What Magnetic Toys Will Your Child Love?

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When you think of magnets for kids, you may imagine a cute fridge magnet or those north and south magnets you may have used in elementary science class. However, magnetic toys are much more complex than you may think. They can allow a child who is interested in science or building to have a blast and learn along the way. Here are a few magnetic toys we believe a child may love.

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Magformers Rainbow Set

This is a basic building set, but boy, is it fun. As the name implies, it’s very colorful, and you can create some unique shapes. It contains magnets that always stick together, allowing for sturdy toys that your kid will love.

If your child has more Magformers sets, these toys are completely compatible, and because they are strong, it’s easy for young children. There are more advanced sets for older kids if they are interested, too.

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Gearation Refrigerator Magnets

Ah, the fridge magnet. They are a cool way to decorate your fridge, and they allow for creativity. You can get magnets in the shape of letters and spell something out. You can buy magnets that depict colorful characters and watch them interact. Best of all, you can buy magnets for your fridge that teach your child about mechanical skills. One such brand is Gearation. This brand consists of gears your child can put together, and then you can watch the gears interact. It’s a good way for your kid to learn more about simple mechanics.

Picasso Tiles

It is another simple yet fun magnetic toy set. It consists of tiles, and they can make different shapes with them and learn more about geometry. This set is great for friends who build together, and you can buy them in 60 or 100 tilesets.

If your child is interested in putting things together, you really can’t go wrong with this set. Give it to your child, and you’ll see what we mean.

Magz Building Kit

It is another toy building kit that is good for younger kids. This set allows kids to build some impressive structures and may have the kid wanting even more.

It’s a way for your child to learn more about STEM and a good way for your child to learn how to experiment with all the ways they can build toys. If your kids are interested in learning more about the STEM world, they really can’t go wrong with this set. They’re great for a group of youngsters as well.

The pieces have quite a bit of durability, and you can make 2D or 3D objects with them. Give them a whirl.

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Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set

The wooden toy is a classic material for children. They still look beautiful, and they can last a lifetime. This toy combines beautiful wood with magnetic features to allow for blocks that little kids will enjoy. You can even watch them on YouTube and see the many different ways a kid can build. Great for any situation, and they are completely safe for any kid who can walk.

Magformers Car Set

It is a magnet set that allows you to build and play with cars that require no batteries to have fun with. It works with other Magformer sets, and you can be surprised at how creative kids can get with this stuff. It’s great for older kids who want something more complex to build. We say it’s worth a purchase.

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Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run

It is a magnetic foam set that works with any surface. The goal is to create a track, and once that track is finished, you can run some marbles on it. It’s a great way to use marbles, and your children may find themselves creating some unique courses.

Who knew that foam, magnets, and marbles would make for a great toy? It’s good for smaller kids, yet has enough possibilities that bigger kids will enjoy them as well.

Magz-Bricks 60 piece Magnetic Building Set

It is a colorful set that allows you to make some amazing creations. You can build, add-on, and combine your creations for even more fun. Consider it as the next step in building blocks. A lot of these toys are simple, yet have room for many possibilities, meaning kids of all ages will have lots of fun with them. Young children will make simple creations, while bigger kids may create some impressive structures and flex their building abilities. Also, cleanup is a breeze, making them good for busy parents.

Goobi Master Magnet Construction Set

The name sounds a bit funny, but Goobi is anything but goofy. So far, many of the toys we’ve shown are meant for younger children. While some older kids may find use in them, there hasn’t been a good one primarily aimed at older kids.

While it’s targeted towards teens, many older children can find uses for them as well. You can make some complex structures with them, and you’ll be surprised at what they can do.

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You Can Make Your Own Creations

What makes magnets so fun is that you can buy a lot for cheap and even make your creations. Sometimes, homemade items can have the most fun. You can combine magnets with paper cups and race them. You can make magnetic slime. Look up some tutorials online and realize all the possibilities if you put your mind to it.

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Magnetic toys are a good introduction to building abilities. If your child is interested in construction STEM, or creativity, you can’t go wrong with magnetic toys and sets. You’ll also be shocked at how smart your kid can be. You already know your kid is intelligent, but what they can build can surprise you. There is no limit to the imagination of a child.



Magnetic toys have been popular with kids, and they are available in most leading stores. Here we gathered the most common magnetic toys:
  • Magna-Tiles 1517888 Clear Colors 100 Piece Set
  • Magformers Challenger Set
  • LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set
  • Picasso Tiles Magnet
  • Whiz Builders Magnetic Building Block Toy Set
Does Walmart sell Magna tiles?
Yes, Walmart sells Magna tiles and other types of magnetic toys. Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set starts from $119.95 with a good number of positive ratings and feedbacks.


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