Nuna IVVI Review

When you’re shopping for a car, you want a car that will last a long time, so why not apply the same principle to your baby’s carriage? A good baby stroller like the Nuna IVVI can last a long time.

Stroller - This stroller is the Nuna IVVI. A lot of parents love the Nuna IVVI!

Source: flickr.comLearn more about this great stroller line. It is one of the best strollers because it is quite luxurious and is said to glide across all terrain with ease. Also, it’s a good travel system, and it can be used for babies and toddlers.

Is It Worth It?

The IVVI stroller is quite expensive, going for around $600-$1,000 (much much more expensive than the best double stroller under $100), depending on where you look. So, is it worth it and highly recommended? Let’s look at some features, like its smooth ride simple system and ability to be folded pairs perfectly with various car seats for rear facing usage. The stroller also features an adjustable handle, other accessories, and a dual footmuff, which may justify its price.

If you are looking for something that will not break your budget, there are many travel systems that you can find online such as the highly-rated products from Amazon that we included in this article which can serve as alternatives. We included a brief description for each one to help you sort out your options for these strollers. After checking the list, you can continue to read the detailed review if you want to learn more about it.

Other Travel Systems In The Market

Evenflo Folio3 Stroll & Jog Travel System with Lite Max 35 Infant Car Seat

Evenflo Folio3 & Jog Travel System is also a good stroller just like the Nuna IVVI - Nuna

Evenflo is one of the most popular affordable brands for baby essentials and accessories around the world. Folio3 is one of the brand’s best-selling models because of its easy storage, high-quality materials, and reasonable price. It doesn’t need car seat adapters to work in your vehicle.


UPPAbaby Cruz V2

nuna - Other people who do not choose Nuna IVVI end up buying UPPABaby
  • The Cruz V model from UPPAbaby is not your regular stroller. Its sleek design makes it visually appealing but more than that, it also has dual action rear suspension that is designed to ensure a smooth ride for your baby no matter what their weight is. It’s a good idea to consider this if you want to get something fashionable yet safe for your baby.

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogger

  • This is a good option if you are always on the go. The full size is designed with a comfortable seat, a padded 5-point safety harness, and a multi-position, extendable canopy with ventilation. You can take your baby out on play dates while you enjoy your regular activities.

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

  • The strollers from Chicco are versatile, and durable, and can be used for older babies and toddlers. The Bravo Trio received good reviews on Amazon, and many people claim that it is worth every penny.
Chicco Bravo is also a well-loved brand just like the stroller, Nuna ivvi

What We Love About This Travel System

The Seat Liner Is Removable

  • When it’s hot outside, that seat liner can go from comfortable to uncomfortable in a flash. Luckily, you can take out the seat liner the IVVI has and allow everything to be more breathable. Installing it and taking it out is quite a breeze.


  • Nuna IVVI has wheels designed for all terrains. Being a parent, you know that it sometimes needs to go through more than an even pavement. From the sand on the beach to a snowy day, life doesn’t throw you even terrains all the time. Even pavements and roads can be quite a ride. The bumpy ride is almost always frustrating because that wakes up the baby.
  • We’re surprised at how well these wheels handled different types of terrain, delivering a smooth ride for your baby and you. With the all-terrain front wheels and back wheels, this stroller system has an all-weather seat that makes it an even more ideal selection.

Good Handlebar

  • The problem with many strollers is that their handlebars weren’t meant for people of all heights. Sometimes, you can be too tall or too short for these, and that ends up being a problem. This one has a handlebar that easily adjusts to any height, with adjustable calf support, and a three or five point harness and leg rest, giving you the ability to comfortably push your baby anywhere.
This stroller is the Nuna IVVI

An Expansive Basket

  • Many strollers have a storage shopping basket that you can use to put your extra baby supplies in, but they often are not sufficient. However, the IVVI has a shopping basket that’s quite big, and it’s good for groceries, lunch dates, and other events that require you to have a lot of stuff.

Made From Great Materials

  • This one is made from the best materials, such as wood. Wood prevents it from overheating when it’s hot outside and freezing when it’s cold. Many strollers use too much metal, which affects the comfortability of the ride. This includes foam-filled seat padding that will keep your baby comfortable throughout the entire ride.

A Nice Canopy

Also, there is a canopy that works as a great sunshade, giving your baby or toddler time to rest as you go about your daily life. It is easy for you to zip up and allow your baby to get some beauty sleep. Or if you want to play a fun game of peekaboo, you can do that as well.

Good For All Types Of Toddlers And Babies

  • The IVVI works as a travel system so it has an excellent weight capacity. A baby up to 50 pounds should fit in there nicely and have plenty of legroom. Some strollers are a little less forgiving with their weight limits, but not this one. With that said, always make sure you’re following weight limits.

Some Nice Reclining

  • The IVVI boasts a recline that is quite nice, and it depends on your region. If you live in Europe, the back reclines, and in the US, the entire seat does. Either way, it provides your baby with a comfortable ride that they will love.
The Nuna IVVI is a good choice for a stroller

What We Don’t Love About It

It’s Quite Heavy

  • With that said, there is a disadvantage to the IVVI: it’s heavy! It’s around 30 pounds, and for some parents, that’s a monster. This weight is oftentimes more than parents want from their travel system. Of course, you do get a lot with that weight, but a few parents may head to the gym first before they make the purchase.

The Folding Is Bulky

While you can fold the frame of the stroller for storage space, it generally makes a bulky fold. Some parents may be a little turned off by that. Many strollers benefit from being easy to store, but with this, you may want a bigger car that gives you more room to breathe. Though, you can fold it with or without the seat attached to it.

IVVI Totl System

  • Many strollers come with additional accessories you can buy to enhance your experience, but besides a little snack tray with a cup holder, not too much is available in the IVVI Totl System. Some parents may not care, as this has everything they need, yet a few parents may want a little more.
  • The IVVI Totl system is a fantastic luxury stroller. While we wish it was a little lightweight and less bulky, it’s a small price to pay for all the features it has. You and your baby will be the talk of the town the next time you’re out and about. It’s expensive, but it’s well worth the price, especially for a tired parent who wants their baby to have the most comfortable ride possible. If you can find it at a store, see if this is the best one for you, or try it out risk-free on a site that allows you to do so. Before you do that, you can always find additional product reviews from parents who have used this before. These reviews can best help you because they are from parents just like you, and they will let you know if they are highly recommended. If you do end up purchasing the Nuna IVVI, make sure to look into what the tear warranty is and how long it will last.


It is a great product, but the price may turn off a few people. If you can afford it and you find that it is a good fit for you and your child’s needs, then we suggest you buy it. Otherwise, consider your needs. If your adventures end up with you on some poor terrain that keeps your wheels stuck, the IVVI is a lifesaver.

However, if your adventures are mostly on pavement, that’s mostly flat and even, and you don’t like carrying heavy things, this one may not be for you. With that said, there is a lot to love about this item, so we say to try it out anyway.

The IVVI stroller is packed with features and great options

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is A Nuna IVVI?

A Nuna IVVI is a premium model that babies can use from their first ride up to when they are ready to stop using it. It comes in three colors.

Can I Use Different Brand Car Seats With My Stroller Using Car Seat Adapters?

Yes, you can use different brand car seats with your stroller by utilizing car seat adapters. These adapters are designed to ensure compatibility and safety between various car seat brands and stroller models.

Why Is This Stroller Seat Unique?

Based on Nuna IVVI reviews, its seat is unique because it is useful for all seasons. It comes with a bumper bar and a peek-a-boo window in the canopy. One great aspect of it is that each component, including the adapters market basket bassinet, is available to buy separately (stroller rain cover, IVVI bassinet, bassinet compartment, cleverly crafted bassinet, savvy child’s tray, handle smart stroller system, removable canopy with a flip-out eyeshade, sky drape, market basket, etc.) making it ideal for those with limited space who prefer not to store unnecessary items. The Nuna IVVI, with its futuristic appearance, offers both convenience and user-friendliness while keeping your baby cozy until you’re finished strolling.

Does It Have A Reversible Seat?

Yes, Nuna IVVI has a reversible seat which a lot of users find useful and practical. It can be positioned forward-facing or rearward-facing as well.

Is Its Dream Drape Useful?

Yes, according to Nuna IVVI reviews, the dream drape is useful. It can shield the baby from the outside world as they try to take a nap.

Can A Newborn Use It?

Yes, a newborn can use the Nuna IVVI baby strollers. Parents only need to use the height-adjustable feature to recline it at the lowest angle. The Nuna Ivvi Savi Pushchair can be used from 6 months up to 20kg (around 3-4 years). However, when combined with the Ivvi Savi Carrycot or Pipa Icon 0+ Car Seat (available for separate purchase), it becomes suitable for use right from birth.

Until When Can My Baby Use It?

Your baby can use the Nuna IVVI until their weight goes up to 50 lbs. It means it is useful for babies aged 2 or 3 years old due to its height-adjustable features. Throughout this entire time, you are able to keep your baby safe with the simple, one-touch rear-wheel braking system.

Nuna is a great brand of stroller

How Much Does This Stroller Weigh?

The product itself weighs 29 lbs. It is on the heavier side.

What Are Nuna IVVI’s Dimensions?

Nuna IVVI measures 42.7 x 25.4 x 43.1 inches.

Does The Nuna IVVI Require Assembling?

Yes, Nuna IVVI reviews claim that you need to assemble it once it comes. The wheels are quick to lock into the chassis, though.


Is The Nuna IVVI A Double Stroller?

Unfortunately, the Nuna IVVI does not convert from a single stroller to a double stroller. Although it is considered a multi-mode stroller because of the four different modes you can put your baby. But, as stated before, one of these modes is not a double stroller.

Is The Nuna Stroller Worth The Money?

Yes, the Nuna stroller is worth the investment, especially with features like the market basket bassinet compartment and seat adapters market basket. Its durability, functionality, and product weight balance make it a smart choice for parents.

What Is The Weight Limit?

The Nuna IVVI has a weight limit that accommodates children as they grow, offering four modes of use. This versatility, along with the IVVI bassinet dual footmuff, ensures long-term utility.

What Is The Newest Nuna Stroller?

The newest Nuna stroller incorporates modern design elements like a window one hand fold mechanism and an arm bar for easy maneuverability. It also features innovative car seat adapters market solutions for increased compatibility.

Is Nuna A Korean Brand?

Nuna is not a Korean brand; it’s a globally recognized brand known for its high-quality baby products, including strollers with rain cover child’s tray and other convenient accessories.

What Country Is Nuna Made In?

Nuna, renowned for its quality baby products, including those with liner car seat adapters, is a Dutch brand. It’s manufactured in the Netherlands, a country known for its high manufacturing standards and commitment to quality, ensuring its products meet rigorous international safety standards.

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