How To Find Out About Car Seat Recall

What are car seats? When you bring your baby into this world, you would want to make sure that your baby will be safe in the big world. This begins when you leave the hospital. You need to make sure that you bring your baby home safely. Here are some tips to keep your baby safe.


Purchasing the Correct Car Seat

For a child ages 2 years and below, your baby needs to be in a rear-facing car seat. Only when your baby has outgrown a rear-facing car seat should you put your baby in a forward-facing seat. Afterwards, depending on the age and height of your child, you can use a booster seat.

Proper Installation

Once you’ve selected the best car seat for your baby, you will need to install the car seat correctly. Even if you get the best and most expensive car seat in the market, it will not keep your baby safe unless you install the car seat properly in your vehicle. How do you do this?

Start by reading the instruction manual for your car seat. You can also read your vehicles’ manual so you can correctly identify the best place to install a car seat.


Harness with Care

The harness will keep the car seat in place as well as keep your child secure. Make sure that your harness has the correct length and a snug fit. When you put the belts around your baby, check that they are not too tight or loose. One way to check if the hardness or belts are the right fit is by doing the “pinch test.” You do this test by putting your fingers on the hardness on your baby’s shoulder. If you are able to pinch the harness, you need to tighten them.

Know When To Change Your Car Seat

Again, reading the car seat manual is important so that you know when to change them in the event of damage to the car seat. You also need to promptly change the car seat once your baby has outgrown the seat.

Seat Recall

You also need to be aware of when you need to return your car seat or bring them back to the manufacturer for repairs. When you purchase your car seat, find out how the company lists their recalls. Find out, too, where you can bring the car seat for repair or where you can send it for replacement. You should also register your product with the manufacturer to make sure that you receive updates on the product when they are available or when they are released.

Another important point to remember is that car seats are not used for a very long time except for boosters, which your child can use up to when they are ten or twelve. If you happen to borrow a car seat from a friend or be given a used one, make sure that the said car seats are not damaged and not on the recall list.

Kids Safe Worldwide

Once of the websites that you can visit is Kids Safe Worldwide. This website has lists of kids products that have been recalled through the years per year and date for some products. The website also lists why these products are being recalled and what the possible risks are.


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Like Kids Safe Worldwide, the NHTSA specifically has a list for car seat recalls of up to 10 years. The website lists recalls by manufacturer which will be an easier tool for you since you just need to filter to the brand that you’ve purchased. The filter will help you find out faster if your car seat is on the list and if you need to return it or bring it in for repair.

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