How To Choose The Best Baby Monitor? Reviews That Help

As the infancy years progress, things become more stressful for parents, especially the first time ones. Sometimes, you wish to get a good night sleep, but you are anxious that your baby might need you during the wee hours of the night. The worrying part can take up the rest of your night, leaving you tired the next morning.


Good thing there are now devices such as baby monitors which do a great job at checking on your baby and informing you about their need. Baby monitors detect when your baby cries so you’ll know if it is already time to feed or replace their diapers. However, some parents do not get to choose the best baby monitors because of wrong purchasing choices. Sometimes, parents only judge the baby monitors based on their prices, believing that all of it is just the same kind. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

It would be a great help to look through baby monitor reviews first. Here are the things you need to consider when deciding the best baby monitor to buy:

Be Familiar With Baby Monitors


There are sound-only monitors which allow you to listen to the sounds that your baby makes while he is asleep. There are also baby video monitors equipped with small cameras which would let you to not only listen to your baby but watch him while he sleeps. Also, there are movement monitors which prompt you if your baby has not moved yet after a minimum of 20 seconds. Finally, there are wireless baby monitors which can you can connect to any of your electronic devices. The most common type of baby monitor, however, is the audio and video baby monitor as these effectively catch the attention of parents anytime.


Look For The DECT

Short for Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, DECT is used by the best wifi baby monitors to offer security by making sure that only nursery sounds from your place are being heard and detected. Because this is a digital monitor, you are less likely to receive interference in the sounds that you hear. Thereby, this type of monitor increases the clarity of the sound you receive. According to video baby monitor reviews, the DECT uses the 1.9-GHz frequency band to address interference issues.


Do Not Be Deceived

A lot of marketing campaigns of baby monitor manufacturers boast about the range of their baby monitors, sending the message that you need not worry even if your baby’s location is far from you because the baby monitor can still send high-quality sounds. It is not often the case. Interference in sound weakens the effectiveness of the range, even according to wifi baby monitor reviews. In one test conducted, a baby monitor which has a range twice as much from another monitor in an open field test does not necessarily perform better when used indoors.


Double Check Basic Features

The best video baby monitor has a night vision feature. This feature would help you clearly see your baby’s activities during night time. Check for the proper functioning of adjustable features such as pan, tilt, or zoom; as well as the sound-activated lights. If you are planning to have more than one baby, check if your baby monitor is expandable. This expandability is to monitor if the device can accommodate a larger area of the nursery room. You may also explore the controls of the parent unit of the monitor. Check if it is convenient and user-friendly.


Care About Your Batteries

For the unit in your baby’s room, baby monitors are connected through an electrical cord, with no need for batteries. For the parent’s monitor, it will have either an electrical cable or rechargeable batteries. Make sure you have enough stock of the batteries. Note the ones given to you by the manufacturers are the legitimate ones to avoid quick draining or overheating. The quality of their batteries quickly undermines the lifespan of baby monitors.

Taking care of your baby need not be that much of a hassle. As long as you find the right devices, they can be your trusted partners for your baby’s protection. Keep in mind these tips in finding the best baby monitor for your little one.

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