The Best Tow Truck Toys For Kids

When you’re an adult, seeing a tow truck haul your car away can be stressful, especially if it’s because you parked in a place where you weren’t supposed to! However, for little kids, a tow truck can strike their imagination. They may imagine themselves hauling or saving a car for an adventure. There are plenty of toy towed trucks out there for the children to love. These trucks can carry quite a bit and stimulate a child’s skills. They can learn how to hook up a car, as well as the weight limits that particular truck bed allows.

Here are some of the best tow trucks around.



Best Of Toy Tow Trucks For Kids

Tonka Steel Retro Toy Tow Truck

Tonka is one of the biggest brands for tough toy trucks, and it’s for a good reason. They can handle roughhousing like no other. This truck has a retro design and a beautiful color that your child is going to love. This truck, in particular, is excellent for towing most other toy trucks. We guarantee your kid will love it despite not having an engine.

Choosing the best tow truck for your little ones requires effort.

Dickie Toys Tow Truck with Air Pump

If you need a pump-action tow truck, Dickie Toys with Air Pump is the right one for you. This pump-action tow truck comes with many tools and features, including a pneumatic winch to lift most other toy trucks. Kids love playing with this action tow toy and enjoy all it has to offer.


Police Toy Truck with a WolVol Wrecker on It

This tow truck is excellent if your kid wants to play a game of cops. It doesn’t need any batteries and includes a real thing paint job that looks like a small police car. It has strings to help pull most toy cars as well.


Bruder Man Tga Toy Tow Truck With Cross Country Vehicle

This action tow truck with a cross country vehicle keeps up with your kid’s busy life. The toy truck is made from some tough plastics and is German manufactured. You can purchase components that give the toy tow trucks sound and light, but it works just fine without it.


Wader Basics Toy Tow Truck

The Wader basics tow truck is meant for a younger audience (kids aged 2-6). We are talking your toddler up to preschool age. It is brightly colored, easy to clean, has no complicated parts, and is excellent for general use. Your kid should love what the Wader Basics Tow Truck toy for kids has to offer.


Kinsmart 1955 Chevy Stepside Pick-up Tow Truck

Old cars have captured the imaginations of generations. We all imagine ourselves back in a simpler time, and this tow truck toy for most kids can take your child back to the 1950s. It’s a beautiful replica of a police tow truck that you would have seen in 1955, only small. Your grandpa may love it too since this toy truck is so old. This action tow toy for kids offers towing action, doors open, and other features.


VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Toy Tow Truck

This is another excellent tow truck for toddlers. This toy tow trucks with lifted pulley system for kids is educational, playing melodies and saying phrases. It can teach kids the alphabet, particularly the letter T. Tow trucks for kids have lights and other cute bells and whistles. Best of all, batteries and other accessories are included.


Set of 4 Tow Trucks from Small Car

As the name implies, this set comes with four tow trucks. It includes a retro 1953 tow truck and comes in beautiful die-cast metal. Because of how well-made this truck is, this is ideal for an older audience who can appreciate its build and not slam it into the walls. Adult collectors may also like its quality.

Flatbed tow truck toy

Sons of Anarchy Maisto Die-Cast Tow Truck

This is a TV show that isn’t exactly equipped or appropriate for children, to say the very least. However, the tow truck from the show is excellent for all ages. It’s another die-cast truck that works great for older kids. With a detailed interior and opening doors, it’s great for older kids, toy truck collectors, and cool fans of the show alike.


Fast And Furious Jada Tow Truck

The Fast and the Furious is another franchise intended for an older audience, but this tow truck is excellent for older kids. It has plenty of detail and a hood, doors, and other interactive features. Be like Vin Diesel and speed to get this truck today.

This toy from Jada Toys is a great toy tow truck because it’s fun to use, and it certainly offers  a lot of experience if your child likes these fun toys for kids.

Lego Toy Tow Truck

Disney Pixar Cars – Mater

Cars is a movie trilogy by Pixar starring talking cars. You probably knew that already, but in case if you didn’t, then now you know. Mater is a talking, rusty tow truck voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, and there has been plenty of merchandise of him. This is a car that has quite a bit of detail to it, making it great for older kids and collectors alike. While it can’t tell you jokes about getting ‘r’ done, it can do quite a bit. Get Mater for your kid today.

Disney Pixar Cars are popular among kids.

Playskool Play Favorites Rumbling Tow Truck

Playskool is a brand that caters to your babies. This truck, in particular, is excellent for smaller children. It has a hook to pull some light objects, and it makes its noise as well. It’s brightly colored, and your toddler will probably love every bit of it. Try it today and see how much your little tyke likes it and helps with their hand eye coordination.



Lego is fantastic for many reasons. The reason is that it teaches children how to operate and build things. If you want your kid to be creative, this toy allows your kid to develop their tow truck and then hook anything to it. It’s a great way to encourage lots of play, and your kid should love every bit of it.


Battat Micro Toy Truck

This is a great tow truck for younger kids.  You can get it in the form of a delivery truck or car load toy. Each of these little trucks is driven by Battat people, small littler characters that fit in the seats, so it’s a great little truck to really build a fun experience.

Hess Toy Heavy Duty Wrecker Tow Truck

This is a delivery truck that’s sleek and beautiful. It is a  heavy duty wrecker so it’s good for even the most rough of pretend play. It is a sturdy heavy duty wrecker for all that pretend play that involves towing and wrecking.

You can attach cars to the back of the heavy duty wrecker toy truck, and with this wrecker tow truck, you’ll be able to use it to carry other cars around. it’s a great wrecker toy truck that’s a heavy duty model, and with an air pump action tow truck, you can have even more fun with this.

Lego City Tow Truck Police Toy

This is a bit different because it’s a tow truck police toy that’s perfect for pretend play in the city. It is a small building kit that builds a ramp for wrecker tow truck police car.  It is a tow truck police toy that comes with not only a tow truck police toy, but also some officers, a jail, and even criminals to nab.  It is a great police toy for kids because not only does it build fine motor skills, but with the car loader in this, your child can learn a lot about this.

Tonka Mighty Motorized Toy Truck

This is a motorized toy truck toy that is fun for kids. The Tonka Mighty Motorized toy truck toy is a toy vehicle that is big for them to play with. It comes with real life sounds, and it is big enough that children can build fine motor skills while playing with it.  The Tonka Mighty Motorized tow truck is a great tow truck toy vehicle for pretend play. It’s big, fun, and is a great truck toy vehicle that children ages 3 and up can play in the dirt.


Duplo My First Toy Tow Truck

This is different than the Lego city toys as its a very basic toy vehicle that teaches letters.  You can build the truck in certain ways to build different letters and words, and it’s a fun little  building kit for young children to help develop fine motor skills.

Melissa Doug Magnetic Toy Truck

This is another toy truck that’s used to help build fine motor skills.  It is a delivery truck with shapes that  your child can put in the holes, and is similar to the Duplo My first Tow truck, so great for small kids.

The Melissa Doug Magnetic Toy truck Car loader is a great way for children to learn, since it’s a valuable car loader that teachers some great skills for kids.

Some of the big heavy-duty toys for kids with friction power are:

  • Max tow truck
  • Max tow truck turbo
  • Tonka Steel Retro Tow Truck
  • Dickie Tow Toy Truck
  • Driven by battat micro tow
  • Flatbed tow truck
  • Nickelodeon blaze
  • Monster machines tow trucks

When buying a tow truck, don’t just think of the price. Make sure to get one that is durable and can tow a few cars and toys. If your child is older, consider a tow truck made of more detailed die-cast metal. For a younger kid, get them a brightly colored plastic tow truck.

Nickelodeon blaze and monster machines tow truck. Blaze transforms from monster trucks to tow truck.


How do you know if a toy is safe?
Use a small-parts tester or choke tube to determine if a toy is dangerous for your kids.

What kind of toys do preschoolers like?

Toddlers like to play with LEGO or DUPLO blocks. The other toys include:

  • DUPLO Basic Bricks Set
  • Wooden Blocks
  • Hunting Faeries
  • Mudpuppy 70-Piece US puzzle
  • Cooperative Board Games
  • Peaceable Kingdom
  • Wooden Pattern Blocks
  • Melissa and Doug

What type of toys do kids like?

  • Duplos: Not Legos
  • Discovery marble maze
  • Balls
  • Hot Wheels
  • Leapfrog Fridge DJ
  • Train table
  • Crayola Dry Erase Crayons
  • Little Tykes

What is the most suitable toy trucks for kids?

The best toy tow trucks for kids are:

  • Tonka Steel Retro
  • Dickie Toys Air Pump Action
  • Gizmovine Toy Truck Heavy Duty Wrecker
  • Bruder Man Tga Tow Truck With Cross Country Vehicle
  • Wader Basics
  • Kinsma
  • VTech Go!
  • rt 1955 Chevy Stepside Pick-up

How long will my child play with a truck?
This depends on your child. Some children never get tired of playing tow truck toys, while others stop playing at 8-years-old.

Are the best toy trucks for kids durable?
The great news is that the best toy tow truck for kids are built to last and can pass down to younger siblings or friends.

Can my child learn anything from playing with a toy truck?
Yes, of course. Tow truck toys teach excellent motor skills, cognitive skills, and even beginning your child’s STEM skills.

Should I pick a simple plaything for my kids?

There are a variety of trucks for your kid that is available in the market. Just consider your child’s preference. Some children need the noise and the action to enjoy a tow toy truck, but some kids prefer a simple one they can be pushed around the floor in circles.

How to find the perfect tow toy truck?
Most of the toy tow trucks are affordable enough to buy more than one. Therefore, moms and dads can find what their child enjoys and provide an alternative for different play options.

What is a big tow truck called?

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