What Is The Best Xylophone For Babies?

Many people believe that getting babies interacting with music early on in life is a great way to build their creativity. One of the baby’s first musical instruments is often a xylophone.

A xylophone for kids is a great toy because babies are often able to use it as soon as they can sit up and grip something in their hands. They not only work with their creativity but also their gross motor skills.

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The best xylophone for babies will also grow with your child. Oftentimes a xylophone for kids will come with a booklet that shows them what order to tap the keys in to play popular songs and nursery rhymes. Even more advanced books might even start to introduce your child to learning how to read music as they learn how to read words, too.

Kids often become curious about xylophones as they start to learn their letters and numbers since it’s featured in many children’s book as a word that starts with “X.” Introducing your child to a xylophone early is a great way to help them make tangible connections between what they see in a book and real life.

In any case, it is important to pick out the best xylophone for your baby. They come in many varieties, from a wooden xylophone to a plastic one, as well as in kits or by themselves. Sometimes, a xylophone for kids might even be electronic and light up.

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Here’s a round-up of the xylophones for kids that we love:

Best Plastic Xylophone (Wheeled)

Our favorite wheeled plastic xylophone is Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone

This is the best xylophone for parents looking for a classic, simple and safe option for their baby. Fisher-Price is a brand that parents know and trust, so by purchasing a xylophone for kids from that brand, you can be assured that the quality will be great and the materials safe.

This xylophone comes with 8 rainbow keys and a plastic mallet attached to the xylophone’s body with a string so you can be sure your baby won’t misplace it. No more searching under the couch for this toy.

It is also wheeled which makes for easy transportation by your baby. As they learn to crawl and eventually walk, they can drag it behind them so they can make music anywhere they feel inspired.

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Best Plastic Xylophone (Animal)

For parents that aren’t totally convinced Fisher-Price’s classic design will catch their kid’s eye, the Skip Hop Baby Xylophone Fox is a great choice. 

Many a xylophone for kids comes in an animal shape, but we especially love this fox because of the warm colors that will certainly attract your child and the intuitive 8-key design.

We also know you’ll be happy with the easy storage of this xylophone’s mallet. Like the Fisher-Price option, the mallet is attached to the toy with a string, but this xylophone comes with a slot to attach the mallet on the underside to make for compact and quick storage.

It could also turn into a silly game of hide and seek with your child!

Best of all, if you love this xylophone fox, Skip Hop Baby also offers a matching accordion hedgehog which will turn your child into a true musical genius.

Best Wooden Xylophone

Ah, the wooden xylophone. This timeless instrument has been a choice for babies for many decades.

There are many wooden xylophone options out there but is important to go for one made out of safe materials for your baby so that way they will not hurt themselves with the wooden xylophone material.

We love the Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone because we know this wooden xylophone is from a brand we know and trust. Your child will not be at risk for splinters with this excellent choice.

It’s also adorable and comes with a booklet of music that your child can learn to play songs with. This wooden xylophone is a great option for older children or if you’re looking for a xylophone for kids that are still little but will want to continue to use it as they grow.

It also comes with two mallets for double the music making fun! It’s by far the best xylophone for more advanced child musicians.

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Best Electronic Xylophone

These days, it seems like every child’s toy has somehow been made to light and make sounds. Unsurprisingly, a xylophone for kids are no different. 

That said, there’s nothing stopping an electronic xylophone from being one of the best xylophones out there. We absolutely love the VTech Zoo Jamz Xylophone.

Babies will be fascinated by the shining colors and music that spills out of this xylophone when they tap its keys, while older children can follow along with the games it offers. They can mimic the songs the xylophone plays, and it can even be an enticing introduction to more advanced musical instruments.

It also comes in two color options: Green and pink. No mallets required!

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Best Musical Instrument Variety Packs with Wooden Xylophone

If you think the baby you’re buying a xylophone for won’t be content with just a wooden xylophone, we have good news: There are plenty of variety packs out there that come with several musical instruments, including a xylophone for kids.

We love Maxzone’s 12pcs Wooden Percussion Instruments Toys Set, which includes 12 wooden musical instrument toys, including a wooden xylophone. Although it may not be the best xylophone on our list, it still is a fun toy, especially if your baby puts together a whole ensemble of music.

This set comes in three color options: Blue, pink and green. You can pick out the one that best suits your baby’s preferences.

In addition to the xylophone, it also includes drums, shakers, and clickers as well as tiny carrying case which makes caring for this set a total breeze. 

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Best Xylophone For Babies Conclusion

Now that we’ve looked at the best xylophones out there, you’re ready to go out and pick a wonderfully fun xylophone for kids. You’ll have excellent options for plastic, wooden, and even electronic xylophones, and you’ll even know which variety back includes a great xylophone for kids in addition to other engaging percussion instruments.

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