How To Find The Best Upright Freezer

Families have been doing quite a lot more cooking at home since the pandemic forced us to stay in all the time. That has led to an increase in the demand for upright freezers. We’ve been stocking up on meats and other foods so we’re ready should we experience another serious lockdown or just so we don’t have to make as many trips to the grocery store. So, what we need is a quality frost free upright freezer to keep that food from spoiling or getting frost bitten. 


But, how do you find the best upright freezers? Choose the capacity that your household needs. Decide whether you want a manual defrost freezer or a frost free upright freezer. Look at the temperature range available, too. Finally, depending on where you intend to put it, decide on the look of the upright freezers you want to consider. 

We’re going to start this article out with looking more at what you can expect to find when you’re shopping for upright freezers. It’s important to know what options you have and what features will be best to get when it comes to the best upright freezers. We’ll also look at some examples of upright freezers currently available on Amazon.

Upright Vs. Chest — Which Freezer Is Better, Upright or Chest?

Many of us are already familiar with the chest freezer. This type has been around for a long time and you may even have one in your home. There are some good reasons for sticking with a chest freezer.

  • Upright freezer with greater storage capability
  • Less expensive
  • More energy efficient and cheaper to run
  • Upright freezers that can last up to 20 years
Chest freezer

However, there are some down sides, also. It’s difficult to see what’s in them when they’re full because everything is stacked on top each other. Organizing them is virtually impossible. They don’t come with the option for automatic defrost. They’re tough to clean. They also take up a lot of floor space if you have one that has a large capacity.

Upright freezers, on the other hand, have shelves and baskets to help you keep things organized. You can get a frost free upright freezer, which means it will automatically defrost itself. They’re much easier to clean and it’s easier to see what’s in them. They also have a smaller physical footprint because of the upright design.

If you can afford the higher price tag, going with a frost free upright freezer in white or stainless steel is usually the better choice.

Features To Look For In The Best Upright Freezers

You want to start by looking at the capacity you need. If you have a large family, you’ll want more room in your freezer. If you have small children that eat lots of things like chicken nuggets, waffles, and other frozen foods that kids love, you’ll want to go with a freezer with a greater capacity. The average capacity for upright freezers is 16 cubic feet, but they range from 3 to 22 cubic feet.

If it’s within your budget, we recommend going with a frost free upright freezer in white, black, or stainless steel. The alternative is a manual defrost freezer. Ice can build up inside the freezer. You will then have to remove all of your stored food from the unit, unplug it, and then let it defrost naturally. That’s just a lot of unnecessary work if you can afford to go with a frost free upright freezer instead.

There are upright freezers with different temperature ranges. Typically, you’ll find them with a range of -10 to 10 degrees F. That’s what’s needed for the average family who will be storing meats, fruits, and other frozen pre-packaged foods. If you choose a less expensive model, you’ll likely get a smaller range. There are also what’s considered to be convertible models that can be used as refrigerators. These will have ranges that can go up to 44 degrees F.

You should decide where you’re going to put your upright freezer before you buy one. If you’re going to be putting it in the garage or the basement, then it won’t matter as much what it looks like. You can choose an upright freezer in white, black, or stainless steel. If you have a space in your kitchen, though, you’ll want it to match your other appliances. You don’t want to get an upright freezer in white if all of your appliances are stainless steel. Likewise, you don’t want to get an upright freezer in white if all of your appliances are black. It won’t look very nice. 


Is It Ok To Put A Freezer In The Garage?

Generally, it’s ok to put a freezer in your garage. The concern is when you have extreme temperature changes where you live. If you live somewhere very hot, it wouldn’t be a good idea for you to put yours in the garage because the compressor will have to work very hard to maintain the correct temperature. You’ll be spending a lot of money for your power bills and you may be shortening the useful life of your freezer. 

Extremely cold temperatures can cause your freezer not to work as well, too. The unit may shut off because it’s detecting the outside temperature. 

If you have an insulated garage, this won’t be as much of an issue. Also, if you live in a pretty temperate climate where you don’t get a lot of extreme temperature fluctuation, then you shouldn’t have a problem with putting your freezer in the garage.

Best Upright Freezers Examples


Midea WHS-109FW1 Upright Freezer, 3.0 Cubic Feet, White ( See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


Midea WHS-109FW1 Upright Freezer, 3.0 Cubic Feet, White

This upright freezer in white is ideal for a single person or a small family that just needs a little more freezer space. It’s easy to find space for this one and it has a reversible door hinge so you can customize the way it opens for what you need. It has a broad temperature range from -11.2 to 10.4 degrees F. It is very energy efficient and has a quiet operation. The front legs are adjustable so you can keep it level, too. There is one removable shelf inside that will help you to fit larger items, when needed.

Midea WHS-109FW1 Upright Freezer, Small, White

Midea WHS-109FW1 Upright Freezer Pros:

Midea WHS-109FW1 Upright Freezer Cons:

  • Manual defrost only
  • Comes with initial plastic smell that can last a bit
  • Temperature control is tough to reach


SPT UF-304SS: 3.0 cu.ft. Upright Freezer in Stainless Steel - ENERGY STAR ( See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


Energy Star Silver Grey Upright Freezer in Stainless Steel

If you’d rather not have an upright freezer in white, this Energy Star unit one might be right for your needs. It’s a 3 cubic foot small freezer that runs at a very quiet level. You won’t have any trouble installing it because it’s lightweight. The door hinges are reversible so you can have the door open whichever way you’d like. There are three baskets inside so you can keep your foods organized and easily see what’s in them. It’s an ideal freezer for someone just looking for overflow storage.

Energy Star Upright Freezer with 3 layers

Energy Star Stainless Upright Freezer Pros:

  • Very quiet compressor
  • Great for organizing with the three baskets
  • Keeps food frozen even in power outage
  • Well packaged
  • Energy efficient

Energy Star Stainless Upright Freezer Cons:

  • Manual defrost only
  • Shelves could be sturdier
  • Temperature control is in the back


Magic Chef MCUF3S2 3.0 cu. ft. Upright Freezer in Stainless Steel ( See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


Magic Chef Stainless MCUF3S2 3.0 cu. ft. Upright Freezer in dark grey color

The Magic Chef is an attractive little freezer with a recessed door handle. The body of the freezer is black while the door is stainless steel. You can reverse the door to open whichever way you’d like. There are two wire shelves inside and an easy-to-reach thermostat control. The unit weighs about 60 lbs. and doesn’t have a very big physical footprint so you can put it just about anywhere.

Magic Chef Upright Freezer white interior

Magic Chef MCUF3S2 3.0 cu. ft. Upright Freezer Pros:

  • Thermostat control right in the front
  • Recessed door handle more attractive
  • Reversible hinges for door
  • Optimized interior
  • Energy efficient

Magic Chef MCUF3S2 3.0 cu. ft. Upright Freezer Cons:

  • Noisy
  • No interior light
  • Manual defrost only

For the most part, the smaller capacity upright freezers are going to be manual defrost only. That’s something to keep in mind when you’re shopping for yours. The ones we mentioned in this article are meant for individuals, overflow freezers, or college dorms. You’ll want to look for a large frost free upright freezer for your family home.

Best Upright Freezer Conclusion

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a tiny upright freezer in white for a dorm room or a large frost free upright freezer to put in your family’s kitchen, the factors you should be looking at are pretty much still going to be the same. You need to look at the capacity, the defrost function, the noise level, the temperature range, and the look of it so it fits with where you’re going to put it. There are upright freezers at many different price points, so with a little comparison shopping, you should be able to find one that fits your budget.

Upright Freezer with single door and handle

FAQs On The Best Upright Freezer

What Is The Best Brand Of Upright Freezer?

The best overall frost free upright freezer is made by Frigidaire.

Who Makes The Best Freezer?

The top of the line brand names for freezers are Amana, Frigidaire, and GE.

Are Upright Freezers Any Good?

Yes, they are. They’re good for staying organized and being able to see what you have in them. They also don’t need a lot of floor space. And if you go with a frost free upright freezer, you don’t have to put in the effort to defrost your unit.

Upright Freezers Last?

They typically make it about 10-15 years.

Who Makes The Most Reliable Upright Freezer?

The most reliable upright freezers are made by GE and Frigidaire.

Frigidaire upright freezer in dark grey color

Is A Frost Free Freezer Better?

A frost free upright freezer is better because you won’t have to remove all of the food stored inside to defrost your freezer every year. It’s a lot less work for you.

What Freezers Are Suitable For The Garage?

There are several that are well-suited for a garage. You can go with the Frigidaire FFFU20F1UW 33-Inch Freestanding Upright Freezer, the GE FUF21DLRWW 33-Inch Freestanding Upright Freezer in white, or the Maytag MZF34X18FW 31-Inch Freestanding Upright Freezer in white.

What Is The Most Energy Efficient Freezer?

The most energy efficient freezer will be a chest freezer. They’re better at maintaining the internal temperature and will do better at keeping food frozen during a power outage.

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