What Are Some Cool Spy Gear Toys

Being a spy is a fun form of imaginative play for children, and it’s not just a fun and imaginative style of playing it also lets them develop skills that allow them to investigate different aspects, and even create complex games for them. Having spy gear and gadgets are necessary since it gives them the chance to communicate and observe the worlds that they are normally not allowed access to. But, what is the best spy gear for kids to have currently? Well, read on to find out about these cool and innovative toys.

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Invisible Disappearing Ink Pen

This is a fun toy that allows your children to send secret messages, and it can let other little spies uncover what the message says. Once the ink dries, you can decode the message by shining a light down from the pen top to the message to read this. This is a fun way to create a super sneaky note pen system. It comes with a twelve-pack of brightly-colored pens, and they’re great not just as stocking stuffers, but if you’re throwing a party for the kid, you can use these as party favors, and they work perfectly for a spy gear collection. The UV flashlight runs on button cell batteries, and it comes with a clip to put on your pocket. The shells are neon colored, and they’re super small and simple. Sometimes though, the pens run out kind of fast, which is the one downside to these.

Spy Go Action Camera

This is a fun camera that little spies will love. They can capture everything an enemy might be doing, and the camera has three different modes to it, a burst, capture, single capture, and finally, the video capture, with the burst being a split section, single capture being one second, and video capture being well, videos. You can get some crisp and clear shots that they can analyze as well and is perfect for any spy ready to go on a mission.

Mission Alpha Set

If you want to get your kid a full kit that they can use on the field, this is the one for them. It has night goggles that really work, a tactical mirror to see what’s behind them, a recording pen, and also a motion alarm. The recording pen can record sounds that they hear. The equipment is very easy to set up so that any kid can be ready for whatever happens during their next mission.

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MJX Bus 3 RC Quadcopter

This is a great quadcopter option for spies. It’s essentially a drone that they can have fly around the house, and it comes with brushless motors that will prevent it from being lost. This is a great beginner drone, and if your child is curious about being a drone pilot, this is a great addition to their spy set. It does come with a distance alarm, and a low battery alert sound, so if the drone is almost out of juice, they can bring it down to recharge.

It doesn’t come with a camera, which is one of the downsides, but if your child doesn’t need a camera, then this should be fine.

Video Walkie Talkies

These are a little bit on the pricier end, but if your child loves to pretend that they are a spy, this set is perfect for them. They are great if they want to talk to their ally with walkie-talkies, and it does transmit both sound and video communications to the other user up to 160 feet. You can press the button, and then you can speak. they’re fun for kids, and will give them hours of entertainment.

Field Action Spy Watch

This is a spy watch that has all kinds of gadgets in order to make the mission even easier. It’s basically an 8 in 1 tool that they can put together and allow for young spies to message others in small capsules, and also has a motion sensor and some spy paper. They can also use it for telling time too, which is great if they want to launch attacks with their friends. Plus it teaches kids how to tell time, so it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a good watch to use.

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Project MC2 ultimate Spy Bag

This is the perfect spy bag for girls ready to have fun and be the spy that they’ve wanted to be. It comes with a pink carrying case that looks like a normal accessory. However, there are tones of spy gear inside that disguises itself as average everyday items. For example, the makeup powder in this doubles as a dusting kit for fingerprints. A fake bottle of perfume reveals prints, and the compact magnifies them. The fake lipstick can hide and give secret messages, and the nail polish even disguises itself as a flashlight. If your little spy loves makeup but also wants to innocuously hold onto these items when they’re moving around the house, this is perfect for them, and it does create basic investigatory skills in children. The one downside is if they have small figures, it can be hard to open.

Ultra Range Walkie Talkies

These don’t have video enabling, but they work at better ranges than others, up to 2 miles apart, and with the press of a button, you can tell your fellow spy what you plan to do, and if you have a big house, this creates the ultimate spy experience, allowing your children to plan missions despite being miles apart.

Motion Alarm Toy

This is a small toy that warns others of an enemy presence. It’s easy to put together, and then press the button. It’s a way for spies to set up traps and let others know who is behind them.

Source: flickr.com

These spy toys are perfect for young spies ready to take on missions with their friends, and it’s perfect for an imaginative play that they can do around the house, and plus, it gets them active as well which is an obvious added bonus too.

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