Why A Toy Violin Might Be Good For Kids

Kids love to play music, and by buying them a toy instrument that helps prepare them for the real thing, you may end up teaching them about something valuable, they never thought they’d like. A toy violin is one such instrument you may want to buy your kid. Here are a few reasons why.  

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To See If They Are Interested

A real violin can cost a lot of money, and a child may not be ready to handle one just yet. They may end up breaking the violin or end up not caring about it after a few uses. Some kids are interested in playing something, but then back away when they realize that this requires a lot of time and dedication. Your child may want to practice with a toy one before they consider the real thing.

It’s A Good Size For Your Kid

Kids have small hands so that a real violin may be too big for them. A toy violin, in the meanwhile, is small enough to fit into a child’s hands, and as they grow older, you can get them more prominent violins that do a lot more.

There Are Different Violins for Different Skill Levels

Some toy violins are merely just music boxes. You press a button, and it plays songs automatically. These are good for toddlers and very young kids. However, an older child may benefit from a toy violin that can play music and is an excellent training tool for the real thing.

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Buttons Or Strings?

Some violins for kids have buttons instead of strings. This makes it much easier for a child to play their tunes, and it allows you to watch them play with ease. Meanwhile, some kids may prefer an instrument that has strings. This gives you the feeling of the real thing, but many toy violins are still made from plastic and have fewer features than a real one.

Music Is Expressive

Your child can express themselves easier thanks to music. Your child, once they learn how the music works, can play some shockingly good tunes. You may be surprised at all the unique tracks they can learn to play, and your child can healthily express themselves. A toy violin is the right way for them to express their interest in music.

Making Friends

If your child learns how to play an instrument, they may be able to team up with other people who play instruments. Your kid may go to band class and learn a lot, and even be able to be more expressive as a result. We say to let your kid play some instruments and see if it’s right for your kid. Chances are, your kid is going to love every minute of it.


Some toy violins are designed to educate your kid. For example, it may come with a booklet or another guide to tell your kid how the violin works and how you can go about playing some cool tunes. Make sure your violin has a useful guide if you’re buying it for your kid. A toy violin is also a good gauge of the amount of interest your kid has in really learning to play the instrument.

With that out of the way, let’s look at a few toy violins that your kid may be interested in.

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Brick Land Violin Building Toy

Here is a toy violin that is designed for ages six and up, making it suitable for your older children. This is a LEGO-esque set that has 200 pieces. It’s not a real violin, but it’s so cool, we feel like we’d mention it before we got to the real thing. Learning how to build feels so satisfying, and your kid will want to make more once they are done with this violin. We say to try it out and see what you can do with it.

Once your kid builds it, they will love putting it in their room. It’s a cool thing, but as we said before, it does not play music. Our next few items will be more up your alley if you are interested in real toy violins and what they can do for you.

Pink Toy Violin With Light And Sound

This toy violin is excellent for a girl, or even a boy, in your family. It makes noises, has lights, and comes with three activity modes. This violin does a lot, and your kid can make their tunes with the press of a few buttons, so it does encourage creativity.

This is a small violin under a pound, and it does require a couple of batteries, so make sure you have those handy whenever you present this violin. Overall, it’s a neat little violin that we believe you and your kid will love.

Fun Fiddle Violin

Who doesn’t love a good fiddle? This is a toy violin that has classical music in mind. It can automatically play seven pieces from the most classic artists out there, but if you hit the buttons, you can play your music as well. This is another piece that plays both automatic and original tunes, making it suitable for toddlers and young children. You even have a bow, and it makes noise if you use the bow. It’s a great little toy for young kids who are interested in learning how to play an instrument.

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Pixnor Mini Violin

Here is one violin that is more like the real thing. The other violins in this list are more like toys, but this one is like a real violin. It has some kiddish elements to it. For example, it has plastic instead of wood. This makes it easier for kids to carry, though, so that’s always a plus.

It has strings, too. These strings are made from steel, and there are four of them. They make sounds that are close to the real thing. There are differences. You can’t tune the strings, so again, this is more of a practice instrument than one that is real, but it’s great for someone who wants to learn about the instrument before they try the real thing. If your child is showing interest in playing the instrument, then this is a good list of toy violin to get them started.

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