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Safety is always the priority during travel. Some cars are even with integrated car seats. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is one of the organizations spreading awareness of child federal safety standards all over the world about the use of the right vehicle seat.

In 2018, the global child car seat industry market value was 7.0 billion USD. Currently, there are lots of excellent brands on the market. Choosing the top car seat names for kids is essential. Some are better than others, while others will give you the desired results. There are also some factors that you should know about and why parents clamor for the best quality car seats for their kids and avoid the baby trend.

Top Car Seat Manufacturer

If unsure how to properly install it in the back seat, a child passenger car seat safety technician can help you. However, let’s discuss what the best car seats are and what is worth getting among the brands in the market.

Here are some of the most popular among parents.

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Harmony is one of the best companies producing a lot of good approved car seat. Their best-rated one is perfect for older children. If you need something for an older kid, they have it.


Graco is one of the best and is known for making some killer convertible car seats. If you’re looking for your child to have one they’ll grow with, this can be the best. It is considered one of the best because of its advanced features.  The high back booster mode seat of Graco is designed with a child restraint harness system or for car’s seat belt training.

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This is another value model that’s great for children because it is made with a lot of cushions for extra comfort and passed different car seats safety tests. Many convertible car seats from this brand are made with a foam infant insert, which keeps the child’s head and neck areas nice and safe. They also make it easier for the babies to fall asleep. It contains a car seat multiple times line that’s both inexpensive and comes in about two different colors. They often include cup holders and can hold children up to 110 pounds. Most of their best car seats are ranged in terms of style because you need something with a lot of varieties for children to use.

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This is another brand that’s similar to the Graco brand. With a few new bells and whistles, it’s similar to Britax. They make memory foam infant seats, so you can give your child a super nice experience, complete with a chest clip harness that has energy-absorbing foam. It comes in durable materials and different designs.

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They are customizable with an adjustable 12-point headrest, five point harness, and three-position shoulder belt buckle. They are similar to the Graco ones, but they come with a few more bonuses.


The Maxi-Cosi is one of the best offering durable and reliable car seat. Many parents love the features offered by the Maxi-Cosi. Parents have the option to carry their infant seat using the cross-body flex strap. It’s a cool thing that parents can utilize the lightweight inner baby carrier to carry their little ones.


For more than 50 years, Chicco served 120 countries with many car seats equipped with the highest quality. Their quality and safest car seats, like the Chicco KeyFit, are designed for maximum safety and convenience. Chicco is one of the best offering infant car seats, and convertible and all-in-one, and booster car seats. Proper installation is easy via the lower anchors rigid latch system or rigid latch connectors system or the vehicle’s seat lap belt.

The Chicco Myfit Zip booster is a forward facing seat position car seat for extended use. Its high-back booster car rear facing mode seat mode and steel frame accommodates your kid with 4 recline positions plus a 9-position headrest. Its Chicco all-in-one is usable for all stages, from birth through the booster.


Doona is famous for its complete and fully integrated all-in-one car travel system, which is the first in the world. Compare to other infant carrier or car seats, the Doona infant vehicle forward facing position seat is a rear facing installation seat base that converts to a stroller in just seconds! Its price points may shock you at first glance, but there’s nothing like it on the market. It also comes with features like a 5-point harness, anti rebound bar, and 3-layer side impact protection plus many more.

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