What Are The Top Iron Supplements For Kids?

Children do need Essential vitamins. Typically, they are suitable not just on children, but especially infants, since they are used in making hemoglobin, which is an important protein in red blood cells (check this article). Hemoglobin is used to carry oxygen to other cells and it helps to create healthy red blood cells. Research shows that this mineral is also important in rapid child’s growth and the metabolism of Vitamin D. Mother’s milk is an important source of iron for breastfeeding infants. Breastfed babies typically have iron stores and would get it from their mothers during the first six months.

The amount of this mineral needed in your baby’s body varies according to age, sex, and whether they’re a vegetarian or not. Infants have lower requirements compared to a growing children. From 0 to 6 months, the recommended daily amounts of iron needed is 0.27 milligrams. Older children may require more iron than younger child. This amount will increase as the child increases in age. Teenage girls have rights to have more recommended daily amount compared to teenage boys. If menstruation in the girl is heavy, she may need more.

The severe lack of this vital mineral puts vulnerable infants or toddlers at increased risk of developing iron deficiency anemia, a potentially harmful condition. So, you have to pay close attention to what your child eats and make sure to provide them with iron-rich foods to make sure that they are getting enough of this essential mineral for their healthy development and to prevent the risk of iron deficiency anemia as they grow. If iron levels are low, your muscles, tissues, and cells won’t get the oxygen they desire. Infants or toddlers who suffered a deficiency of this mineral shows delayed psychological development. Other symptoms involve low birth weight, fatigue, slow growth, and poor appetite.

Several months after birth, breastfed babies are recommended to get an iron supplement because breast milk has very little iron. Typically bottle-fed babies get an iron fortified formula, but as they get to the age where they’re not bottle-fed anymore, they need to have iron, since, without it, it causes learning and behavioral issues, issues with motor skills, social withdrawal, muscle weakness and inhibited growth, slow brain development, and it can also lead to immune system issues, in that not enough can lead to infections, more colds, and more bouts of the flu as a result (read more about it here). You may also consult your child’s health office to determine the best iron supplement.

So what are the best iron supplements for toddlers? Well, read on to find out.

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NovaFerrum Pediatric Liquid Iron Supplements

These don’t contain sugar, and they’re naturally flavored with grape and raspberry, so you’re not loading your child up on sugar when taking vitamins. Liquid iron supplements like this can be taken by kids who have difficulty swallowing solid pills or tablets.

The best liquid supplement for toddlers is something that can be absorbed fast and your child won’t have to worry about swallowing pills. Typically, this bottle has a dropper that you can look at to figure out the dosage that they desire. To take this, you literally squirt the liquid into the mouth. So, when giving your child liquid supplements, make sure to aim toward the back of the child’s mouth to avoid choking. The one downside to this is that it can stain the teeth, so you’ll want to brush your child’s teeth after giving them this since it can stain teeth regardless.

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Pediakid Iron +Vitamin B Complex

Consider pairing iron-rich foods with vitamin C-rich foods to increase the absorption of iron. Iron absorption is very important to maintain the child’s iron levels. That is why this syrup is a great way to safely give enough iron to a child. It has artificial flavors, and it actually isn’t bad, so if your child is against having a supplement because “it tastes bad,” this is the way to go. For most moms, this can be listed as their best iron supplements for toddlers. It has a banana concentrate, and so long as they aren’t allergic to bananas, typically, they’ll enjoy this. About two teaspoons contain around 7 milligrams of iron, but it also does contain a lot of ingredients that the child may not need. Lots of times, this is an ideal one if you’re looking for a supplement that can hit all of the different factors that you want to hit. If you just want an iron supplement, though, this may not be ideal, but if you want to get them a bunch of different vitamins, this is a great one.

Maxi Health Chewable Kiddievite

This is one of the great chewable supplements for kids. If you don’t want to measure out syrups and liquids, but your child can’t just take a straight pill, chewable supplements are the way to go. First of all, these typically taste great, and they’re super easy to eat. They also contain a ton of vitamins within the tablet.

The tablet listed here is specifically made for children, and it also comes in a bubblegum flavor that they will like. However, the one downside to this is that typically they’re not normally used just like an iron supplement, so they do have lower levels of iron compared to the ingredients that you’re getting in them. But chewable is also ideal if you want a multivitamin for kids, so that’s why they’re often suggested.

As a final word of caution, ensure to not have these anywhere near children, since if they have too many, they can cause poisoning and ultimately could affect the life of a child if you’re not careful.

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Vitamin Friends Iron Supplement Candies

Candies and gummies are something that toddlers will love. If your child is hesitant about taking vitamins, gummies are the best way to go it. The problem is, they can taste so good that you may not even realize just how many your child may have, so always keep them out of their reach. It is safe to give your child a gummy, just never overdo it.

These gummies are vegan-verified and gelatin-free. Typically, they don’t involve artificial colors and flavors and are free of gluten, nuts, eggs, and even dairy, so if your child has an allergy to those foods, they should be fine. However, you should keep these out of the reach of children, since they taste so good. Of course, you don’t want your toddlers to eat the whole bottle, that’s for sure.


Rainbow Light Nutristart Multivitamin With Iron

Finally, there is this powder supplement. It doesn’t have any dyes, sweeteners, or allergens, and it is gluten-free, so it’s virtually completely safe for toddlers. It does come in packages that are measured for the correct dosage, and they contain four milligrams of iron.

The best thing about this is you can literally put this in whatever they eat. Soft foods, including applesauce, yogurt, oatmeal, and the like are often perfect for this, and picky eaters won’t even realize that they’re eating it. So if your child is super adamant about not taking vitamins, not even the gummies, this is one of the best things to have.

Now, these are the best supplements, but you should make sure that you never give your child too many of these. Iron overdosages can cause pale or bluish skin and fingernails, weakness, vomiting, and severe diarrhea, and it is a medical emergency if your child does overdose on this, and you can always contact the poison control center if you’re worried they did.

Usually, adding this can cause digestive issues, constipation, or changes in stool, but you can prevent that from happening if you take it after a meal if it hurts the stomach. However, if you want them to be absorbed right away, the intake should be with an empty stomach. Rainbow Light Nutristart Multivitamins is available in leading online stores like Walmart, Target, and more.

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Here, you can see the top supplements you can choose from. You can, as a parent, give them to the kid in whatever form they desire to take and will want every day.


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