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Teaching a kid how to play an instrument is always a good thing. Ukulele can encourage creativity, and your kid may develop a talent you never thought was possible. With that said, you may be at a crossroads when it comes to choosing best uku for your kid. Allow us to make that easier. You should consider getting best ukuleles if you’re going to get an instrument, and we will explain a few reasons why.

the best ukuleles

Benefits Of Small Ukuleles

One of the best benefits of the kid’s ukeleles is that is tiny, it is easy for children who are always traveling, and your kid can walk around playing one with ease. Other ukus for kids, while they are great, aren’t that good in the portability department. Even a guitar can be a hassle to carry around. But the best ukuleles mean that your kid can easily practice no matter where they are.

Holding Best Ukuleles

Because ukuleles are so small, they are quite easy to hold on to. Ukulele makes it great for a kid who is a bit of a butterfingers at times. You won’t have to worry and think about your kid dropping it and possibly damaging the ukuleles, which is always a plus. Just make sure that they are holding it well.

kid holding a ukulele

Best to Play Songs

When you play a popular song on the guitar, it’s much tougher to do so. With the kids’ ukuleles, tunes are often simplified. Ukulele is great for a little musician in training who wants to play their favorite song but feels a bit overwhelmed by how tough it is to play a song.

Ukuleles are simply awesome for a child or a beginner. Your kid will love learning how to do it and then playing it with ease. It doesn’t take long to learn, either.

Ukeleles Are Cheap

Many parents dread the idea of buying their child a uku, and one of those reasons is the price. You don’t want to purchase one for your kid, only for them to become uninterested in it, right? Or what happens if your kid breaks it? With the ukuleles, the price is inexpensive. Rarely do some good ukuleles cost that much. You can find a good one for under $100, easily. Heck, you can find a good one for half that price.

Ukulele makes it another great starter for your child. The cheap price will make parents at ease, as they don’t have to worry much about spending too much on something your kid may break.

With that said, you shouldn’t go too cheap. If you find one for 10 bucks, it can be a rip-off. It might not be able to be tuned, and you may end up with a disappointed kid. Always make sure that you figure out just how it works before you buy, and read up on reviews. You’ll have more peace of mind that way.

Ukuleles Are Best Instruments

If your child is interested in a guitar, a violin, or another stringed uku, kids’ ukuleles are a good place to start. It works similar to other instruments of that type, but it’s much less intimidating for a newcomer. A guitar can be tough for a newcomer, particularly one that is tough to tune and figure out. But ukuleles? They are so easy for any kid to learn, and you’re going to love watching your kid figure it out.

the best instrument for a newcomer

Chord Shapes Are Easy

For a newcomer for music, particularly a kid, the chords of a guitar or other stringed uku can be a bit intimidating. The ukuleles just have four strings. That means that it is much easier to figure out the cords and memorize them. With a guitar, it can take a long time, and some kids may just give up to do something else that’s a lot easier for them. For ukuleles, every cord shape is easy to look at, so your child can memorize them and get to playing simple music much better. It allows your child to play some killer tunes with less learning time, and isn’t that something you’re always in the mood for? Teach your kid about the cords and see what they can do.


One of the best things about the ukuleles is that they stand out. While other kids are playing the guitar, a piano, or a trumpet, you’re introducing them to something unique. With music, you sometimes need to look to less common instruments to make the most creative music. With a true musician, they try every instrument possible and see which is right for them.

Best For Original Music

Your kid may be better at playing their original music than you think. With the ukuleles, you have limited options when it comes to making music. It allows your kid to be less intimidated, and they can easily make their songs with the limited features that ukuleles have to offer. For a newcomer, you sometimes need boundaries. A veteran player usually forgets about boundaries and tries to have a uku that gives them no limits, but a newcomer should be a bit more restricted.


After your kids master their ukuleles, they will probably want more ukus to try out. It will allow you to have a talented kid who loves music. Of course, some kids may outgrow music playing and move onto something else, and that’s okay too. The beauty of ukuleles is that it’s cheap, making it an easy investment to determine whether or not your kid loves music.


Conclusion: Best Ukuleles For Kids

If your kid is interested in a guitar, try out the ukuleles. The price is cheap, and the benefits your kid can get from it are immense. A kid’s brain is developing, and a child can develop it further with the power of music. More benefits here.

Best Kids’ Ukuleles FAQs


What’s the best ukulele for a child?

The best one for a child is Kala KA-C Satin Mahogany Concert Ukulele. It is high-quality for kids who are starting to play the ukuleles. Find more great options here:

What age can kids learn ukulele?

Kids can start taking lessons at three years old. However, their real interest may show from the age of 6. In a similar manner, kids can start learning to play the toy violin when they are young, often around the age of three. They may however only begin to show a true interest in the instrument when they are around six.

Can a 5-year-old learn ukuleles?

Yes, a 5-year-old can learn ukuleles. The child is ready once he or she shows curiosity towards the uku.

Should kids learn ukuleles before the guitar?
Yes, kids should learn the ukuleles before the guitars. A ukulele has a softer and lesser number of strings than a guitar. For children interested in percussion, another great beginner option is to start with the best drumsticks for beginners.

Is ukulele a toy?

No, a ukulele is not a toy. It is a real uku that happens to have toy versions for kids available in stores.

It is a musical instrument that is often considered an alternative to larger stringed instruments such as a guitar and a lyre harp, and is a great choice for beginners or children who want to learn to play music.

Is the ukulele a good first uku?
Yes, the ukulele is an excellent first uku for kids and adults alike. Strumming uku strings is not too complicated.

How much does a ukulele cost?
Ukulele for beginners starts at $50. Still, it can go up to $150 if you buy from a well-known brand.

What ukulele should a beginner buy?
A beginner should buy the Cordoba 15CM concert ukulele. It is made out of mahogany and produces a beautiful tone.

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