A Honest Review Of The Evenflo Titan Car Seat

Nothing more can put your mind at ease when traveling with your child than having a safe place for them. It is significant to find the right convertible car seat as much as you can to keep them safe always as they go on a journey with you.

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We realize how crucial it is to buy the best car seats for your little hence we made a comprehensive review of one of the most popular car seats in the market today, the Evenflo Titan. To help you discover more choices, we also included the best alternatives and more FAQs.

Things You Need To Learn About The Evenflo Titan

The Evenflo Titan, also known as the Evenflo SureRide is a convertible car seat in the market for quite a while now. It has received its fair share of positive and negative feedbacks from verified customers, which we will discuss more in detail, so keep on reading.

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Like other convertible car seats, it can accommodate rear-facing from 5 lb up to 50 lb and forward-facing from 22 lb up to 65 lb. It has six years expiration date, and with proper care, you can use it much longer or pass it along with your child’s other siblings.


It is made with durable materials, high-quality fabric, and soft foam to keep your child fuss-free throughout the car ride. Maintenance-wise, it is easy to clean as it is machine washable.


As part of its safety features, it comes with the e3 Expanded zone of protection, which utilizes three layers of impact-absorbing foam to protect your little one against a side-impact crash or sudden break.


For additional head support and comfort, it has extra head and body pillows to position smaller infants. You can remove the pad to allow additional space when the child gets bigger.


It grows with your child and allows six harness height position and up-front adjustment for a snug and accurate fit. The car seat is also lightweight and can be transferred easily from one car to another.


Compared to other car seats, it is considerably cheaper and costs around $150-180 depending on where you buy it. We highly recommended that you check online and compare prices before you purchase the car seat.


  • It can fit mid-sized vehicles or smaller cars since it has a narrow base that can work around most vehicle seats. It will not cramp the space in your car as it maximizes that space designated for the car seat.
  • It is easy to carry around since it is lightweight. It also allows UAS and can be installed with a seat belt once your child is 55 lb. The car seat is also suitable for land and air travel as it installs easily on plane seats.
  • It has removable body pads and a replaceable harness to accommodate your growing child. Its materials are also easy to clean and maintain.
  • Given the years that you can use it, it has a fantastic price point. It fits your child from birth until 6 or 8 years of age, depending on their weight and size.
  • It has more legroom for rear-facing, and it offers extended use of the forwarding facing-mode.
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  • Its straps can be twisty, and it only has basic hook-style UAS connectors.
  • Taller and larger kids may not fit properly as the harness length tends to be shorter than other car seats with convertible options.
  • The Harness pads are positioned closely, which some kids may find bothersome.
  • It only allows a single recline for rear-facing and does not allow overhang.
  • The Velcro straps at the front are easy to miss, and often they snag on the child’s shoes or accessories.

What Are Your Other Options When It Comes To Convertible Car Seats?

There are other car seats that you can consider if you want to compare your options before buying, some may even offer booster seat option or easy installation where seat belts are not required to hold the car seat in place. To name a few, here is the list of car seats that can serve as an alternative to Titan.

Evenflo Symphony Elite

The car seat will not disappoint as it offers versatility and easy installation. It claims that it can be installed in 60 seconds or less, which busy parents can take advantage of. Besides the SureLatch Technology, it can also hold infants from 5 lbs up to 110 lb and designed for long-term use. The only downside of the Symphony Elite is its price as it cost way higher than other Evenflo car seats.

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Evenflo Nurture DLX

It is one of the lightest car seats from Evenflo, a perfect option for outgoing parents who like traveling often. Nurture DLX’s primary goal is to offer convenience, which has successfully done so, given its portability and extra features. Pricewise, it is affordable. However, because of its lightweight, it can shift easily with car movement.

Evenflo EveryStage DLX

If you are looking for a car seat that your child can use from infancy until they are ready for a booster seat, the EveryStage DLX is the best car seat there is. It latches quickly, offers maximum safety and protection, and it can hold up to 120 lbs. You also will not need to break your budget in buying it since it is budget-friendly. Nevertheless, it has its flaws, just like other car seats. According to reviews, it is quite heavy and may not be a good option for travel.

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Evenflo Car Seat FAQs:

Are Evenflo car seats good?

Depending on what you need for a car seat, you can consider it a good option if you are leaning towards budget-friendly and versatile.

Are Evenflo car seats FAA approved?

Some but not all. Evenflo car seats with internal harnesses are the only car seats approved for airline use.

What is the best Evenflo convertible car seat?

There are many convertible car seats from the brand that offer the best features depending on the category you are looking for. It is best to compare to see which one will benefit your child more.

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What is the safest car seat of 2020?

According to reviews, the best car seat in 2020 in terms of safety is the Britax B-Safe 35.

Which car seat is better, Evenflo or Graco?

In terms of safety and durability, Graco is a popular option. Evenflo also offers useful safety features but not as expensive.


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