Why Parents love to get an Electric Scooter for Kids

When your child grows a little older, giving them their own little vehicle to travel in is always a good little treat. Your child will feel more grown up as they travel the neighborhood or to school on their bike, and you will love how they are getting out more.

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One child’s vehicle that has been growing in popularity for the past few years is the electric scooter. Popular with both kids and adults, the electric scooter is popular for many different reasons. A long time ago, scooters for children were mostly exclusive to it being powered by their feet. Now, you can get one powered by electricity. In this post, we will dive into the world of electric scooters so you can learn more about them, and we shall explain their ins and outs.

  • What Is An Electric Scooter?

An electric scooter is a motorized scooter that is powered by a battery. When it comes to motorized scooters, they used to be powered by gas. However, around the year 2000, electric became the more popular way to have a motorized scooter. They have three to four wheels, don’t fold, and they can go around 19 mph or 30 kmh. You can also find electric kick scooters that can go further if the child kicks forward.

Besides not needing gasoline, an electric scooter is popular because of how silent it is. You may not even notice a gang of kids passing by in their electric scooters. They’re a good way for your child to travel, and here are a few reasons why they may be a great present for your child.

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  • They Allow Your Kid to Easily Travel

The electric scooter can go up to 20 mph. If you live in a smaller town, your child can travel around with ease. One good sign of a child growing up is allowing for more independence. With an electric scooter, you should always give your child a curfew, track them, or supervise them as they travel, but it’s still a good way for your child to feel like they are growing.

  • They Are Easier on the Body

A bike is great for a child, and provides great exercise, but if your child just wants to travel around, it can be a hassle to travel to and from the neighborhood. With an electric scooter, your child doesn’t need to use too much footwork. Of course, you should still ensure your child is getting enough energy somehow. Also, they tend to be less dangerous than skating, so that’s a plus.

  • Their Battery is Good

When you think battery-powered, you may imagine the battery failing on your child whenever they need it the most. However, electric scooters have the ability to last all day if you fully charge them. If you charge them overnight, they can last you all day. And in the event they do break down, your child can always manually ride it by using their feet to propel themselves forward with a kick.

  • They Look Cool

While your child doesn’t need to look cool 24/7, a scooter can show the other kids their style. A kid can customize their scooter with stickers and attachments, and they can even do a few tricks on them. Just make sure your child practices those tricks in a safe environment.

  • Good for Competition

If your child’s other friends have a scooter, they can use the scooters for healthy competition. For example, they can race using those scooters. Maybe you can host a race in a safe environment and with fair rules. Give the winner a treat or another reward.

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  • Scooter Tips

If you want to pick an electric scooter for your child, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

  • Quality Matters

When shopping for an electric scooter, keep in mind their quality. You should probably look at the reviews and whatnot before purchasing. When it comes to quality, while you don’t need to buy the most expensive electric scooter out there with all the unneeded bells and whistles, you also should not purchase a scooter that seems too good to be true in price. Many cheap scooters are almost like scams. They break down easily and then there is no way to replace or repair them whenever you try to contact the company.

You want an electric scooter that has good customer service and warranty.

  • Safety is Important

Even if your child thinks it’s uncool, always make them wear a helmet when they are on the scooter. A scooter can be a bit faster than a bike, so a helmet definitely something you want your child to wear whenever they go on their adventures. Make sure you buy a helmet that is comfortable for your child, yet protects them. If it’s too tight or loose, try on another helmet.

  • Always Charge it

This makes sense for any gadget, but especially for a scooter. Charging times may vary, but it can take an average of about 5-8 hours to fully charge a scooter from empty to full. This means you should leave the scooter charging overnight for the best results and to prevent it dying while traveling.

  • Keep A Curfew

Give your child a time to travel and come back. Give them places they can explore, places they should stay away from, and keep track of them. This can guarantee the child feeling independent and you feeling peace of mind as they explore the world in a safe manner.

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  • Finally, Have Fun

When your child is ready to travel, they will be laving lots of fun with their scooters. Encourage fun, outside time, friendly competition, and anything else you can think of. Your child will love it.

There are many ways for a child to travel. Biking, skating, and of course, scooters. Try them all out and see which one your child likes the best. Then you can watch them have fun and grow alongside their electric scooter.



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