Choosing The Best Gifts For Nine Year Old Girls

Nine-year-old girls are not toddlers anymore, but it does not mean that they have to retire from playing toys. Girls at this age have a counterbalance of child-like and youthful traits, meaning nine-year-old girls enjoy playing with toys and build genuine social relationships at the same time.


It is indeed a bittersweet moment for parents to see their daughters grow socially and be self-reliant. However, it is also the perfect time to carry on honing, educating, and guiding them while both of you spend time playing with each other. And so, we listed below the top picks of the best gifts for nine-year-old girls that you can buy for your daughter.

List of The Best Gifts For Nine-Year-Old Girls

  1. Lego Friends

Building with the blocks of Lego is one of the all-time favorite of most kids by this age. Most social science experts say that Lego is the best gifts for nine-year-old girls because it encourages them to think outside the box. Playing with Lego friends is the start of exposure to a more complex idea such as problem-solving. Apart from that, it teaches kids to build architecturally sound structures like bakeries, cafes, bridges, salon, and more.

  1. American Girl Ultimate Craft Set

Another on the list of the best gifts for nine-year-old girls is an art and craft gift set. With this gift set, your daughter can improve her creative side like designing and crafting intricate projects such as jewelry. Aside from that, it can also develop her ability to follow instructions.

  1. Diary of Wimpy Kid Book Set

Aside from physical changes, girls at age nine also experience a lot of emotional and mental changes. They are now capable of reading realistic and non-realistic books on their own. Buying a book set is one of the best gifts for nine-year-old girls because they are also able to grow intellectually through having a good grasp of sentence construction and correct grammar formulation. Most importantly, reading books develop a sense of accomplishment and create opportunities for kids to interact in the social world. Isn’t it fun to see your daughter exchange her favorite books with friends after reading them?

  1. Cruiser Bike

Another on the list of the best gifts for nine-year-old girls is a cruiser bike which is a perfect outdoor activity for your daughter. Buying your daughter a more advanced ride leads her to the next level of independence and teaches her the perseverance to learn speed. Nothing beats an outdoor activity especially if it trains you to learn life skills such as coordination.

  1. Just Dance Disney Party 2

If you want to see your daughter’s potential in dancing, then this is the perfect gift idea for you. Living in a home filled with music is where you could hone your child and let them discover their talent. It would be probably the most fun and exciting indoor gift activity you could offer to your daughter in unleashing her potential in dancing.

Other Gift Ideas For Your Daughter

Looking for some gift ideas need not be tangible all the time. Sometimes the best gifts for your nine-year-old daughter are something that you cannot buy from the toy store. Perhaps, it is something that you can do together. So here are other gift ideas for you to consider.

  1. Nature Exploration Activity

Just like boys, girls also love being with nature. Bringing your nine-year-old daughter to spend time with you in a nature park would also be considered the best gift idea since she will be able to learn the importance of environment and the creatures living in it.

  1. Amusement Park Activity

Nine-year-old girls still enjoy riding the carousel with parents and getting their favorite toy prize at game booths. Anything fun and amusing can be considered best for nine-year-old girls.

  1. Out-of-Town Travel

If you are the kind of parent that is always busy with the load of work, it would be the best gift for your daughter to spend time with her in an out-of-town activity. You can either go swimming in a nearby resort or eat in your favorite restaurant.


Giving the best gift for your daughter is something that brings out the joy in her. If spending time with her is the one, then spend time with her. You know your daughter best. Remember that the essential lessons you want to impart with your daughter begin through spending time together. Keep on giving her an unforgettable experience.

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