Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

Most of us can be categorized as one kind of sleeper. There are three main best sleeper types—side, stomach, and back sleepers. Different types of bed positions mean that different best mattresses types won’t be as comfortable or beneficial as for others mattresses will. Some might prefer pressure relieving for memory foam, while others might want a medium soft firmness.

Mattress for side sleepers

Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Each sleeper has unique considerations to get a good night’s rest with the help of the best mattresses for side sleepers.

The top bed for people who prefer being on their side will be foam or a hybrid that includes foam. Consider the size of the most suitable plush bed for those who prefer sleeping on their side, especially if you sleep with someone else since you might tend to pull their knees up, meaning they need more room. The type of material that’s used to make the foam incorporated into the bed is important. You’ll also need to look at the firmness level of each bed you consider.

We’re going to look at some specific mattresses for side sleepers in a minute. Before we get to that, though, let’s go over some of what we just mentioned in a bit more detail so you know how to choose a high-quality bed for those who sleep on their side.

Best mattress for side sleepers

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

The Benefits of Using the Best Mattress For Side Sleepers:

  • Helps improve proper spinal alignment.
  • Addresses snoring.
  • Prevents hip and shoulder pain.
  • Relieves pressure and reduces stress.
  • Stops tossing and turning.
  • Gives the best sleep.

What Are The Different Types Of Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers?

A great type of latex mattresses for sleeping on your side is a foam mattress. But not all foam medium firm bed types are the same. If not a complete foam mattress, then a hybrid that has foam integrated into the design. A traditional memory foam bed or one with a cushioning memory foam layer has the ability to relieve the pressure points that side sleepers experience at the knees, shoulders, and hips. The nature of the foam causes it to conform to the body so you don’t get all of that pressure.

Foam or hybrid ones can be made of different materials. You can get a standard foam material, a gel-infused foam, or one made of natural latex. Many of the top mattresses for side sleepers are made of a combination of all three materials.

Best Side Sleeper Mattresses

Some of the top options for combination sleepers will have one or two memory foam bed layers on top of pocketed coils at the core which work as a support layer. These supportive coils support the weight of the body while still allowing the foam to conform to the parts of the body for pressure point relief for side sleepers.

Best mattress for side sleepers

How Firm Should Your Side Sleeper Mattress Be?

People who prefer a side-sleeping position kind of need the best of both worlds. They need softer bed surfaces that can relieve pressure points. But the right bed should provide ample pressure relief while having enough firmness to support their body weight and joints so they don’t wake up with hip pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, and other aches. Many people don’t get that kind of comfort from a traditional mattress.

Still, there is an element of preference in how a luxury firm bed should be. That means not all people will prefer the same bed type all the time. Some don’t like feeling like the slightly firmer bed is wrapping itself around them. In that case, a firmer bed option like a hybrid bed with innersprings underneath the thick foam layers may be in order. Others may prefer a more luxury plush soft mattress. They may like the sinking, cuddly feeling of the top soft bed for side sleepers memory foam layers conforming around their bodies as they sleep and prevent hip or shoulder pain. If you are one of them, the best mattress may be a full-on all foam mattress.

A woman lying in bed while hugging a pillow to her chest. She looks very comfortable and relaxed.
How To Choose The Right For You

Start by deciding on the material when looking to purchase a good bed for laying on your side. Do you want standard memory foam, a gel-infused memory foam, or maybe a latex foam mattress? If you’d prefer to have a hybrid bed that isn’t all foam, then you should consider a luxury innerspring mattress. Innerspring mattresses have springs included in the core. It’s important to note there are different types of coil mattresses, too. Some of them are wound differently, have separate or connected coils, and have a different distribution of coils. You’ll want to check them out and compare the differences when you’re interested in finding a good bed option. Regardless of which type you prefer, it’s important to test the bed before deciding to keep them since purchasing a new mattress is a big commitment.

The size of the bed top for side sleepers is obviously very important.

If you move around a lot or you sleep with someone else so you need more space, you will want to look at a queen or king size mattress. Along with the size of the bed, though, goes the price. Typically, the larger you go, the more money you’ll be looking at spending. So, you may have to consider the size of the new bed by what you can afford.

The Different Kinds of Mattresses 

Now, let’s look a little further into the types of materials a foam bed for side sleepers can be made with. Mattress for side sleepers companies use different materials to provide varying results, meaning not all foam bed types are the same. There are several, so here’s a brief look at each:

Common foam used on mattress for side sleepers

Polyurethane foam

This is the most common foam used, but not all foam hybrid mattresses for side sleepers are the same. You can get this type in three firmness levels. Others offer firm support, while others are softer. This type is more cost-effective than some others.

Memory foam

This one is a lot like the polyfoam but has more chemical treatments during the manufacturing process so it conforms even better. It’s infused with gel to help reduce heat retention, too, as it’s denser than other foam.

Gel Foam

Gel foam is any type of foam that has been infused with a gel that can regulate body heat. You may prefer this type if you don’t like to sleep hot.

Reflex Foam

This is a cheaper alternative to the other foams. It’s a high-density version of polyurethane foam that is medium firm on the firmness scale.

Latex Rubber Foam

This is a foam mattress for snorer made of all-natural latex. Those who are seeking something more eco-friendly will want to consider this type of foam mattress for snorer .

Convoluted Foam

This is the technical term for the egg crate foam most of us are familiar with. Most of the time, you’ll find convoluted foam used as a mattress for sleeper topper.

The Best Options For Different Kinds Of Sleepers

One thing many who are in the market for a new mattress for side sleepers don’t think to consider is the edge support. You won’t always be lying in your bed. We often sit on the edge of our beds throughout the day. Especially with a foam mattress, sometimes edge support is lacking. When you’re seeking a good mattress for sleeper, don’t forget to check out the edge support of the bed.

Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattresses

A photo of the Lininspa memory foam mattress, which is a great option for side sleepers

This is a 10 inch hybrid mattress for sleeper which means it’s 10 inches thick. It has tempered steel coils inside to give you better support at night. They help to distribute the weight of your body more evenly. On top of the springs, there’s a layer of hypoallergenic memory foam that conforms to your body types and helps to keep your spine aligned in better position. The mattress for side sleepers is rolled up and compressed for easy shipping and movement into your home. You can also order this mattress in different sizes and thicknesses and some company offers free white glove delivery for all foam mattresses for sleeper .


Extra support foam on the bottom of the mattress

Medium soft firmness to satisfy most people

Limited 10-year warranty coverage

Affordable price

Easy to maneuver packaging

A photo explaining the different parts of a mattress, including support foam at the bottom, steel coils in the middle, and a memory foam layer on top.


May be able to feel springs through the foam

Lateral support is lacking

A little tough to unbox

Sweetnight King Mattress

Side Sleepers Bed

The Sweetnight King Mattress, which is considered one of the best mattresses for side sleepers.

This one by Sweetnight is thicker than the one above and has a much higher price tag. It’s still a hybrid mattress for sleeper that has individually wrapped coils so you won’t get the noise that comes with some innerspring models. There is motion isolation technology included and gel infused in the foam to help keep your body cool.

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Mattress For Side Sleepers FAQs

What Mattress Firmness Is For Side Sleepers?

What bed is most recommended for lying on your side?

The Helix Midnight Mattress is a medium-feel hybrid mattress for side sleepers , but many people say it feels just like the best memory foam mattress for side sleepers . If you want to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, you can try the Nectar Mattress.

Is A Medium Or A Firm Mattress Best For Side Sleepers?

Are Pillow Top Mattress Best For Side Sleepers?

What Side Sleepers Mattress Firmness Is Best If You Struggle With Back Pain?

What Mattress For Side Sleepers Firmness Are The Best Hotel Mattresses?

Is A Memory Foam Mattress For Side Sleepers The Best Option If You Are A Side Sleeper?

Many people recommend using a memory foam mattress because it’s a pressure relieving mattress. This means it can reduce pressure points while you’re lying down.

How Do I Know If My Mattress For Side Sleepers Is Too Firm?

How Do You Determine Which Kind Of Mattress For Side Sleepers Is Best For You?

That depends on your personal preference and sleep position. A hot sleeper  or hot sleepers might want to try out a cooling mattress with breathable foam layers to stay comfortable throughout the night. The best cooling mattress feels several degrees cooler than a regular mattress. The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Cooling Mattress is one such example.

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What Is The Best Healthiest Sleeping Position In Mattresses For Side Sleepers?

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Is foam or spring better for side sleepers?


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