Best Gifts For 12-Year-Old Boys

Ah, the age of twelve. It’s an age where if you have a kid who is 12, it’s hard to buy a gift for them!

A group of playing children. They are around 10 to 12 years of age.

At 12, they are still kids, but they are on the verge of teenhood life. Some 12 years old may still be children, while others will act a little older. It’s definitely a tough age group to please.

If you have a 12-year-old tween son, nephew, or other family member, this is a guide to help you buy a gift for them. Let’s get right into it and read our reviews – the best presents that can be given to 12-year-old boys.

Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys: Some Things To Consider

When you’re looking for and buying the best presents for a twelve year old boy, here are some factors you should consider.

  • Their Interests

At 12, your son is starting to get some clear interests or hobbies. Some of them have a good idea of what they want to be when they grow up. Others may just have hobbies that could lead to potential work in the future. Look at your kid’s interests. Are they a gamer? Maybe consider a new console and the best gaming chair you can find. Do they like playing sports? Why not a new basketball or a basketball goal, or any accessory related to their preferred sport? The possibilities are indeed endless when looking for presents for 12-year-old boys.

500 Bucks inside the white envelope
  • Presents or Money?

Some people feel like buying a present for your preteen is something that needs to be done, and that giving them money or a gift card is a bit of a cop-out. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Sometimes, it’s good to give them a choice in what they want to get from a shop. Most kids this age are independent and can go out and do things on their own. Why not give them some money and let them decide what they want to buy with it? Alternatively, you can get an online gift card that will give them more freedom to buy whatever they want. Perhaps, one of the best presents for 12 year old boys. Or you can give them creative gifts. Some gifts like board games, game grid where kids learn important lessons and practice some motor skills, are also a great option. This tip is also worth considering if you’re trying to look for the best gifts for an 11 year old girl or the best presents for 11 year olds boys.

  • Budget

When buying a present for your preteen, stay within your budget.

Day Gifts Figuring out the kinds of day gifts you’re choosing is important for boys. Are you buying day gifts for their birthday or Christmas. The holiday may affect what kinds of day gifts you choose to get, and you may spend more on certain day gifts than other.

Gifts For 12 year old Boys

Here are some amazing gift ideas for Christmas and birthday gifts.  These are good presents not just for boys, but girls of this age may like these too. However, for some girls, their interests may not be in these gift ideas, so don’t use all of these ideas for 10 year old girls.

These do make good Christmas presents. As a caution with Christmas presents, these can get pretty expensive.  But if you’d like to splurge a little more on Christmas gifts, these are some great ideas.

We’ve also provided some great birthday presents that kids this age will enjoy.  These birthday presents range in a variety of different prices, and you may want to give day gifts that are a little bit on the cheaper end. No matter what day presents you choose to get, these are some amazing present ideas that can impress them, and something to consider when choosing day gifts for that special day!

  • Color Changing LED Gloves

Who doesn’t love color-changing or glow in the dark stuff? Well, these can be fun presents for 11 year old boy or a twelve-year-old boy that they can enjoy. These color changing gloves offer a lot of fun, and they are high quality gloves that are great fits for 11-year-old boy. These color changing gloves offer hours of fun!

  • Presents Use to Entertain

A fun gift for this age is of course, a fun game to entertain them.  A jigsaw puzzle to complete is a great idea since it’s fun and stimulating or a card game.  These offer a lot of fun and challenge, and if your child is the type who likes these, they offer great gift ideas and fun Christmas presents and birthday presents.

  • Table Tennis

This is another great idea for Christmas and birthday presents.  Table tennis is a fun ball game, and is one of the best gift ideas. With table tennis, you’ll be able to move the ball around, and it offers a bunch of fun.

Table tennis racket and ball on top of the table
  • Building kits

One of the best gift ideas that can be given is a high quality building kit.  Those who love to put things together will enjoy this type of building kit. You can get a robot kit which shows them how to create amazing robots.  You can even create remote controlled robots, and this is one of the great toys for kids because not only is a great gift for them to do things, they are great birthday presents for any child who is curious.  You can get a high quality kit for a good price. You can get a remote control for these, or you can have them move on their own without a remote control

  • Harry Potter Box Set

If your child is into Harry Potter and magic, a box set makes for great gifts. Your child can have the adventures of Harry Potter right there with you and this box set will be sure to not only build great reading comprehension, but this is one of the best presents your kid this age can have.

  • Food Gifts

One of the best present is actually food. Food presents are not only good gift ideas because they can offer high quality and fun foods to try, but they make amazing Christmas gifts and birthday gifts.  Food gifts are great to enjoy, and boys who love food will love this. You can get gift baskets with these food gifts or subscription boxes with these food gifts.

Gift baskets are good for a lot of different types of kids.  Kids of all ages will love gift baskets especially with not just their favorite food, but other fun gift ideas. Gift baskets are good Christmas gifts especially if you’re not sure what to get, and they can make awesome birthday gifts, or even just some high quality gift ideas.

Subscription boxes are another one of those great high quality gift ideas. With subscription boxes, you can get different items, and they are a great gift to check out.  They are usually filled with high quality items they’ll love, and a child will love subscription boxes every time they show up in the mail. What’s not to love?!

  • Gravity Maze

A gravity maze is a great stem toy, and it’s one of the best present.  This is great because with a gravity maze, they can learn all about gravity and solve other popular stem concepts, and this makes a great gifts for 11 year old boy, since it can get them interested in many cool concepts!

  • Phone or Laptop

Your son is on the verge of teenhood, a time of expression and independence. A smartphone may not be a bad idea.

First, your kid is getting more independence. This means that they may go to a friend’s house, head out on their own, and enjoy the independence that comes with it. You should give your son some independence. With that said, they are still a kid, and a smartphone can help make sure they are safe. A laptop is great for doing schoolwork, reading an e-book, surfing the web, and for expression. It’s another top gift you should consider for your son. With technology taking over, you should definitely get your kid their own device if you haven’t done so already.

With that said, you do need to make sure that your kid isn’t looking at something they shouldn’t or talking to people who you don’t know. Some smart supervision is required as well. Don’t let the computer raise your children.

Teens like this boy likes using the computer.
  • STEM Presents

If your kid is interested in building and science, consider one of the many STEM kits available. These are perfect gifts that can teach your boy about building machines, learning and discovering new things, and making them do many challenges or activities. Science and robotics are the future, after all. Your boy can build big robot arms that can grab stuff, a robot that follows them around, and much more. Who knows? Your boy may be able to build a stand-alone AI robot people have been talking about for many years now.

STEM presents also include science kits. Your lad can perform his own science experiments and learn more about the world. Just make sure your boy is practicing it safely. You don’t want them to turn to a little mad scientist taking over the world.

  • Video Games

Most 12 year old boys love video games. There are plenty of consoles and console accessories you can give them. If you want your kid to learn about STEM, you can even teach them how to build their own gaming PC. Gaming isn’t just a mindless activity; skilled gamers can earn money and can learn hand-eye coordination. Games can tell incredible stories nowadays. There are many reasons why your kid will love playing games and so will you.

PS4 and Xbox consoles
  • Drones

Drones have become one of the most popular gifts for many reasons. One of the reasons being that it’s an RC toy for grownups. Your boy can fly a drone around and take pictures, do tricks, and see the unseen. Another is that it can add to friends and family fun. For parents, it can be rewarding to see kids having a great time with their drones. There are plenty of starter drones that don’t cost much and do a lot. With drones, you do want to make sure your kid isn’t flying them in an inappropriate place and make sure they’re not flying them in problematic weather, but with some supervision, your kid can learn a lot. Plus, there are plenty of jobs that require skilled drone flyers.  It’s a good time to get your 12 year old boy some drones.

Black and blue drone can be a good present to your kid.
  • Growing Gifts

At twelve, your kid may start to notice changes in their body. This is a sign they are maturing. Perhaps you should consider gifts that celebrate growing. New clothes that fit a growing boy. If your kid is growing facial hair, give them a shaving kit. You should buy them presents that are best suitable for their growth, so think about that then buy them a gift.

  • A Child At Heart

If your kid still loves action figures and other cool toys meant for younger boys, there is no shame in that. Plenty of adults collect action figures. Don’t make your kid give up something they don’t want to. Instead, entertain what they like and try to make them grow. Buy them more complex, buildable action figures for example. This can help your kid learn and grow while keeping their interests at heart.

Playing video game is fun.
  • Night vision

Night vision technology has become a popular gift choice, especially for boys who love adventure and completing challenges. Night vision flashlights are great gifts that can help improve motor skills and develop problem-solving skills, as they allow users to complete tasks and navigate through low-light environments.

When shopping for gifts for loved ones, night vision technology is an excellent option that can appeal to a wide range of interests. Not only does it make for an exciting and unique present, but it also provides practical benefits for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers, and hunters.

Night vision flashlights are easy to use and come with clear instructions on how to operate them. They provide a clear line of sight in low-light conditions, allowing users to navigate with ease, identify obstacles, and locate items in the dark.

In addition to their practical applications, night vision flashlights have an undeniable appeal and are sure to impress both adults and children alike. Moms can shop with confidence, knowing that they are giving a gift that is both fun and functional.

  • Marble Run

Marble run is another great gift you can give for kids. Some marble run comes with special tools and accessories that make the whole game so much fun.

  • Flying Disc

Flying discs are the best gifts for 12-year old boys. Some flying discs have led lights that can operate with AA battery.

  • Tree Protector

Tree protectors are a fantastic gift for kids that not only promote environmental awareness but also help develop fine motor skills. Made from a durable plastic filament, tree protectors can be woven around the trunk of a tree to provide a protective layer against damage.

  • Foam Dart

Foam darts are a fantastic gift for kids, providing hours of fun and entertainment while promoting physical activity and social interaction. Many foam dart blasters require players to load and aim the foam darts with accuracy, honing their fine motor skills in the process. Some foam dart blasters also have an “invisibility mode,” where players need to move stealthily and quietly, adding an extra layer of fun and skill-building.

Gifts For 12-Year Old Boys Conclusion

Twelve is definitely an interesting age to buy a gift for. Look at your child’s interests and see what they want you to buy them. Chances are, you can buy a present they are guaranteed to love, and one that will prepare them for the future. Good luck on your search for the best presents for 12-year-old boy.

Gifts For 12-Year-Old Boys FAQs


  • What Would A 12-Year-Old Kid Want To Receive?

12-year-old boy may have lots of ideas on what they want. But most kids of this age, a new gadget or cellphone would probably be on top of their list. Another idea, which you should only consider if you know your child likes this, is to gift them some of the best baby dolls. Yes, it might seem childish, but they are still young and they might really enjoy it!

  • What do 12 year olds want for boys birthday?

Giving your boy an Xbox Gaming Console present would surely delight him. It features a large space on its hard drive so your child can surely enjoy whatever game he wants to play on it.

Gadgets are top favorite toy of 12 year old boy
  • Where Can I Take My Twelve- Year-Old For His Birthday?

There are many things or places that can delight him on his birthday depending on his or her personality. A simple meal outside with the family may be a great idea. Or if there’s enough budget, you can give him the latest video game or cellphone.

  • What Should I Gift A Boy On His Birthday?

Giving presents would surely make the celebrant happier. But choosing top presents than can be given to a boy may not be easy. You can buy toys for infants and toddlers, video games for teens, or shirts for adults.

  • What should I get a 12 year old boy for Christmas?

A kid this age would be grateful if you give them Nintendo switch for Christmas. What makes this cool is that you can detach the controller and use it as a portable handheld console.

  • What should a teenage girl get for Christmas?

New gadgets can certainly make a teenage girl happy on Christmas. But it will still depend on what interests her. Others may be happy with a new pair of clothes or a new set of makeup.

  • What do you buy for a 12 year old boy?

It may be confusing on what to give a boy this age. Other kids of this age may still want toys while others may like a new pair of clothes. Snap Circuit Arcade Electronics Exploration Kit would be a good girt for 12 years old.

  • Where can I take my 12 year old boy for his birthday?

If you have enough budget, taking him to a carnival with entertainment rides will surely satisfy them. Others may be delighted to be brought to a mall and have them choose what gift they want.


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