What Are Some Features Of The 5 Point Harness Booster Seat For Over 40 Lbs.

When it comes to choosing for your child whether they should just have the singular seatbelt for their booster seat or the five-point harness booster seat, you may wonder what the differences of each of them are. What are some features that make parents choose one or the other? Well, read on to find out. Here, we’ll highlight the features, and what to consider for a child that is over 40 pounds.

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So What Is It?

A five-point harness is pretty easy to understand, in that it contains five different points of contact on the body. The shoulders, the hips, and the crotch. The purpose of this is to put the child into a position where they’re kept strapped in and protected. In contrast, most other booster seats really just use the lap portion and put it over the child’s hips, which keeps the hips and thighs connected.

The boosters also keep the shoulder aligned with the shoulders, and it allows for children to almost wear the seatbelt just like how most adults do, but with that extra little protection around the hips.

So yes, the five-point harness is tighter, but you can get them in a booster form for children up to a certain point, so it’s not necessarily just a convertible carseat, it allows for more protection so that children don’t end up getting hurt.


Tightness Matter!

The biggest point of a five-point harness carseat that’s a booster, is essentially the five-point seat will restrain the child. Now, this does involve proper installation, but once the child is locked in, the child won’t be able to move out of this position, within reason. It’s not like a straightjacket, but it also prevents the body from wiggling around too much, which does protect them in the event of a crash, which can happen over time if you’re not careful.

If your child wiggles during a crash, it does leave them vulnerable to serious injury. After all, if they fly forward, and their seatbelt isn’t super restrained, you’re going to create a disaster because they will fly forward. There are stories of children hitting windshields, and it’s important to make sure that you do have the right protection for them.

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Less Responsibility On The Child’s Part

It allows for the child to be less responsible for their movement. They won’t be able to move about as much, and many times, the best way to convert to one of the seatbelt booster seats is really just having a child who is olde enough to take responsibility. This really does depend on the age of the child, meaning that usually, anywhere between 5-7 is when they may get converted from five-point to a booster harness. But, the thing about this, is that it really does depend on the age of the child, and really how the child acts.

The five-point harness isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes not having to worry about your child wiggling about to grab a toy or something, or bothering their sibling is good, but sometimes, the lack of freedom can annoy the child too, so you have to realize that a feature of this is the fact that you’re more in control of the child’s safety, and they don’t have to be as responsible for this.


Height And Weight Features

Usually, the five-point harnesses do work well for children to a certain height and weight point. Usually, they need to be anywhere from 35-40 pounds to be in a five-0point booster seat to start, but the best thing about this, is to wait until they’re ready, since the transitioning can be different. There are a few concerns that some people may have children that submarine, but that’s usually not a terribly huge concern.

The height and weight features are put there in order to protect the child so that they’re not wiggling about and potentially getting hurt.

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Straps That Secure

One other feature of this, is that the straps are super secure, which means that the child won’t be wiggling about. They’re made to keep the child protected, but it also means that they’re made of a material that’s soft, but also secures, so that it doesn’t hurt the child. The purpose for these straps it to make sure that the child is kept in a secured fashion, and you want to make sure that you put these on.


So When Should Children Move To A Booster?

This is another concern for those who are looking to move their child from one to another, or when choosing whether they should get a convertible booster seat, or a regular booster for their kid. The answer, is to keep the kid in the five-point harness for as long as they can, till they outgrow this. The convertible seat to a booster is ultimately one of the better means for children to be kept safe, and once the child has outgrown the carseat, there isn’t any information that proves that the five-point is safer than a booster seat. But, the big thing about a booster seat, is that it needs to be properly used, where the child is mature enough to understand, that hey since they have this extra movement, they need to realize it’s their responsibility. You need to also make sure that the belt is used in the proper position.

The best thing to realize, is that there is no need to move straight to another booster seat immediately, but if the child is near the max height and weight of the carseat in order to ride in the booster, you should keep them in there until they’re ready to handle it in a mature manner.

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Five-point booster seats will keep your child safe and secure, and you owe it to yourself to make sure that you provide the safest means for your child to stay secure no matter what, so that they’re able to take on the extra responsibility that this newfound freedom does have to offer.

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