The Best Toddler Kitchen Set For Creative Play


If there’s one thing toddlers love, it’s pretending to be adults. One adult activity toddlers love to perform is pretending to cook in the kitchen. Cooking food, making the most unique recipes, and serving them to their pretend friends are a few examples of what they like to do. Of course, a kitchen isn’t a good place for a toddler to practice. Sharp, hot, or small objects are dangerous to a toddler. That’s why you should buy them a toddler’s kitchen set they’re going to love.



What To Look For In A Kitchen Set


  • Realism

Some kitchen sets look like setpieces out of a movie. They may resemble kitchens of decades ago or look like modern day kitchens. Meanwhile, others are brightly colored and may be a bit unrealistic. It’s up to you which to choose for your kids. They may want something colorful, or they may want a mini version of your kitchen.

Generally, a kitchen that’s made of brightly colored plastic is cheaper than a realistic looking one, so that’s definitely a consideration as well.


  • Accessories

Some sets just include the kitchen. Others may come with utensils, plates, fake food, and other goodies to add that feeling of authenticity. There are other sets where the accessories do exist, but they are add-ons. Again, this is something you may have to think about for a while. However, chances are, your kid may want more accessories the more they use the sets.



  • The Appliances Themselves

Some sets just include the basics, like a stove or fridge. Some sets have more in it and feel like a giant kitchen. A bigger set means more playtime, but also can mean that it costs more. Finding that right balance is a good idea.


  • Storage Space

Where can your kid store their accessories? Many sets include shelves and drawers to store their goodies, which makes it a lot easier to clean up. Meanwhile, there are other sets that don’t have anything at all.


  • Lights and Other Bells and Whistles

Some kitchen sets will have lights and other electric features to make the kitchen more realistic. They may have ovens and kitchen lights that light up, microwaves that beep, or other sounds that simulate the feeling of a kitchen.


Step Two Grand Walk In Kitchen

This is a great little kitchen. It’s made from wood and has a realistic look to it. It has lights, sounds, and even has a counter that wraps around. It comes with everything and the kitchen sink, and plenty of space for your kid to store all their goodies. Step Two is a great series of toys for all ages, and this one is indeed grand. We say try it out.



KidKraft Corner Kitchen Play Set

This is an expensive, yet awesome kitchen play set that you and your kids are going to love. This one has everything, from an oven to even a washer. It has lights, noises from the ice maker, and other forms of realism too.


Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set

This is another set that looks realistic and something out of a kitchen of class. It has a unique oven with a food rack that slides, a turning faucet, and a dishwasher with a rack. However, you do have to assemble it, and that can be a hassle. But let us say that it is well worth it. Your kid, and yourself, will love every bit of it.


KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

Who doesn’t love the feeling of a vintage kitchen? Yes, the accessories aren’t as good as modern kitchen sets, but it has an unmatched aesthetic that you and your kids will love. It’s small, making it good for toddlers, but not older kids. It comes in different colors like pink or red. It’s a durable set that has plenty of space to store and you can even take out the sink and wash it. It’s a great little vintage set.


Melissa & Doug Kitchen Set

This is a pricey, yet fun kitchen set that your kid is going to love. It’s easy to assemble and has quite a few realistic features. The ice maker dispenses fake cubes, the microwave has a spinning plate, and there are quite a few other interactive features that make it realistic.



Step2 Best Toy Kitchen Set

This is a cheaper play set, but it still has a lot. Including accessories! It makes noises, is easy to put together, and it has quite a few features for being the budget friendly option.


Best Choice Kitchen Set

This is a fun little set that’s affordable and simple. It has your typical accessories, but many of them offer unique features like an interactive dish organizer or a roll for your paper towels. It’s wooden too, and quite good considering the materials used. Overall, it’s worth a try for that very reason alone. It’s a great product that offers you quite a bit and we say that you should try it out.


Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill

This has quite a bit of value. It’s fancy, and includes its own grill, as the name implies. A grill allows for even more interactivity for the price, which is what you need, right? Kids get bored of the same ol, same ol. The grill, microwave, and the phone it includes are all electric, making it quite realistic. The only downside is that the sink does lack in size, despite the fact that this set is roomy. It’s still a great little set with a lot to offer, so check it out and see what it has to offer.




A kitchen set can be a fun toy for your child. Not only does it encourage imagination, but it can teach them how a kitchen works. As they get older, they can learn how to use a real kitchen, with parent supervision of course. Anyway, try out this kitchen set and see what a difference it makes.  


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