The Top Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls To Use

Eleven is a weird age range to buy a child gifts for. While they’re not a teen yet, they are on the verge, and they may be interested in toys meant for an older audience. On the other hand, some girls are still children at heart. What should you buy them? This will all depend on their needs. Let’s look at a few gifts that are great for 11-year-olds.


Types Of Gifts To Think About

Before we go into specific gifts, here are some good ideas for gifts that 11-year-olds generally like. Here are a few of them.


At 11, your girl may start to be more mindful of her looks, or have an interest in makeup. While she is a bit too young to start looking good for the boys, learning makeup is a valuable skill for herself. Get her a makeup starter set or some accessories and see what she can do with them. Chances are, she can work some magic out of these makeup sets you buy and even impress you.


Artistic Sets

During the preteen years, your child may start to be more expressive. The teen angst isn’t there yet, but the creativity is. Buying her a set of artist supplies may be a good idea for your little one.

A Laptop Or Computer

If your preteen shares your laptop, tablet, or computer, maybe it’s time you give her one of her own. Obviously, you should still practice safe Internet use with her, but her own laptop allows her to be more independent and expressive, and plus, it’s a good way for her to keep track of journals or digital art. Not to mention, school work. Your girl is old enough to handle one of these on her own, so give it to her.

Computer Pc Notebook Children Portable Little Girl


At 11, your child is old enough to talk with her friends or text them, and make plans. A phone with supervised use may be a good idea for your child. Plus, you can keep track of your child with a phone, too. It’s one gift everyone will love.

Money Or A Gift Card

Let’s begin with a gift that may be considered to be a bit of a cop out, but hear us out. At 11, your child is learning how to be more independent. They may be able to stay home alone for a little while and they may even walk around alone as well. Why not show them how to be more independent with money or a gift card? They can decide what they want and shop at whatever store they please. Gift cards can include Amazon, iTunes, or a gift card at your local. As we said, it’s not the most creative idea, but your kid may appreciate their independence.


Now then, let’s look at a few specific gifts that are great for your 11-year old. These are gifts your kid is going to love.


Some Specific Gifts


Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit

One makeup skill to teach your daughter is how to do her nails. Nail styling can encourage creativity and can be a valuable skill. Your girl could grow up to be a nail designer, after all. This is a gift set that has a long book on how to make your nails, tools, stencils, and more accessories to help your child. It’s great for all skill levels and is a good gift for a preteen. Try it out and your child can learn how to be a little nail designer. Maybe she can learn how to do your nails.

DIY Wear I Heart Charm Bracelets

This is a set that encourages plenty of creativity. It has plenty of beads and other materials to make your own customized bracelets. It’s great for BFFs who want to express their bond or just for girls who want self-expression. They can make clay beads, dry them, and make the best bracelet money can buy. It’s great for themselves or for friends. This gift set is great for parties and they look great. With that said, making the beads can be a bit of a mess, so supervise at first. Overall, this is still a great way to be creative.

Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Kit

STEM should be an activity girls should be allowed to try out if they are interested. This kit can encourage your little science girl to be more creative. They can make plenty of circuit creations that don’t require any tools or any intense assembly. They can make flashlights, alarm clocks, and much more. It has simple instructions and projects that are beginner friendly or even advanced. It does require a couple of batteries to use, so be aware of that, as they are not included.


These are just a few examples of gifts to buy for your little girl. Still confused on what to get her? The best piece of advice we have is this:

Look At Her Interests

At 11, your girl has more than likely developed her own interests. She may be into painting, science, or have a passion for makeup. At this age, she should be free to explore her interests more. Simply talk to her and ask what she’s looking for. Chances are, she has an interest that you can be able to provide for her.



Eleven is hard age to buy for girls. Some still love toys and plush animals, while others are trying to grow and explore their interests. No 11-year-old is the same, and it’s up to you to find the gift that best explores their interest. You should ask and see what they want.

Source: (HighTechDad)

Also, there is no shame in giving them money or a gift card and letting them find the product they want. Sometimes, they don’t know what they want until they see it at a store.

Good luck, and here’s hoping your girl gets the perfect gift she will cherish for all time.

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