Evenflo Sureride Convertible Car Seat Review

The Sureride 65 DLX convertible car seat model is rising in popularity among the new generation of mothers. Every Evenflo car seat received acclaim for its design, durable build, and other special features that add a modern touch. Evenflo brand offers different convertible car seats you might want to consider before buying. Once you know your choices, you can continue reading the comprehensive review of the new car seat.

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To give you an idea of your options, we made a list of its highly-rated car seats from Amazon and included each car seat’s unique features. Once you know your choices, you can continue reading the comprehensive review of the new car seat to learn more about what it offers. If you are looking for a good car seat at a reasonable price for your child, then the Evenflo Sureride will excite you more than the other seats!

Evenflo Sureride Sturdy Build

The new convertible car seat has a product dimension of 19.25 × 20 × 28 inches and weighs about 15.5 pounds (based on package weight). Despite its seemingly small size, the new Evenflo Sure Ride DLX convertible car can hold a child from 40 to 65 pounds, depending on the direction. So, no matter how old or big your child is, the new convertible car seat can take care of it!

The Sureride Evenflo offers superior protection against impact crash forces, with metal parts and durable fabrics that make it a safe and reliable option for your child. It also features a harness adjuster for easy adjustment and can be used in two modes depending on your child’s weight and height. With a forward-facing height limit of 40 inches and a rear-facing height limit of 28 inches, a harnessed car seat can keep your child secured for longer to provide added protection.

Cleaning the Evenflo Sureride is also easy, thanks to its easy-to-remove, machine-wash cover. Simply follow the manufacturers’ instructions to ensure that you clean it properly. Its stock form lets it fit your car quickly, making it easy to keep your family and friends safe while loading them in your vehicle.

Car Seats

EvryFit 4-in-1

Evenflo Sureride EvryFit 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is an excellent choice for your playful, adorable, and adventurous children during any travel. This versatile car seat ensures their safety and comfort, making it a perfect companion for your long journeys.

  • The new Evenflo Sureride EveryFit is made of premium machine-washable and airflow mesh fabrics. It’ll keep your baby comfy and relaxed throughout the ride.
  • The Evenflo Sureride car seat can be used both rear-facing and forward-facing, making it the best option for parents looking for long-lasting car seats.

Evenflo Sureride EveryFit is made of premium machine-washable


Maestro Sport 



Evenflo Maestro Sport Harness Booster Car

  • The Evenflo Maestro is recommended for children from 22 to 110 lbs. It works in two forward-facing modes.
  • This Evenflo Sureride is straightforward and has a safety harness that keeps your child in the correct position when traveling.
  • It is assembled in the United States and has undergone safety tests to ensure industry standards in terms of safety.

Evenflo Maestro is recommended for children from 22 lbs up to 110 lbs.




Evenflo Stratos Convertible Car Seat

  • The new Evenflo Stratos is designed to protect your child when rear-facing or forward-facing.
  • This features a 5-position adjustable headrest and six-shoulder belt harness straps to give your child an extended fit option.
  • It grows with your child from 5 Pounds to 65 pounds.

Stratos is designed specially to protect your child when rear-facing or forward-facing.


Triumph LX


Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat

  • The Evenflo Triumph LX is made with durable plastic and breathable fabric, which is easy to clean. It is perfect for babies from 5 lbs to 40 lbs.
  • This Evenflo car seat is affordable and has reliable safety features and accessories (crotch strap, locking clip, latch connectors, tether anchors, tether extender) for your child.

Triumph LX is made with durable plastic and breathable fabric which are very easy to clean.

Does this mean that the new SureRide 65 is heavy with those product dimensions? Of course not! One user commented about the new car seat’s lightweight design and easy-to-use features.

Integrating Intelligent Design Principles For Enhanced Functionality

The new convertible car seats take pride in addressing the needs of the modern mother! Unlike other car seats, the new Evenflo car seat can be used in both rear-facing and forward-facing directions. This practical feature makes each car ride with your child comfortable and hassle-free! This is known as a convertible car seat. Let’s discuss what a convertible car seat entails.

the new car seat can be used both at the rear-facing and forward-facing directions.
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Convertible Car Seat

A convertible car seat is one that you can use throughout all stages of a child’s life until they can sit in the car seat on their own. A convertible car seat goes rear-facing, forward-facing, and a booster seat. Let’s look at all these stages of a convertible car seat.

Rear Facing

Rear-facing is the first stage of any convertible car seat, and it’s meant for toddlers under the age of 2 or around the allowed weight limit of the car seat. The rear face allows your child to be as safe as possible.

When your child is rear-facing, it’s safer than forward-facing at this stage of a baby’s life.
Always follow the safety standards when using the rear-facing part of your convertible car seat. If your child can use the rear-facing part, do it because the child restraint is suitable and safe. Again, rear-facing should always be used until age 2, or the car seat’s weight limit allows for rear-facing. For most car seats, the rear-facing weight limit is 40 pounds, but some may have a higher rear-facing weight limit. The weight limit is around 40 pounds for rear-facing, which is standard. Some seats have a heavier weight limit for rear-facing, but over 40 pounds is a good time to chuck away the rear-facing and forward-facing belt paths.

Forward Facing Car Seat

This is the next step in a convertible car seat. In this one, your baby is facing forward with the proper child restraint to ensure safety. Many convertible seats allow you to use this option for a long time. Your convertible car seat can hold forward-facing babies up to around 65 pounds. Again, follow safety standards and keep your baby in the convertible car seat for as long as possible. Ascertain that you use the easy-to-adjust harness and harness positions as your child grows.

Cool Booster Function

This is the final stage of any convertible car seat. In this stage, your child uses the convertible car seat more as a boost-up than anything else. This vehicle seat is something that your child will use for quite a while. A child should use a booster seat until they are about 4 feet, 9 inches, and around 10 years old.

You may think this is a long time, but a vehicle seat is needed to give your child the most security and to fit federal safety standards. The national crash test standard is always essential. The national crash test standard keeps your child safe, and the seat weight and tall seat height may not be all that goes into the car seat’s safety. Always check the full recline line position to ensure the best standards, as your sweet-as-a-sugar plum baby doesn’t want to be in trouble.

Your vehicle seat will be used for quite a while, and when your child grows out of it, that’s about the time for the expiration date. It would help if you tossed the vehicle seat then.

Besides weight limits, look at the car seat’s height range and adjust it according to the height range.

In the United States, the new car seat comes in two colors that modern mothers will love. The first color is a neutral, grayish color, while the other is a vibrant sugar plum.

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Long Expiration

Many car seats expire three or four years after purchase. But not the new convertible car seat. This product is long-lasting, with a lifespan of six years! That means you’ll never have to worry about buying new car seats for your growing children. You can reuse this car seat after your baby has grown out of it.

But what happens if the new SureRide DLX 65 is damaged? Luckily, this product has a 90-day warranty. Moreover, the new car seat has a vehicle owner’s manual and FREE Video Support for your troubleshooting needs.

Safe And Tested

Babies slipping or falling from their car seats have been every mommy’s nightmare. But the new SureRide DLX convertible car seat has solved that problem in one feature.

The new  Sureride Evenflo convertible car seat has six harnesses, known for being among the broadest trappings in any baby car seat. It also has an infinite seat belt adjustment to give your child the perfect fit. With these features, the new Sureride convertible car seat is one of the safest car seats for babies.

Another safety feature found in the Sureride is SensorSafe Technology. SensorSafe Technology is built into each harness and designed to alert parents and drivers if and when the car seat shoulder strap becomes unbuckled. Children tend to touch and explore things while driving, and you can’t watch them the whole time. This is where SensorSafe Technology comes in. The SensorSafe Technology alert comes through the audio system when adequately set up.

Convertible Car Seat: Adjusting The Height

When using a convertible car seat, adjusting the seat height to fit your child correctly is essential. The forward-facing height limit of the new SureRide convertible car seat is 28 to 54 inches, while the rear-facing height limit is 19 to 40 inches. Always check the height limit of the car seat and adjust it accordingly to ensure your child’s safety.

Convertible Car Seat: Easy Cleaning

Babies and young children can make quite a mess, so having a car seat that is easy to clean is essential. The new SureRide convertible car seat has a removable and machine washable seat pad, making it easy to keep your child’s car seat clean and fresh.

Convertible Car Seat: Picture Perfect

If you’re looking for a car seat that is both safe and stylish, the new SureRide convertible car seat has got you covered. It comes in a neutral grayish color and a vibrant sugar plum, which will surely please modern parents.
Years ago, finding a car seat that would last through all stages of your child’s life was almost impossible. Now, with convertible car seats like the new SureRide, keeping your child safe and secure on the road is easier than ever. Always follow safety standards and adjust the seat to fit your child’s height and weight properly.

This allows parents to quickly and safely secure their child back in the seat.

The Sureride convertible car seat has energy-absorbing foam that protects to reduce side impact, a problem in crashes. Continuously guarantee that your baby’s convertible car seat has excellent side impact. Good convertible car seats, such as a crash test, still meet or exceed standards. While it may be tough to watch, watching a crash test can show you how secure these car seats are.

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Extremely Comfortable

  • Many children fuss while strapped into seat belts—the problem is comfort. Most car seats in the market are too hard or too itchy for children. However, the new car seat is made of safe, high-quality materials to ensure comfort for your child.
  • So, what is the new Sureride DLX 65 Evenflo car seat made of? The materials of this product range from woven piques to soft cotton. Besides keeping your children comfortable, the new car seat pad is easy to clean, thanks to its fabric. You only need to take a soft cloth and wipe it clean with mild soap and water. Or, if you have time, remove the seat cover and throw it in the wash because it is premium soft and machine washable material.

Easy Installation

  • If you want to install the Evenflo convertible car seat, it’s pretty easy. The instruction manual gives you all the information you need. You will know how to level with the ground or adjust it to a rear-facing or forward-facing position. To ensure your child’s safety and comfort, it’s essential to correctly adjust the 5-point harness strap when installing the Evenflo convertible car seat. The instruction manual provides all the information you need, including how to guarantee that the child’s head is comfortable and adjust the child’s harness to the appropriate position for your child’s age and size.
    While the car seat exceeds all applicable federal safety standards, it is crucial to properly adjust your child’s harness, including the front harness, to guarantee that their head is comfortable and secured in a crash. Always read the instruction manual carefully and watch videos to ensure proper installation on the widest point, as this will allow you to adjust the harness easily and keep your child harnessed longer.
  • While the car seat exceeds all applicable federal safety standards, it is energy-absorbing on the front, back, or side of the seat (with energy levels approximately twice the standard) and has some of the best structural integrity around; one safety concern is improper installation. Always read the manual, watch videos, and guarantee the car seat is installed correctly on the widest point. Proper installation ensures your baby will be harnessed longer, and it can make the process a whole lot easier.
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Additional Features

  • The new Evenflo convertible Sureride car seat exceeds expectations by providing excellent features for the parents’ convenience. The new car seat has a fold-down cup holder to offer easy-to-access drinks for your child. Using this feature is as easy as counting one-two-three—pull to use the feature and push down to fold it.
  • According to the Evenflo product page on the website, its cup holder is removable. If your car needs more space to accommodate items, clearing away the cup holder of this product will give you more space. This is useful when your child doesn’t require easy access to drinks.

Sureride Convertible Car Seat  In A Nutshell

  • The new Sure Ride is a “surprising” car seat for your child. Not only is this product safe and durable, but its design is also suitable for the needs of the new generation of mothers and their children. So, you know what name to find when searching for a new car seat: Evenflo convertible Sureride car seat.

Titan Convertible Car Seat

  • Another car seat is the new  Evenflo Titan convertible car seat. While currently unavailable, it is also available. If you find one, look at some features before we go.
The new Evenflo car seat is equipped with a fold-down cup holder
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  • The new Evenflo Titan convertible car seat has some good pillows. It has a head and a body pillow, which work together to give your child the best comfort.
  • The latch system is quite nice to use and easy to adjust. The new Titan has harness slots that are easy to click and adjust. When it comes to harnessing slots, these are the best harness slots around.
  • Evenflo Titan is easy to install with the vehicle’s owner’s manual, even for a compact car.
  • The new Evenflo Titan may come with a cup holder.
  • The new Evenflo Titan exceeds the federal test standard. Obviously, it would be best to have a car seat that beats the test standard. You may be in trouble if you don’t have a car seat that does that.
  • The new Evenflo Titan 65 has premium, soft, machine-washable material that can be wiped clean with mild soap and water to clean up messes quickly.
  • One downfall of this Evenflo is that it is incompatible with travel systems. It was meant to remain in the car, so you will need a separate infant car seat for your travel system needs.

Other car seats available in the United States include the Chicco Nexfit and the Graco Extend2fit, though we will talk about those some additional time.

Evenflow is an excellent brand; their car seats are great for parents willing to splurge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is it FAA-Approved?

  • Since airline seats only offer a lap belt for infants, you must bring a car seat approved by the airline when traveling with a baby. And yes, Evenflo’s new car seats are FAA-approved and ensure safety first. This is true for United States airlines and international airlines.
Evenflo is FAA approved
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Are They Safe?

  • Yes, the new Evenflo Sureride car seats, like all the other brands, are tested for safety.
  • What makes it safer is that you should know the right compatible car seat for your baby, considering his age and height or weight. You also need to consider the car seat’s compatibility with your car to ensure the baby’s safety. The new car seat is safe for your child up to 65 pounds. The new Titan is safely approved for a child weighing up to 40 pounds rear-facing and a child weighing up to 65 pounds forward-facing.

Are There Any Recalls On Car Seats?

  • Yes, there has been a recall on new car seats. The most recalled variety was the Transition 3-in-1 Combination Booster Seats. It was found that the child can easily loosen the latch strap harness while sitting in the car seat, making it unsafe or increasing the risk of injury in the middle of an event of a crash.

Can You Use The Evenflo Car Seat Without A Base?

  • There are new car seat variants that can be used without a base. The new Port About does not need the base, so using it in multiple cars is easier.
Evenflo car seats offer a comfortable and hassle-free option for your children during car rides. These seats prioritize both the well-being of your kids and the convenience of the parents.
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Do All Their Seats Use The Same Base?

  • Not All Evenflo car seats use the same base. Different variants have different bases, and some cannot be used interchangeably.

What Features Should I Look For?

When selecting a child restraint seat, consider features like an up-front harness adjustment for easy tightening, comfortable padding, and durable plastic and metal parts. Consumer Reports often highlight these features as good value and great price indicators. Additionally, finding a light seat compatible with vehicles and airplane use is essential for those who travel quite a bit. Important information on setting adjustments and customer reviews can offer insight into how well the seat fits in narrow spaces and the overall quantity of padding provided.

How Do I Make Sure The Harness Fits My Toddler Properly?

To ensure the harness is adjusted correctly for your toddler, look for a child restraint seat with upfront harness adjustment. This feature lets you easily tighten the harness as needed, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Remember, the harness should be at or just above your toddler’s shoulders in the rear-facing setting and at or above the shoulders in the forward-facing setting. Checking the customer reviews might also give you more insight into the ease of use and padding comfort.

Can I Use My Child’s Car Seat In Different Cars And On A Plane?

Yes, many child restraint seats are designed to be versatile enough for use in different vehicles and on an airplane. However, it’s important to check the seat’s specifications to ensure it meets the necessary safety standards for airplane use. A light design is often preferable for travel. Look for customer reviews that mention use in various vehicles and airplane compatibility to save time and ensure you’re getting a great price and good value.

What Materials Are Used In My Child’s Car Seat?

Your child restraint seat’s plastic and metal parts should be durable and easy to clean. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning these parts with mild soap and water, avoiding harsh chemicals that could degrade the materials. Consumer Reports and customer reviews may post important information on the longevity and maintenance of these materials, helping you save on future replacements.

How Do I Find A Cost-effective Child Restraint Seat?

To find a child restraint seat that’s considered a good value, look for options that offer upfront harness adjustment, durable plastic, and metal parts, and adequate padding at a great price. Consumer Reports and detailed customer reviews can be invaluable resources, providing insights into the quality, quantity of features, and room for growth the seat offers. Additionally, searching for convertibles might offer more versatility as your daughter or son grows, potentially saving you money by reducing the need to purchase multiple seats. Remember to carefully click the “add to cart” button after comparing reviews and assessing the value.

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