Zmodo Wireless Camera Review: Does It Monitor Your Baby Well?

Having a camera to monitor your baby is a good move. When your baby is crying, you can look into the camera and see why, or use the camera to monitor their sleeping. If the baby somehow gets out of their crib, the camera can be used to find out how. In addition, a camera is just good for security. 


Today, we’ll be looking at one camera brand, the Zmodo. These cameras have quite a few features to help monitor your baby, and they have some great cloud storage as well. Let’s look at Zmodo and find out more. 

Features Of Zmodo 

Zmodo has been in the camera business for over 10 years, and since then, they’ve made a big name for themselves, offering some powerful cameras for a respectable price. Let’s take a look at some of their features. 

Voice assistance. Some models can be connected to Alexa and similar programs. This makes monitoring your baby much easier.

Some cameras come with night vision. This is important for monitoring your baby because, in most circumstances, you’ll be monitoring your baby in a dark room. 

You can control the camera by tilting or panning. Again, this is essential when you’re monitoring your baby. 

Cloud storage is free, though advanced storage is available at a premium. 

You can control the motion so it doesn’t give false positives. When monitoring your baby, you want to make sure you get an alert only when something is wrong. 

You have the ability to timelapse your videos. Reviewing a full night’s sleep can occur in minutes. 

There’s a feature for two way audio, meaning you can talk to your baby remotely. Your voice can soothe the baby and allow them to go back to bed. 

All of this can be managed through an app, making it much more convenient. 

Now that we’ve looked at some of the features, let’s look at the camera itself. 


How Easy Is It To Install? 

Some cameras have installation that will make you scratch your head a little. Meanwhile, Zmodo’s installation has always been easy. No advanced setup is required. If you’re still confused, they offer some good self-help portals, and customer service is available in many countries to help get you started. 

The Price And Payment Plans 

Zmodo’s cameras will depend on which one you get, but they’re all good for the price. They have a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is impressive, and with a warranty of three years, you have some good peace of mind. 

We mentioned plans early. There is a basic plan, and this plan is the one that most will need. This plan records clips in a span of 12 hours, and after those 12 hours, it deletes them. For most parents, this is plenty of time to monitor the clips and make sure the baby is fine. 

If you need the clips for longer, for whatever reason, you can get a payment plan. For less than $5 a month, or under $50 for a year, clips will last one week. Other features are enabled as well, such as more intelligent features, time-lapses, and a video editor. Again, most parents should be fine with the basic, free plan, but some may want the extra features. 

Optional Equipment 

The cameras do come with optional equipment, which we’ll look at now. Most of these won’t be needed for monitoring a baby, but you may want to look into a few of them. 

Wi-Fi extender. For under $40, you can get a device to increase its Wi-Fi. The base Wi-Fi is good, but if you live in a bigger place, you may need this. All in all, try out the default Wi-Fi before you buy. 

Door and window sensors. These detect if a door or window is opened or closed. If you’re monitoring a baby, you don’t need this, but if you want to use your camera as a security feature, it’s highly recommended. 

Doorbell greeter. This shows who is at the door, and it gives you the option to communicate with the person at the door. Again, not that important if you’re just monitoring a baby. 


Which Cameras Are Best For Your Baby? 

The Zmodo line comes with quite a few cameras. Let’s look at the models that are the best for your baby. 

  • Zmodo 720p Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera 

At a little under $40, this is good for baby monitoring. It has night vision and motion detection. 

  • Zmodo Sight 180

This may be good for monitoring your baby as well. It has the two-way audio system and you can connect it to Alexa.

  • Zmodo EZCam

This camera is quite cheap, going under $30, and has night vision as well. Great for monitoring your baby on a budget. 

  • Zmodo 720p Mini Camera 

This camera is small, yet has night vision monitoring, making it great for a baby room that is small. 

  • Zmodo 1080p HD Pan And Tilt Camera

This one includes two way audio and night vision, and you can control the camera. This is one of the best cameras for monitoring because of that.

  • Zmodo Pivot Cloud 

This is one of the most expensive models, and it’s good if you want to monitor your house in addition to your baby. With door and window sensors, a camera you can rotate, and two-way audio, it’s an awesome monitoring device. 

In Summary 

This is a great line of cameras not just for monitoring your baby, but for your whole house as well. These cameras are inexpensive, can monitor your baby at night, and come with a few features. 


They do have some payment plans and extra accessories, but most parents will do fine with just one camera and the base plan. Allowing you to view footage 12 hours after it was recorded, it’s an excellent camera. Your baby will be in good hands with this camera system, and it’s incredibly responsive to any issues at hand. 


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