What Are The Best PS4 Games For Kids

The PS4 has an impressive array of different games that your child will love. Here, we’ll highlight the best PS4 games for kids that they will enjoy and that have characters they will love. Also, we will give you a guide that tells you what to look for in a PS4 game.

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What To Look For In A Video Game

Parents, especially those who haven’t played video games or have been out of the video game loop, should do their research before buying a game. Here are some things to look out for. 

  • Age Appropriate 

This is the first one, and it’s important. While the idea that games are for kids is dying, there are still a few people with that mindset. Then, they buy an M-rated game for their child and are immediately outraged by its content. It’s up to the parents to do research on a game to see if it’s family-friendly, good for kids of all ages, or is something meant for older kids or teens. 

The ratings should tell you what games are appropriate. On the bottom corner of the games, you should see the rating. Here are the four ratings in the US that are commonly used.

E-Everyone. This rating is also known as KA, or kids to adults, in older games from the 1990s. This means it’s appropriate for kids to play. Many games rated E don’t have to be just for kids. Sometimes, they’re the perfect game for the entire family. The best family games usually have an E or E10 rating. It’s equal to the G rating in a movie.

E10-This means that the game is appropriate for children around 10. It’s like the PG rating. It’s generally family-friendly, but it may have mild violence, language, or themes that may be appropriate for a young child. 

T-Teen. This is a game that is appropriate for teenagers. It may have stronger violence, language, or themes that are inappropriate for teens. It’s the PG-13 of video games.

M-Mature. This is a game that is meant for people 17 and over. Often, your child under 17 won’t be able to buy this game without their parents’ permission. These games have extreme violence, language, sexual themes, and other themes you may not want your child to see. It’s the R rating. 

  • Family Fun or Multiplayer

If you are a gamer yourself, you may want video games you can play or watch your child play. Many games are a multiplayer game, giving family fun to everyone. Some video games have a co-op mode, meaning that you or a sibling can play along, adding more family fun. Some video games are locally co-op, meaning that you can play on the same TV and console, and others are online, meaning your child can play with people online. Look for family games that everyone can have fun with.

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  • It’s a Quality Game 

In addition, you want video games that are of high quality. Many parents may choose a game based on a popular movie or show, only for the game to be low quality. Do your research. Read customer and critic reviews and see if the games are quality. While quality is subjective, many of the best games and top picks have objective qualities, such as being free from glitches.

What Type Of Game Does Your Kid Like?

Figure out what type of game your kids like when looking for games for PS4 or other consoles. This applies to Xbox One games or games for the Nintendo Switch. Some kids want a game with a deep story, such as an RPG. On the other hand, some kids want a sports game. Some want an arcade game that they can play again and again. Some like building games like Minecraft. Others like them all. When finding a game to play, make sure your child is interested in it.

  • Rayman Legends

If you’ve ever played the Rayman games for other systems, then you’re probably familiar with Legends. Legends is a platforming game that is a little bit challenging, but it’s got a fun variety of levels. These include musical levels where you have to time your jumps and movements to the song that you’re hearing and race in time to the music played. This is a fun co-op game for children and adults to enjoy, and if you’ve ever played Rayman, this is a great game.

In addition to Rayman Legends, there are other Rayman games of a similar vein. If you like Rayman Legends, try Rayman Origins, which has the same art style and came out before Rayman Legends. If your kid wants something harder, play the original Rayman. It’s side-scrolling madness that makes Rayman Legends look like a joke in difficulty. Rayman 2 and 3 are great as well, but they are 3D platformers, not 2D.

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  • Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot was a fun game series originally on PlayStation 1, and they were fun games that involved platforming and timing. It involves a bandicoot named Crash, and his fight with the evil Dr. Cortex. They are fun games, and this trilogy includes all three of the popular games. The game was originally an inspiration from the best of the 16-bit era. But with the remaster, you get an all-new skin on each of these games.

Each game in the N Sane Trilogy has something new to the table. The original Crash Bandicoot is definitely the most difficult of the trilogy. With unforgiving jumps, obstacles, and other challenges, it will test your child’s abilities. What is even wilder is the fact that in the original PS1 version Crash Bandicoot, you had to collect all the boxes in the level and not die to get the gem, which was needed to 100 percent the game. The N Sane Trilogy version of the original Crash Bandicoot is a little more forgiving this time around, with the no death rule only enforced on a select few levels. Regardless, if your child doesn’t have the skills, the other two games are a bit easier.

In addition to the slightly lowered difficulty, the N Sane Trilogy version of Crash Bandicoot has a little more to offer. For example, time trial modes that will test how fast your child can make it through the level without dying. This adds plenty of replayability.

The second game is Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. This game takes the fun platforming of the first game and expands upon it. There are new challenges, tons of secrets, and unique gimmicks like riding on a polar bear or using a jetpack to get through the level. The N Sane Trilogy version of this game once again adds time trial modes to give both old and new fans something to love. One of the best entries is Cortex Strikes Back, and Crash has never been better than ever.

Another unique feature of this sequel is the Warp Room system. You have five warp rooms (and possibly more), with each warp room having five levels to choose from in any order. Once you beat the five, you fight a boss and go on to the next Warp Room. If a level is too challenging, your child can take a break from the level and pick another.

Finally, there is Warped, the third and final game in the N Sane Trilogy. It is one of the most popular. While not the hardest, it’s still challenging and adds tons of new concepts, such as riding on a tiger, underwater levels, riding on a plane, motorcycle, and jet ski, and so much more. Plus, every time you beat a boss, you get a new powerup, making you feel much stronger. From double jumps to a bazooka that shoots out fruit, there are many ways to play.

There is DLC still coming out for it that’s free. It also has the Stormy Ascent level, a level initially cut from the game because it was so hard that it was a nightmare to beat. You can play the game as it should be, and this is a fun game that you and your children will enjoy.

  • Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the most popular competitive games out there, and it’s for many consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. It’s one of those sports games that has a twist, and it’s fun for the entire family. Rocket League involves rocket-powered cars and soccer. Yes, you heard that correctly. Rocket League is a game that is so good, even kids and adults who aren’t fans of sports games may like it.

  • Any Lego Games 

Legos have been a staple of many childhoods. It’s also a series of video games that has been popular for a while. Many Lego games take popular franchises and Lego-fy them, adding a cool twist to an established world. Many of them are highly rated and more than a cash-in.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a good Lego series. Lego Marvel takes place in the, well, Marvel Universe, and your child can play as all their favorite Marvel superheroes. 

Then, there is Lego Star Wars. There are quite a few Lego Star Wars games. There’s Lego Star Wars 2, which involves the original Star Wars trilogy. It’s an older game, coming out in 2006, but there are newer games as well, including an upcoming Skywalker Saga game.

In addition to that, there is a Lego Game for everyone. There is Lego Worlds. Lego Worlds is a more open-world sandbox game, like Minecraft, and Lego Worlds is one the PS4 too. It’s worth checking out.

There is also the Lego Movie game, based on, well, the Lego Movie. 

Try out a Lego Game today. They’re not just for kids. You may love playing a Lego Game too.

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  • Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled 

Does your child want to play more Crash Bandicoot? Crash Bandicoot is back and ready to race. Just how the N-Sane trilogy was a remake of the first three games, this is a remake of the 1999 Crash Team Racing. You can play as the protagonists and antagonists of the first three games, alongside a bunch of other characters, including characters from later games that were not featured in the original. 

Crash Team Racing is quite similar to Mario Kart. You have high speeds, power-ups to speed you up or slow your opponents down, and a large cast of colorful characters. However, this game has a lot of differences as well. For one thing, the game has a single-player campaign where you can do challenges on the various race tracks, such as time trials, and then you race against the boss character. It has a story to it, though it won’t win any rewards. Basically, you stop an alien from turning the world into a concrete parking lot. 

The gameplay does require a bit more strategy as well when compared to Mario Kart, with drifting the Kart and using the boost feature needed to win many races. It’s easy to pick up, but tough to master.

In addition, there are many unlockables, DLC, and other goodness in this game. It’s a racing game that your kid will love for a long time. 

  • Ratchet and Clank 2016

Ratchet and Clank is a franchise that has been around since the PS2 era. The 2016 Ratchet and Clank PS4 game is a re-imagining of the first game, and it also has its own movie. The Ratchet/Clank game series involves traveling across many worlds, whacking enemies with your wrench, collecting bolts, and using them to buy weapons to cause more mayhem. The Ratchet/Clank series is not bloody, but it’s a series meant for slightly older kids. 

The 2016  PS4 game is a good starting point, though many prefer the original game. 

  • Little Big Planet 3

Little Big Planet is a game series that debuted on the PS3, with the third entry for PS4. Little Big Planet involves creation, puzzles, and fun, all with a cute little character called Sackboy. Its creativity will have your kid on it for hours, so give it a go. We can recommend this game for sure. 

  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro is another beloved character from the PS1 era. But, you may know him from Skylanders. However, the Spyro Reignited Trilogy is from the games that started it all. 

The goal is to free all of the dragons that were trapped by the Gnasty Gnorc and defeat him. The series includes all three games, including Ripto’s Rage, which is the second where you have to stop the evil Ripto. The third involves an evil sorceress that Spyro has to stop. They’re fun collection games, and if you want to keep your kids busy, this is how.

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  • Kingdom Hearts the Story so far/Kingdom Hearts 3

if your child is old enough to understand the story of kingdom hearts, or they just love Disney worlds, then this is a great collection. The story so far includes literally every game and movie related to the kingdom hearts lore, including those for handheld games. They’re all fun, and quite challenging, and your kid will still love it regardless. Join Sora as he fights heartless, nobodies, and other strange creatures, and every single game in the series is included on this, so there is a lot here for the child to love. Kingdom hearts 3 is the last installment of the current saga of games, and it involves Sora and the gang as they take on the final battle against the darkness. Try Kingdom Hearts today.

  • LittleBigPlanet 3

This is a quirky and strange game that your kids will enjoy. It stars a character named Sackboy that you can customize with some cool costumes, and you can collect various items within the game to improve your individuality. The entire world is handcrafted, and each of the heroes is stitched with love. It’s pretty cool, and the environments look super solid, and it comes with graphics that you and your children will enjoy. This is a fun game with loads of adventure that your child will love.

This game allows you to explore creative worlds from all corners, and you can face the nefarious Newton with your new friends. The cool thing about this game is that the community is still growing, and you can flex your creativity on some of the customizations. It’s a fun game for the PS4, and it not only looks good, but allows for endless customization to happen for you, and for the game as well. Definitely worth it, and a fun journey that you and others will enjoy.

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  • Dragon Ball Fighterz

Dragon Ball Xenoverse was super popular, and from this, a new fighting game came out. Dragon Ball Fighterz is the name of it, and it involves loved Dragonball characters, and famous fights from the anime itself, with some great fighters. New ones are being added, including characters from the series that you know and love, and new faces. This is a pretty easy fighting game to learn, so kids an enjoy it, but it is pretty challenging to master. If your kid lights fighting games, but they don’t have a system for Smash, then this is a great one to master gameplay and fighting as well. This is an Arc System game, which means that they’re made for fighting since they made other popular games, including BlazBlue.

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  • Overcooked

This is a co-op cooking game that’s a little harder than you’d think. It involves up to 4 people, and essentially you’re all a bunch of chefs that need to prepare, create, and then serve a variety of customer orders before they storm out. You have to be fast, and with this epic journey, you’re tackling challenging and bizarre actions that involve cooperation and coordination between you and the other chefs, it’s a fun game. If you want to get a fun game that involves working together, then this simple game is the way to go. It’s a lot harder than you’d think!

  • Hasbro Family Fun Pack 

The Hasbro Family Fun Pack is a compilation of games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Risk, all for the smart home console. While some old-fashion parents may prefer the physical board games, these all bring a unique twist, with many modes to choose from. The Hasbro Family Fun Pack is great if you want a family game night as an opportunity to play some classic board games. It lets you play without the pieces and clean up when someone gets mad! It’s a great game for kids and adults alike.

  1. Gang Beasts. It’s a silly party game that may be worth checking out. It’s a beat ’em up extravaganza. 
  2. Everybody’s Golf. As the title suggests, it’s a golfing game. It may be worth playing.
  3. Jurassic World Evolution. Many Jurassic Park games involve the player fighting dinosaurs. But in this game, you build the park and manage it, kind of like Roller Coaster Tycoon. It’s rated T.

Honorable Mentions

Let’s take a look at some honorable mentions. These are games that are not as age-appropriate or as critically acclaimed, but still may be worth checking out. 

  • Star Wars Battlefront 2. It’s a multiplayer shooting game, but it does have a T-rating, so beware.
  • Sonic Forces. This is one of the latest 3D Sonic the Hedgehog games. It has mixed reviews, especially when compared to its 2D counterpart Sonic Mania.
  • Dragon Quest 11. Being a classic JRPG series, it’s worth trying, but its complexity and T rating may turn off some parents. Dragon Quest is also available in a more recent Nintendo Switch version as well that is enhanced.
  • Street Fighter V. The Street Fighter series is a classic fighting game franchise, but its complex fighting system and T rating may turn off some parents. It’s not a bloody game, however. 
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And these are some of the best kids’ games for the PS4. Some are for other consoles as well, so some of these may be the best Xbox or Switch games too. The PS4 is a very strong system for games, both for children and adults, and there is a lot for them to try out. Luckily, these games are pretty easy to learn, and many of them tell amazing adventures that they will love. While a couple of these are made for older kids, the rest are great for children of all ages. And best of all, a lot of these are meant for multiple players. So if you want something the whole family can enjoy, this is what you should definitely consider getting.


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