What Is The Best 360 Camera?

The world of photography and videography got a lot broader with the introduction of the 360-degree camera. What could be better than capturing the entire scene, as it was? Instead of just a flat image from one angle, you can photograph or video the whole environment all the way around with the best 360 cameras. Your memories will be more complete than anything you’ll get with a DSLR or other type of camera.

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The best 360 camera will have the ability to capture spherical images in still form and in video. You’ll want one with a high resolution for better looking pictures. The battery should last for a substantial amount of time. Most of the best 360 cameras will have an app for editing your videos and photos in. Other features you’ll want could include waterproofing, convenient mounting equipment, and a size that’s easy to carry along on adventures.

Before we actually talk about specific action cameras, let’s find out a little more about them and what they can do. Then, it will be easier for you to decide on what the best 360 camera is for you.

What Does A 360 Camera Do?

You need to understand how a 360 camera works before you can choose the best one. At a basic level, a 360-degree camera takes photos or video in all directions. It then takes the two different images and stitches them together to create an all-around picture. The best 360 camera will, either, stitch the images together within the camera itself, or stitch them within an accompanying app. Regardless of how, you shouldn’t be able to tell where there’s a line in the images from the stitching. The content can be viewed as a still image, a video, or on a Virtual Reality headset.

How Do I Choose A 360 Camera?

You should think about how you’re going to use the camera. Some people may feel they will only be taking still images with it. Others will want the best action 360-degree camera so they’ll want video capability. The best option is to go with a multi-functional camera.

The resolution of the best 360 cameras should be at least 4K for video and at least 15MP for still shots. You’ll need a higher level of megapixels to get good quality still shots than you would for a traditional camera because they aren’t just spread across one rectangular image. 

The battery for your camera should last at least a full hour off of one charge. The battery life is highly important because you don’t want your camera dying on you right in the middle of a big adventure. It’s also not a bad idea to have a backup battery.

The app that accompanies your camera of choice should be easy to use and convenient. You should be able to view your images and make any edits you want to without issue. It should be fast and user-friendly.

If you’re going to be using the video recording technology for capturing your best action adventures, you should look for a camera with good stabilization technology built into it. That will keep the video from looking blurry or too bouncy. Some activities cause a lot of vibration to the camera so you can settle that out with stabilization.

Other things to look out for are the size of the camera, the mounting functionality, and any waterproofing. You don’t want something that’s bulky and hard to take with you places. The best 360 cameras can be easily mounted to helmets or other wearable equipment. There are many adventures that include water so waterproofed cameras will give you the best action videos while staying protected from damage.

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Is A 360 Camera Worth It?

There are many reasons the best 360 cameras will be worth it for lots of consumers. It’s true that some of them are pretty pricey, but they are typically high quality, easy to use, and they capture memories in a way that no other type of camera can. You’ll be able to share your adventures with your friends and family in the most life-like way possible. 

If you keep your budget in mind, you can make your 360 camera even more worth it. Overspending on this piece of equipment will lower the value of it. Start out with a budget already set and look for the features you want in priority order. It will be easier for you to narrow down to the right camera for your needs and your finances.

It’s time to look at some of these cameras that you can choose from currently.

360 Camera Options


360 Camera, Xiaomi Mijia Mi Dual-Lens Sphere Action Cam WiFi Waterproof Panoramic Camera ( See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


This is a dual-function camera. You can take videos in 3.5K and still photos with 23.88MP. It does have stabilizing technology built in, too. It’s waterproof so you can take it to film all of your water adventures or up on the slopes. It has a battery that can last up to 75 minutes. You can also connect the camera with your phone through WiFi. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android. You can even use this camera in the dark for some incredible nighttime shots.


  • High resolution for stunning images
  • No blind spots
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproofing
  • Customize videos and images on the app


  • Software can be glitchy
  • Color variations need more contrast
  • Somewhat basic


GoPro MAX--Waterproof 360 + Traditional Camera with Touch Screen ( See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


The GoPro MAX is highly sought after. GoPro has definitely made a name for itself in this industry of action cameras. This one can shoot 5.6K30 HD videos. It has 16.6MP still photo-taking ability, too. It also has built-in stabilization technology. The price for this one is in the mid-high range. You’ll be able to view your images right on the screen of the camera and make some adjustments right there. You’ll have additional features and settings, such as Slo-Mo, TimeWarp and Time Lapse video, and live streaming capability. This camera is ideal for adventure-seekers and vloggers.


  • High resolution images
  • Subscribe to GoPro for auto-upload to cloud
  • Touchscreen lets you see images immediately
  • Purchase includes different lens protectors and other accessories
  • Super lightweight and small


  • Stitching is noticeable sometimes
  • No night mode
  • Some features kill the battery quickly


Ricoh Theta SC2 Blue 360° Camera ( See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


This one is an affordable option that comes in four different fun colors. It’s dual functioning so it can record video and take still images. There is stabilization technology built into the design to reduce vibration and other bouncy motion. You’ll be able to use the Night View Mode for low light settings. The updated design features high-speed data transfer so you don’t have to wait long for your images to upload to a computer or other device. The shape of the camera makes it easy to hang onto, also. 


  • Highly affordable
  • Night view mode 
  • Compatible with iOS and Android for easy sharing
  • Wand shape makes it easy to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Choose the color you want


  • Images may not be sharp
  • Need thin, small tripod
  • Connections can be glitchy for transfer


Ricoh Theta V 4K 360 Spherical Camera ( See Customer Reviews & Pricing)


This is sort of the big sibling to the Ricoh mentioned above. This one has higher resolution video recording and more MP for still shots. There is a built-in 4-channel omnidirectional microphone that will capture the sound for your video from all directions. There is a built-in remote playback option that allows you to transfer the recordings onto a large display screen through WiFi. The Ricoh Theta V is equipped with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon processor so your exposure is better, as well as your white balance.


  • Image and sound quality are superior
  • Stabilization technology detects even the slightest of movements
  • Can be used with underwater housing-sold separately
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Easy-to-use app


  • Some noticeable stitching lines
  • Software and app have bugs to work out
  • Not good for low light settings

Final Thoughts

A 360 camera is something most people could enjoy using. Most of them aren’t overly complicated to use. You’ll want to look for those that have a high enough resolution to capture your memories with clear, crisp images. It’s a good idea to make sure there is some sort of stabilization technology built into the camera. You will also want to be able to easily mount the camera to clothing or equipment, have an easy way to edit your content, and have features that allow you to shoot in the conditions you’ll be using it in. These are fun cameras that will give you images for the future like no other camera has been able to before.


Which 360 camera is best?

The best in the business is the GoPro Max. It even has a screen right on the camera.

Source: flickr.com

Is Insta360 a Chinese?

Yes, it is. The Insta360 is the Chinese competitor for GoPro.

Why does 360 video look bad?

Essentially, it’s because the video is being stretched to go around the sphere. That means there are less pixels in the screen than it may be indicated to have.

Does iPhone have 360 camera?

It’s not so much that it has a 360 camera, but you can capture 360 images. You would put it in the panoramic mode and scan the scene all the way around you.

What is the point of a 360 camera?

These cameras were developed so you can capture the entire scene of where you are, not just a flat portion of the scene.

What camera does Google use for Street View?

Google uses eight different 5MP cameras made by Elphel to take the photos for Street View.

Source: pixabay.com

What is a 360 photo?

This is a photo that has been taken in two pieces and then stitched together to create a spherical image that shows you the picture from all the way around the camera.




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