In Depth Review of the Diono Radian RXT Weight Limits

Infant Car seats are one of the greatest inventions for infants, and it makes sense to have them. It offers many benefits, and most importantly, it gives you peace of mind when driving with your little one.


This article will cover the comprehensive review of the Diono Radian RXT Convertible to provide you with an idea of what it offers as well as the things you need to know before you purchase a car seat.

What Are The Types Of Car Seats?

Infant car seats

This type of car seat is ideal for newborn infants up to 30 lbs. It is rear-facing and specifically designed to provide comfort for delicate babies.


Convertible car seats

It is a very good option if you are looking for a car seat that grows with your baby. Convertible car seats are bigger than infant car seats, and it can hold up to a maximum of 30 lbs. Also, you can convert it to forward-facing when your little transition to toddlerhood.


3-in-1 car seats

If you plan only to have one car seat till your child is ready for a booster seat, 3-in-1 car seats are a good investment. It can be more expensive than the first and second car seat, but they provide more longevity as they can be useful till your little one is around age 4.


Booster seats

Once your child is ready to sit comfortably without any help or four years of age, booster car seats with a seatbelt are the ideal seat of choice.


Factors To Consider Before Buying An Infant Seat

There are factors that you need to pay attention to when buying an infant car seat to get the right one for your little one.

How long will you be using it?

It is smart to ask yourself this question when you look for car seats because not all car seats are appropriate from infancy till your child is ready to sit alone. Some car seats are suitable for a specific weight limit, and you may have to upgrade to a different one when your child exceeds the parameters.

For long term use, 3-in-1 car seats and convertible car seats are the best one to purchase. However, if you want something that you can use temporarily, the infant car seat or the booster car seat when they are older are better choices.

Do you have enough car space?

The first thing you have to do before you add to cart or swipe your credit card is to check how much room you have in your car. Some car seats, especially the 3-in-1 and convertible, can be bulky and consume so much space. It is helpful to read your car manual to check for dimensions and measurements to ensure that your car seat will fit with no concerns.


Is it portable?

If you do not have any plans to keep the car seat in a single car or if you have to carry it with you for most of the time, it is vital to check the car seat’s portability. Is it lightweight? Is it too large? These are the questions to ask if you are concerned with the convenience of carrying the car seat.

Will it be compatible with most strollers?

Travel systems are good options to save money. Hence, it is critical to choose a car seat that fits most strollers. It is also convenient if your car seat can easily transfer from car to stroller and vice versa.

Did it pass safety standards?

Most seats are safety-tested before being sold in the market. Nevertheless, it is still best to check if it has passed the safety standards by the JPMA or equivalent institutions.

Are the features worth its price?

One of the most crucial factor to consider is the features. A good car seat should be made from high-quality materials, and it should have easy-to-adjust straps, reliable 5-point-harness, and side-impact protection to keep your child safe and sound all the time. The price sometimes does not justify the features, so focus on what it offers rather than its cost.

Is it easy to clean?

Infants can be very messy especially when they start eating. Hence, you will need to clean the car seat from time to time which make it necessary for the car seat to have easy to wash fabric.

Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat Review

The RXT Convertible Car Seat from Diono is one of the most popular car seats in the market today. It is known to be versatile, comfortable, and convenient to use. Continue reading the RXT review to learn more about it.



The RXT convertible car seat has an innovative design and narrow dimensions, making it ideal for cars with small spaces. Your little one can use it from infancy up to 4 years of age. The car seat has a 10-year lifespan, and it can be the perfect car seat for you if you are looking for something that you can use for a long time.

Height and weight limit

The car seat can be converted three ways, from rear-facing to forward-facing and booster mode. The rear-facing mode is best for infants 5-45 lbs or up to 44″. You can start using the forward-facing mode when your child is at least 20-80 lbs or 57″ in height. When they are ready to sit with less support, you can take advantage of the booster mode, which can hold up to 50-120 lbs or up to 57″ in height.


  • The Radian RXT is touted to be one of the safest car seats because of its unbeatable safety features.
  • It is made with a steel frame, soft fabrics, and paddings.
  • It can provide excellent support to the head, neck, and spine against crash impact according to verified users from online stores like Amazon.
  • It is also comfortable to use and it is complete with a reliable 5-point harness system to keep the child cozy even on bumpy roads.

Is The Right Car Seat For You?

If you are satisfied with what you learned after reading the RXT review, you can consider it your top choice. But, make sure that you weigh all other options first and not rush into buying to ensure that you get something worth every penny.

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