What Are The Best Erector Sets Out there?

One toy set that has become more popular is the erector building set. They are building sets that test the limits of a kid’s imagination and their building skills. If your kid wants to be a little architect, you simply cannot go wrong by getting them an erector set.

With that said, which ones are the cream of the crop? Which ones are worth buying? Let’s take a look at some of the sets and explain why they’re great.

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What To Look For In An Erector Set

When shopping for a set for your child, here are some features that you may want to look for that can help you make a more informed decision.

Appropriate For The Age

There are many sets designed for younger children. These include fewer parts, parts that are easier to assemble, and easy to follow instructions. These are good for young kids as well as kids who do lack the skills necessary for more advanced sets.

Advanced sets are meant for older children and have more parts and more complex instructions. The result is that you have a product that is more complex, with many moving parts.

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Sturdy Parts

Since children are building it, they may scuff or possibly damage the parts if these parts are poorly designed. Look for a set that has competently made parts. This can allow your child to mess up a few times without damaging the parts.


Many of these sets will come with storage kits. As children can lose parts, thus ruining the set, make sure you have a set that comes in easy storage. Alternatively, buy a box for the parts, and make sure that your children are storing them whenever they are done.


Many of these builder sets will have the ability to create more than one model, with some allowing for creation of anything. Look for a set that will hold a child’s interest for a long time.

70 Model Building Set by K’NEX

K’nex is a brand that has been a bit overshadowed by Lego, and that’s really a shame, as they have some very elaborate and unique sets. If you want to get your child started in the world of K’nex, this model is a great place to start. It is a set that includes over 700 pieces for your child to work with, and you can make a whopping 70 models with it. Your child can create many mechanical parts, and it requires plenty of patience, and yet is quite easy for any kid to learn.

It’s a great way to introduce your kid into building, and with so many opportunities to build, you really can’t go wrong with it. Give it a spin, and you’ll see what we mean as you watch your kids build some impressive structures.

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Zeliku Building Block Set

These are building blocks for big kids. It has almost 200 blocks, and other parts like screws, to work with. Your child can build some many unique sets with them, and storing and transferring is a breeze. Plus, they are durable as well and easy to clean. They are great for toddlers and even teens. Also, a great way to socialize. We highly recommend these blocks for those reasons alone. Building, using tools, problem-solving, these blocks have them all.

IQ BUILDER STEM Learning Toys | Creative Construction

Another toy that helps stimulate a child’s motor skills, this building set is great for older kids who just want to make some magic. It has 125 pieces, and all the pieces are unique. It comes with many different parts for a junior engineer.

People of all skill levels can make something out of this too. It’s friendly towards beginners, yet offers more for advanced people. We say give this one a buy.

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TINKERTOY – 100 Piece Essentials Value Set

This is a great building set for a younger child. As the name implies, it only has 100 pieces that are easy to put together, and best of all, your kid can make 13 models out of them. It’s great for a young child who is interested in building, but may not have the skills to make everything a reality. Your kid is going to love them, and you will as well.

They’re sturdy, have instructions that are easy to follow, and are designed for a young child in mind. They also come in different types of materials. Some are made from plastic, while others are made from traditional wood. Give it to your kid and be ready to watch them tinker.

Kids First Robot Engineer Kit And Storybook

We live in an interesting time for robotics. While we don’t live an age of advanced AI robots, we still live in an age where the robots are developing and are learning. Our children are the engineers of the future, so why not give them a kit to help create their own robot?

This kit is designed for younger kids. It only has 53 pieces, and its instructions are set with a storybook that provides more information and a story that will immerse the young readers.

The storybook feature is great because it allows a young child to practice their reading skills. As for the robot building, it’s good for a child who is looking to improve on their motor skills and to help them develop their overall mind.

With that said, this may require some assistance by you, so make sure you’re there to supervise and even to be the storyteller to them. It’s a great way for your kid to learn how to listen to directions too.

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These sets can help your children grow, and develop some skills they can use for a lifetime. Whether as a hobby or as a career, erector sets can stimulate a child’s creative interests and allow them to make some killer creations. Buy a few of them and see what we mean. Your child will love them.

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