The Double Umbrella Stroller: Types, Specs, and Reviews

Parents have always used umbrella strollers to make carrying multiple children easier due to its multiple compartments. If you choose to get one, make sure to do sufficient research, as double strollers have different features.


Let this article serve as a guide to spare you from doing a lot of research. The list below consists of items that have been checked and researched.

What Are Double Strollers That Have An Umbrella?

Because of the Baby Boom, people needed safer baby gears, and so this was created.

Right now, this stroller offers safer features that have passed safety standards. It offers a chance for parents to stroll two babies at once with an umbrella to protect them from the rain or sunrays. While they don’t have as many features as a single umbrella stroller, they are practical to use.



Popular Styles

There are different styles of double umbrella strollers, but these are the three most popular:

The Tandem Stroller. It has two seats in line with each other but with the back one higher than the front. With this setup, it can easily go through narrow spaces.

Side-by-Side Stroller. This can be easily used with its folding systems and storage space.

Sit and Stand. This is useful if you have a child who is younger than the other as it has a car seat and a bench for both the older and younger child.


Why Do We Need Strollers?

If you have multiple toddlers, this makes strolling easier. Double strollers can also be used for long-term, especially the quality strollers that can support children up to 50-55 pounds.

If you’re planning to have more children, then these double strollers are a must-have to have, as you can use it for your coming infants. This can also help them bond when you let children share strollers.



The Benefits of Double Strollers

Using a double umbrella stroller is very convenient as most of them have steering systems that can make navigating hassle-free. Some also have peek-a-boo windows that allow you to look at your child through the canopy.

There are also some types that have a multi-position reclining system that allows your child to be pushed around while she is reclined. Some even allow one child to be reclined while the other is upright.

Another benefit of this is that it’s easy to use. Most have a folding and unfolding system that is simple, plus you can save space in either your vehicle or your house.

Are Double Strollers With Umbrella Right For You?

Yes, they are. However, like any product in the market, they also have disadvantages. And while the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, it’s still important to know them.

One disadvantage is its size. You need to make sure of the measurements before buying one. Check if it will fit in the doors of your house. Most models now can fit in normal doorways, but some might still be unable to go through tighter spaces.

You should also consider weight distribution. If your children’s weights are different, the stroller will pull towards the heavier toddler.

Another disadvantage is the weight of the stroller. Some would be too heavy, weighing more than 30 pounds, making it seem like it’s difficult to carry around. On the other hand, other strollers are lightweight so choose wisely. Remember that weight is important in keeping the baby in the stroller safe.


The Best Strollers With Double Umbrella

Zoe XL2 Deluxe Stroller System

Developed by the famous manufacturer Zoe, this one only weighs 16 pounds and is perfect for traveling. It has three cup holders, a snack tray, and a reclining system for your kids. It also has a lifetime warranty for the wheels.

The cost price for Zoe XL2 is $250. There have been complaints about its small wheels, which make it difficult to navigate terrains outside since the wheels tend to get obstructed by items like stones and roots. But this stroller is very convenient for indoor use.

Uppababy G-Link Stroller

This stroller is said to be the Cadillac of double umbrellas. While it is more expensive than the others at $350, it also has better features that make it worth choosing.

Its high-performance wheels and steering system are what make the stroller expensive. Having four sets of wheels improve its maneuverability and steering.

It also has independent reclining seats that allow your child to recline while the other child is sitting right up. It has a great infant-support system and can support kids up to 50 pounds, making it convenient for long-term use.

Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller


The Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller also offers interesting features at $390.

Firstly, the Maclaren is perhaps one of the safest umbrella double strollers on the planet as it meets the safety standards of all countries.

The safety doesn’t hinder the other features though. It also has washable seats that can easily be removed and reinstalled, thanks to its removal system.

While other strollers sell rain guards separately, the Twin Triumph includes a guard and UV hoods that you can use for your babies in the rain or the sun.

This one also doesn’t have any negative reviews, so if the price is something you can tolerate, this is a good stroller to consider.

Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller

Maclaren is known for its safety, seats, and rain guards. But this one is more suited for newborn babies. It has a safety system for newborns that helps keep them secured with a protective head and foot barrier, preventing too much movement when strolling. It also has multi-position reclining seats and leg rests so your baby can be more comfortable.

However, a disadvantage of this is its weight. It weighs 30 pounds so it might be too much for some. Nevertheless, at $390, this is a good stroller for long-term use.

Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight Stroller

The Joovy Twin Groove offers lots of storage space and compartments, making carrying equipment easier. The compartments can be found in several places with two baskets under it, two pouches, and mesh pockets too.

It also has oversized canopies with peek-a-boo windows. The waterproof and UPF 50 hoods effectively protect the baby from the rain and UV rays. It can support 0+ months up to 50 lbs. It can also be easily folded and is compact and lightweight.

For $300, you can purchase this umbrella stroller with a huge storage space and has little to no negative reviews.

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

At $200, this stroller offers great features that are expected in more expensive models.

If you’re one to only use the stroller occasionally, this is perfect for you. It has reclining seats with leg supports to provide comfort to the child. It also has a big turning radius, making navigating easy. However, a downside is that the wheels get wobbly, which affects navigation. You can contact Chicco about this issue though.

Another disadvantage is its lack of infant support system, making it only suitable for babies aged six months to 40 lbs. If you want a stroller for a newborn, there are some around this price range too, but if your children are older than 6 months, this is a good stroller to use.

Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller

For only $70, you can purchase this lightweight and affordable stroller.

This one doesn’t skimp out on features despite the price. It still has independent reclining seats, storage space, cup holder, and even shock absorbing wheels. You can even get a free replacement if it fails prematurely.

However, its reclining system isn’t as good or efficient as the others. Some parents claim that the canopies are too small and that they need to hunch while steering because the handles are too low.

This is a great lightweight model that is perfect if the baby is going on a stroll with the grandparents or babysitter. However, it’s not recommended for everyday use.

Kolcraft Cloud Side-by-Side Stroller


Usually costing around $80, it’s a lightweight stroller weighing less than 24 pounds that has interesting features.

Its canopies are expandable and have visor extensions, which provide more protection. It also has independent reclining seats and climate control seats, ensuring constant air flow.

However, its rubber footrests are gaining complaints, as there are no leg extensions so bigger kids end up pressing down on them. This then makes it difficult to maneuver or push.

This can be a good option if you travel often and have small kids but not infants and not for everyday use.

Dream On Me Twin Stroller

While it only weighs 24 pounds, it still offers huge storage space for only $85, making it incredibly affordable.

With a big storage space, this allows for long day trips. It also has five-point safety harnesses, reclining seats, and an attachable safety bar. The canopies are adjustable, offering protection from the sun.

However, people complain about its width, saying that it is difficult to pass through some doorways, and this forces them to fold it before entering.

This is good though if you’re going to outdoor venues or family vacations but aren’t really something to be used every day.



Good luck in finding the best stroller for you. Make sure to check the weight restrictions and infant support system, as there are lots of models out there that might confuse you.


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