What Are The Best PS4 Games For Kids

The PS4 has an impressive array of different games that your child will love.  Here, we’ll highlight the best PS4 games for kids that they will enjoy, and that have characters they will love.

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Rayman Legends

If you’ve ever played the Rayman games for other systems, then you’re probably familiar with Legends. Legends is a platforming game that is a little bit challenging, but it’s got a fun variety of levels, including musical levels where you have to time your jumps and movements to the song that you’re hearing, and race in time to the music played. This is a fun co-op game for children and adults to enjoy, and if you’ve ever played Rayman, this is a great game.

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Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot was a fun game series originally on PlayStation 1, and they were fun games that involved platforming, and timing.  It involves a bandicoot named crash, and his fight with the evil Dr. Cortex. They are fun games, and this trilogy involves all three of the popular games.  The game was originally an inspiration from the best of the 16-bit era, but with the remaster, you get an all-new skin on each of these games.

There is DLC still coming out for it that’s free, and it also has the Stormy Ascent level, a level originally cut from the game because it was so hard that it was a nightmare to beat.  You can play the game as it should be, and this is a fun game that you and your children will enjoy.

Spyro Remastered Trilogy

Spyro is another beloved character from the PS1 era. But, you may know him from Skylanders. However, this is from the game that started it all.

The goal is to free all of the dragons that were trapped by the Gnasty Gnorc and defeat him.  The series includes all three games, including Ripto’s Rage, which is the second where you have to stop the evil Ripto.  The third involves an evil sorceress that Spyro has to stop. they’re fun collection games, and if you want to keep your kids busy, this is how.

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Kingdom Hearts the Story so far/Kingdom Hearts 3

if your child is old enough to understand the story of kingdom hearts, or they just love Disney worlds, then this is a great collection. The story so far includes literally every game and movie related to the kingdom hearts lore, including those for handheld games.  they’re all fun, and quite challenging, and your kid will still love it regardless. Join Sora as he fights heartless, nobodies, and other strange creatures, and every single game in the series is included on this, so there is a lot here for the child to love. Kingdom hearts 3 is the last installment of the current saga of games, and it involves Sora and the gang as they take on the final battle against the darkness.  

LittleBigPlanet 3

This is a quirky and strange game that your kids will enjoy.  It stars a character named Sackboy that you can customize with some cool costumes, and you can collect various items within the game to improve your individuality. The entire world is handcrafted, and each of the heroes is stitched with love.  it’s pretty cool, and the environments look super solid, and it comes with graphics that you and your children will enjoy. This is a fun game with loads of adventure that your child will love.

This game allows you to explore creative worlds, from all corners and you can face the nefarious Newton with your new friends. The cool thing about this game is that the community is still growing, and you can flex your creativity on some of the customizations. it’s a fun game for the PS4, and it not only looks good, but allows for endless customization to happen for you, and for the game as well.  Definitely worth it, and a fun journey that you and others will enjoy.

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Dragon Ball Fighterz

Dragon Ball Xenoverse was super popular, and from this, a new fighting game came out. Dragon Ball Fighterz is the name of it, and it involves loved Dragonball characters, and famous fights from the anime itself, with some great fighters. There are new ones being added, including characters from the series that you know and love, and new faces.  This is a pretty easy fighting game to learn, so kids an enjoy it, but it is pretty difficult to master. If your kid lights fighting games, but they don’t have a system for Smash, then this is a great one to master gameplay and fighting as well. This is an Arc System game, which means that they’re made for fighting since they made other popular games including Blazeblue.

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This is a co-op cooking game that’s a little harder than you’d think.  It involves up to 4 people, and essentially you’re all a bunch of chefs that need to prepare, create, and then serve a variety of customer orders before they storm out.  You have to be fast, and with this epic journey, you’re tackling challenging and bizarre actions that involve cooperation and coordination between you and the other chefs it’s a fun game, and if you want to get a fun game that involves working together, then this simple game is the way to go. it’s a lot harder than you’d think!

The PS4 is a very strong system for games, both for children and adults, and there is a lot for them to try out. Luckily, these games are pretty easy to learn, and many of them tell amazing adventures that they will love. While a couple of these are made for older kids, the rest are great for children of all ages, and best of all, a lot of these are meant for multiple players, so if you want something the whole family can enjoy, this is what you should definitely consider getting.

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