7 Of The Best Prenatal Vitamins To Nourish You And Your Baby

When you go to the OB-GYN and receive the verification of your pregnancy, you cannot leave the clinic without getting persuaded to take prenatal vitamins. After all, their function is no different from the yellow sun that gives Superman his powers or the magical spinach that strengthens Popeye. They energize your body; they provide the nutrients you need now more than ever to keep you and your unborn child well-nourished.

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The thing is, gone were those days when patients follow doctors’ orders blindly. We can freely gain information about various drugs on the internet, and many people veto the idea of taking supplements that contain 100% artificial ingredients. There is always that fear of not being able to dissolve the capsules entirely or feeling the side effects of such laboratory-made resources.

If you have the same sentiment, then you should ask your OB-GYN right away whether you can take any of the best prenatal vitamins below.

Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+

For mothers who cannot absorb folic acid easily, Mama Bird got you covered. This brand created prenatal vitamins that have to methylate folate as the main ingredient. An easy explanation for this compound is that it serves as an active form of folate. Because of that, your body can make use of the vitamin more efficiently.


Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA

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A great match for the previous pre-natal vitamins is the docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) supplements created by Nordic Naturals. The compound allows the central nervous system, the retina, and the skin to develop well. Since it is an omega-3 fatty acid, however, it entails that your body cannot produce it naturally. Hence, doctors encourage expectant mothers to take them instead in pill form.


New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Multivitamins

In case you experience upset stomach from the moment you got pregnant, the best over the counter prenatal vitamins for you come from New Chapter. A Perfect prenatal vitamin contains probiotics, which are an active living culture that can inhabit your digestive system and push harmful microorganisms down the day. Furthermore, it has whole-food ingredients and other nutritious resources that may regularize your metabolism.


Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Multivitamin

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Vitamin Code highlights the truth that their prenatal pills consist only of raw, whole-food-based resources. In general, it is a plus for people who love all things organic. You get vitamins B complex, D, C, and others as well.  In case you are allergic to grains, nuts, seeds, and other foods, though, you may wish to tap out and search for another source of extra nutrition.


Rainbow Light Prenatal One Multivitamins

Considering you are a vegetarian or gluten intolerant, the prenatal vitamins you may want to pay attention to is the Prenatal One from Rainbow Light. The product neither has ingredients from animals nor gluten-containing materials that might trigger your food sensitivity. Not to mention, it comprises foods that strengthen the bones and improve your skin condition.


Vitafusion PreNatal Gummy Vitamins 

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If you cannot stomach even the soft gels that glide down faster than regular capsules, you are free to try Vitafusion’s products in gummy form. These prenatal vitamins are no different in appearance from the chewy candies you can buy from the stores. You’ll be able to taste the lemony and raspberry flavorings as well. Their distinguishable factor, however, is the fact that they contain folate and DHA, which pregnant mommas need.


One A Day Women’s Prenatal Multivitamins

Last but not the least, the best prenatal vitamins before, during, and after giving birth come from One A Day Women. It gives you a sufficient amount of folic acid, DHA, and various vitamins to nourish the baby in your womb. Post-delivery, it helps you regain your vigor and strengthen you for the likely sleepless nights ahead.



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Prenatal supplementation is a must because there are plenty of food choices you cannot or will not eat while pregnant. If you have a hard time getting nutrients from the foodstuff you consume, then you should get them at least from the best prenatal vitamins out there.


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