3-Wheel Vs. 4-Wheel Stroller: Which Should You Get For Your Kids?

You never knew that choosing a stroller would be so difficult. Between strollers that have tons of bells and whistles to strollers that have reclining options, it’s tough to pick one. Also, there are strollers that have either three or four wheels. What does that mean? Is there any difference between three or four-wheel strollers? Want to know the pros and cons of 3 wheel vs 4 wheel stroller? Let’s find out. 

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Three Wheel Stroller 

These strollers have been the more popular choice, with many parents swearing that they are better than four wheels. How can that be? You would think that more wheels would be a good thing. Well, let’s break it down. 

With three wheels, there are two big wheels in the back and a smaller in the front. The big wheels help prevent tipping over and make it so that it’s easy to be stable. Meanwhile, the front wheel is designed to maneuver much better due to it being smaller. You may think that steering a stroller isn’t that necessary, but you would be surprised. Sometimes, you may run into smaller spaces, and you want to steer without waking your child up.

Also, these strollers are so much easier to push. Being a parent, you may have your hands full with another baby or groceries, and three wheels make it much easier for you to push with one hand. With that said, this is usually done with a wheel that swivels. Wheels that don’t swivel can make turning hard.

So what are swivel vs. lock wheels? A locked wheel is useful when you want your stroller to go straight, but a swivel wheel is suitable for turning around. The ideal stroller is one that has wheels you can lock and unlock. 

In addition, there are three-wheeled strollers that are great for uneven terrain. Sometimes, you have to push your stroller over uneven terrain, and this can be a nightmare, waking up your kid and leaving you frustrated. The bigger wheels in the rear make it much easier for you to drive the stroller over uneven terrain, so try that out and see what a difference it makes. So threewheel vs. four-wheel stroller? You’ll have to continue reading!

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Types Of Three Wheels 

There are many types of three-wheeled strollers. Some are rubbery, and others are foam. If the wheels are more substantial, they can be harder to push and make the ride bumpier, so many want a wheel that is a little less solid. This is why rubbery wheels are good. 

Of course, wheels filled with foam are easy to use, as you don’t need to fill them up, and they work well against normal surfaces, so consider them as well when you’re pushing a stroller. But if you like strolling around the park, or are in an area where the terrain tends to become uneven, there you go.

Anything Wrong With A Three Wheel?

You may think that the three-wheel is superior in every way to the four-wheel, but there are a few cons. For one thing, they are more expensive. You would think that fewer wheels mean that it costs less, but you would be wrong. 

In addition, three-wheel strollers are harder to store because of their bulkiness. Storing a stroller is always essential, and some three-wheel strollers do the job well enough, but others do not. They tend to weigh more, making parents who are in a hurry struggle just a bit. 

Four-Wheel Strollers

There are some advantages to four-wheeled strollers. Four-wheel strollers can be more stable and more accessible to travel with than three-wheeled strollers. These strollers are more durable and don’t tip as often, and three-wheeled strollers may be more comfortable to tip depending on the situation. 

Not to mention, four-wheeled strollers cost less and tend to have more bells and whistles to them. Strollers with four wheels tend to have storage baskets, cup holders, and various other accessories, though there are three-wheeled strollers that have them as well.

A four-wheeled stroller can be more of a challenge to turn, creating a wide circle. If you are someone who is strolling in tight spaces, the four-wheeled stroller can make that a bit of a challenge. 

In this regard, in 3-wheel vs. 4-wheel stroller, there are some strollers that are four-wheeled that deliver that three-wheeled quality. Some strollers make it so that the two wheels in the front are close, making it quite maneuverable. In many ways, this is the happy medium between three and the traditional four wheels. 

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Which Is Better?

Three-wheeled strollers offer plenty of advantages, but there are pros to four-wheeled strollers as well. It all depends on your needs. People have different needs depending on their location. A four-wheeled stroller gives you a smooth ride, has more features, and is easier to pack. 

Meanwhile, a three-wheeler is much more comfortable in many ways to control and handles tight spaces nicely. In addition, it’s much easier for you to use it off-road. Putting it on some terrain is an excellent move. 

Then again, you may consider the four-wheel strollers that behave more like three wheels. This is expensive, but it may be the best option if you want the best of both worlds. 

If you’re still unsure, why not talk to someone who is an expert on strollers and see what the best one to choose is? Chances are, you can find a stroller that best fits you. 

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With any vehicle, the number of wheels can make it different when it comes to how it handles. Three-wheeled vehicles tend to have a different way of handling, making them much more unique in many cases. We say to try them all out and see which one works best for you. If you can go to a store and try out various strollers, get a feel for them, and then decide, this is the best course of action. Try a stroller today and see which amount of wheels works. 


What are the pros and cons of the regular stroller?

The regular strollers are primarily built for walks in the park and stroll around a not-so-busy neighborhood. They have a sturdy suspension system that negates the bumps and jolts while walking. The seats of the regular strollers are wider, making it possible for bigger babies to be accommodated. However, these types of strollers are not supposed to be used for faster speeds as they have smaller wheels that don’t have much control systems.
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Which strollers are suitable for small spaces?
All-terrain strollers, which are the regular and the jogging strollers that are built with big wheels, are heavy and bulky. Thus, they are not suitable for small spaces. If you prefer something that can be carried in the car on hectic schedules, you would be more comfortable buying an umbrella stroller or a pram.
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