The Best Toddler Playhouse That They’ll Use

Playhouses can be a fun little toy for your toddler. A toddler likes feeling like an adult, and living in their own house encourages imaginative playtime that is unsurpassed. Not to mention, your toddler loves having a place they can hide in and have some privacy. With that said, which are the best playhouses out there? Let’s find out.


What To Look For

  • Durability

You want your own house to be durable, so why not your toddler’s playhouse? Toddlers are rough and that means your toddler may be playing rough, potentially damaging it or knocking over. A good playhouse allows your toddler to roughhouse a bit while still standing tall. Most of these houses can fit that bill though.

  • Easy Assembly

You don’t want a playhouse that feels like assembling a real house. While more advanced models may take a bit longer, their instructions shouldn’t be complicated. Some cheaper houses will have easier assembly, coming with simple panels that connect. Meanwhile, more expensive houses may have more assembly to them, requiring tools and whatnot. Make sure to research the assembly before you buy and take a few hours to put it together.

  • Size

How big do you want the house to be? Is it for one kid, or for a few of them? Some houses will have multiple floors and be big enough for your child to live in practically. Meanwhile, others will be a bit smaller and more cramped. Find the house that is the perfect size for your kid and their situation.

  • Other Bells and Whistles

Some houses will have other features, like furniture. This can add realism and more playtime. You want to be able to entertain your child for a long time, so make sure your house has plenty of features to keep them occupied and stimulate their imaginations for a while.

Now then, let’s look at a few houses.

Little Tikes Picnic On the Patio

This is a cool little playhouse for toddlers. As the name implies, there is a picnic table attached to the patio. Your kid can have picnics with siblings and friends as they learn how to bond. Not to mention, it has many realistic accessories as well. Burners to cook some pretend food and other toys are just a few examples.

It’s a nice, aesthetically pleasing cottage that your kid is going to love, and you will love watching them play in it. Plus, it’s made from plastic, making it cheaper and easier to maintain. Not to mention, it’s easy to put together, which is always a plus.


Backyard Discovery Timberlake All Cedar Wood Playhouse

A wooden house is just nice. It brings forth the feeling of a simpler time. Imagine living in the woods, without a care in the world, inside a log cabin. Ah. Anyway, this house is quite affordable and can last a long time, just like a real wooden house. The door is fully interactive. It’s semi-open as well. While some kids may want something a bit more private, others will like that feature.

It’s easy to put together and maintain, making it great for parents as well.

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse

This playhouse is great and simulates many adult activities. Each side has a different theme, from a gas station to a schoolhouse. Your kid can pretend to pump gas, play firefighter, or just teach their imaginary friends how the world works. It’s a fun way to encourage play and show your kid how the world works. Plus, it is durable and not hard to put together.

Step2 Naturally Playful Front Porch

The front porch is always cool to have. It’s fun to hang with your friends and have conversations your kid will remember for all time. Plus, it’s great for the warmer seasons as well. It’s a cute little set you and your kids will definitely love. You will love watching them have fun and be imaginative. Your kid will love feeling like an adult. It does lack some features, but it is cool.


Little Cottage Company Victorian DIY Playhouse Kits

This house is straight out of the Victorian aesthetic, giving your kids plenty of imaginative play. It’s made from pure wood and has so much realism, you’ll swear it’s a real house for a small person. Your kid will enjoy the realism and feeling like they live in a different period altogether. It has so much attention to detail and can fit your kid and friends. Plus you can pick from many different sizes. If you have a lot of kids, this is a big plus that we believe you’ll love. It’s expensive and harder to assemble, but we believe it’s worth it if it’s within your budget. Just don’t max out your credit card, you hear?

Backyard Discovery Windsor Castle All Cedar Playhouse

Forget a house. Why not have your kid be the king or queen of the castle? This castle is made from wood and comes with many different playhouse features, making it a great castle for kids. It’s also two story, making it your kid’s home away from home. Your kid can watch from the second floor and pretend to be royalty or a knight.

It’s sturdy, allows your kids to climb on it, and is great for a kid with imagination. However, you may have to whip out a few toys to allow for full assembly. However, that is to be expected, so it’s not much of a complaint. Just something to look out for.


Step2 Neat And Tidy II

This is a sequel that’s better than the original. It’s a plastic house that’s affordable and easy to clean, making it a relieving budget house after the more expensive options we mentioned before. It has plenty of windows to give your kids light and allows you to watch them as well. It’s a colorful castle that your kid will cherish forever, and so will you. Plus, it’s sizable as well.


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