2.5 Year Toddler Draw?

Certainly! At 2.5 years old, toddlers can certainly draw. At this age, they’re starting to refine their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, allowing them to hold and use drawing tools like crayons or markers. While their drawings might mostly consist of scribbles and basic lines, these activities are crucial for their sensory exploration and self-expression.

What Should 2-Year-Old Art Look Like?

  • Scribbles and simple lines are common at this age, as they begin to explore holding and manipulating drawing tools.
  • Basic shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles may start to emerge as kids this age experiment with different movements.
  • Random patterns or markings may appear as they experiment with making marks on paper.
  • Artwork may be predominantly abstract, reflecting the toddler’s sensory exploration and lack of fine motor control.
  • The focus is on the process rather than the outcome, with kids aged 2 enjoying the sensory experience of creating art rather than creating recognizable images.


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