What Are The Best Remote Control Cars For Kids

Remote-controlled cars are something kids and adults can both enjoy.  However, what’s the best one for your child? Well, we’ll give you the best models that are out currently that you’ll enjoy, and the pros and cons of each.

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How To Choose The Best Car

Choosing a car isn’t something you do on a whim. In fact, there are a few features that you’ll want to consider for remote-controlled cars, and they are as follows:


Handling of the car

Whether you’re planning to race or just do it as a hobby

Design factors that are important

Whether they are rechargeable or not

How kid-friendly these models are

The response between the remote and the car itself

Those models that are kid-friendly do tend to be smaller and a little bit slower, and utilizes a standard alkaline type of batteries, which run up to 90 minutes of use.  Kid-friendly models are also more simplistic, but they are still good for kids to learn how to control.

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Claw Climber Cheetah

This is a high power R/C that has a torqued engine that does handle power well. It can go over obstacles, and it is good to use outside on the pavement, and little rocky areas.  This is a fun gift that kids will love, and the fact that it aggressively climbs over objects is something that kids will love. The claws allow for more grip when moving, and it’s an exciting toy.

The one downside to it is, that it does require batteries to run, but that’s a small price to pay for this.

Glazy Morphibians Rover

This is a fun RC car that also can withstand tougher playtimes. This is a waterproof one that’s made for rocky and wet terrain. It doesn’t move quickly, but with four, wheeled drive, it can get over grass and gravel, and it’s pretty good for most rocky surfaces. However, the base is a little bit low, so it might get stuck. If it does get near a body of water, it does float, and it can withstand a lot of water within it. The transmitter does contain two buttons, so it’s good for young children to use. The left is for the two left tires and the right for the two right tires, so it’s pretty easy, and you can steer it around easily. you’ll need three AA batteries, which aren’t included, but it’s pretty cheap compared to the hobby models.

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Maristo Baja Beast

This is another speedy and rugged car that handles well, and it comes in different color variants. The pistol-grip transmitter steers this with the wheel on the side, but the one downside to that is that it gets a little bit laggy at times. However, it’s pretty easy to use regardless, and still quite fun. The transmitter does have three channels, so you can drive multiple vehicles on the same remote.  The outer shell of this is removable, with a suspension of plastic, which means that while it can handle rough terrain, you shouldn’t drop this off cliffs since it is a bit fragile. It does require two batteries to run, and while it only gets a 12 mph max-out, it’s still quite strong. It does have a warranty for 30 days if there are defects, and the customer service team is pretty good, so if you have any issues, you can contact them.

Holy Stone RC Dump Truck

If your child is a little bit young and can’t handle the coordination of some of these bigger cars, then this is what they need. It has extra storage, and while it is simple, it’s pretty easy. it’s a remote-controlled dump truck, but it is toddler-safe for them to use, and it even comes with working truck sounds and also a dump truck driver that makes sounds when it’s pressed. It has working lights too, and the ruck can go forwards or even backward. There is also a honking sound, which makes it like a real dump truck, and it’s a great beginner RC car. This is mostly for indoor use, however, and since it is simple, it can’t handle rough terrain like the others.

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Redcat Racing Lightning

If your child wants a car that will go fast and will drift, then this is for you. However, since the tires are slick, it makes it hard to handle.  It is pretty hard to handle compared to the rest, but if you want to drift, then this is the perfect car. it’s not super precise, but it does have a decent speed.  It can take hard corners pretty well, but it doesn’t do that great on rugged terrain. However, it does have a rechargeable battery pack, which is a plus especially if you’re looking to get something that doesn’t involve batteries.

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX

Finally, we have this one. This is a massive car that’s stable, and fast even on uneven terrain. Due to the massive wheels, it’s perfect for off-roading, and it can climb almost any barrier from rocks, to even grass, so it’s fun to take on hiking trails. Despite the high center of gravity, it takes a lot for this to take over.  It can slowly make its way over anything, and it’s pretty fast compared to the others on the list. it’s powerful, and this is essentially an RC monster truck that can handle almost every terrain with the suspension and the 4-wheeled drive it has. The battery is rechargeable, and it is protected by the casing of the car. Most of the time, wear and tear happen to the suspension, so the inside is kept safe.  It does have a pistol grip too, and you steer with proportional control, which takes a bit for you to get used to, and while it’s expensive it’s worth it.

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

RC cars off hours of great fun for everyone, and whether you just like them as a hobby, or want to take them on offroad adventures these are the best out there.

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