What Are The Best Cookbooks For College Students?

24College students typically don’t really think about getting a cookbook, but let’s be honest, if your child has a cookbook, they’ll be able to make recipes for themselves while at the university or living on their own, and if they need this for their classes, you’ll want to get them something that’s useful. Cookbooks are typically great for any college student, young or old, and here, we’ll talk about what the best ones for college students that will give them some great recipes and ideas.

The Ultimate Student Cookbook

This was written by Tiffany Goodall, and it’s one of the best cookbooks out there for college students. She is a London-based chef, so it may reference a few British terms you might be a bit confused about, but the coolest part about this is that it’s a cookbook that’s a mixture of fun, inspired by global dishes and something that people in their twenties or in college will like. However, the real benefit of this book is the fact that it’s got a ton of photos. Probably the best thing about this is the photos, because there are about 6-12 of them, and the images are super high-quality, so you’ll be getting some beautiful pictures to go along with all of this, and that’s something that is truly remarkable about this.


How To Cook Everything Fast

College kids don’t have time to sit around and pore over some recipe for ten hours. They want something fast, and Mark Bittman gets that, which is why this is one of the premier books for anyone who cooks and is a college student. If you’re an aspiring chef, the recipes are pretty to the point, and the cool thing about this, is that it uses ingredients that you can virtually find anywhere. You don’t need to trek to a Whole Foods or a Trader Joes in order to get these items, and the cool thing about this, is that it’s got over 2000 recipes, that’s right, you could if you really want to, cook a new recipe from this every day, and do so for five years, and you still wouldn’t be done with this book. It’s the perfect go-to cookbook for college kids, even after they graduate.

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Sam The Cooking Guy: Awesome Recipes And Kitchen Shortcuts

This isn’t a cookbook for cooking in college, but, if you’re a college kid that wants recipes that are easy, and super tasty, this is the way to go. It’s super simple and easy to follow, and based off the fonts and photos, and the instructions, along with a few sly asides, it’s quite a clear winner, and if you’re a guy that likes to use recipes, this is a great one, since he does focus on a lot of meats and other foods. These can be done by beginners, and they can be served to virtually anyone. The cool thing about this, si that a lot of these foods are versatile and perfect for any occasion, and is a great addition if you want a cookbook that’s simple, but also effective.


I Hate to Cook Book

This is the cookbook for anyone who doesn’t like to cook. Peg Bracken gets it, and it’s an older cookbook, but if you’re someone that wants a whole bunch of easy and homey recipes that are simple, and not super hard on the wallet, then this is for you. The recipes are wholesome and taste amazing, and the writer understands the joys (read frustrations) of having recipes that are super complicated, and these aren’t. They’re actually kind of fun, easy to make for yourself and others, and the cool thing about this, si that the recipes won’t be super expensive either, since many of them typically merely involve just supplies from your pantry, and not much else. It’s really the go-to cookbook for those who just hate cooking, and it does make a difference if you have a book that kind of understands that you don’t want to cook, and gives you some great alternatives.

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The Student Cookbook: Great Grub for the Hungry and the Broke

This is another cookbook that’s perfect for those in college, and those that are broke, for the simple reason of hey, they understand that college students. are broke, typically don’t have a ton of time to make items, but these recipes are filling, and perfect for those who don’t really have the space, or the time to cook. It actually has a lot of ethnic foods, photographs, and ideas, and the thing about this is that it actually can be good for college students that are living on their own and are struggling to make rent.

The one downside to this, is that it’s not ideal for those living in a dorm, so you can’t do much if you just have a microwave and fridge, and many of these recipes do have the downside of not being flavorful enough, but this is goof if you’re living on your own, and really don’t want to spend time making food.


Not Your Mother’s Microwave Cookbook

What about if a microwave is your only solace? Well, you can with a DIY microwave cookbook. You can make everything from scrambled eggs to steamed veggies to even clam chowder in this, and they’re all put in mugs. That means you can get some wholesome and great recipes, all in your microwave, and you can still eat right while living the college dorm life. It’s really the best cookbook if you don’t want to gain the freshman 15 and you don’t want to just live on snacks alone.

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Being in college can be hard, but having the right cookbook allows for you to have tasty and wholesome recipes right at your disposal. It’s quite nice, and super simple to begin with and you’ll be able to create recipes that work well, and recipes that ultimately are perfect for you to have, and for you to engage in as well.

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