Best Strollers For Big Kids in The Market Today

Looking at baby jogger city select reviews? Best strollers for your big kids – When you think of the top stroller, you believe that they’re for younger kids up to three years old. However, on some parents, older children need a top stroller, too. For years, top strollers have become a necessity to parents even those with older children as this top stroller give comfort.

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Best Stroller For Big Kids

Why Do They Need Strollers?

Well, there are a few reasons why investing in a stroller for a child over 50 pounds is a smart move, and in this post, we will explain more.

  • They’re Tired

Even after 50 pounds, there are still some kids who are still taking naps and who are tired after a long day at the park. A stroller is a good investment if you want your child to take a nap as you push them back to the car or wherever they need to go. A tired child is an irritated one, and sometimes you just want a place for them to crash while you leave. Here is your option.

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  • They Have A Disability, Surgery, Or Other Injury

If your child has a disability that makes walking difficult, or they are recovering from another type of surgery, a stroller may be an excellent investment to push them around. Even as a temporary use, investing in a large kid stroller or even those older children strollers option is a smart move when you don’t need a wheelchair just yet.

  • They’ve Had A Growth Spurt

Some kids are still young, but they may have had a growth spurt that has made it much more challenging to be in their regular stroller. Some kids have that spurt early, and may still need a stroller regardless.

  • They Just Want To

Sometimes, they just want to ride in a push stroller for a little while longer, and why not give them this opportunity? They’re only young once, so we think that a pram may be worth an investment. When they reach an age where they can actively engage and play as an older sibling, it can be a delightful idea to consider purchasing a push cart for babies, allowing them to join in the family adventures with their own interactive toy.

With that said, you don’t want them to become too dependent on it. Your kids can’t be in their teens and still want you to stroll them around. Make it a random thing, especially when they are tired.

Best & Safe Stroller For Big Kids

Weight Capacity

This specification is the obvious one. If your child has a sudden growth spurt, you don’t want a stroller that doesn’t allow room for growth. Some of the strollers like the double jogging stroller on this list barely cut it at 55 pounds, while others impressively go over 100 pounds. Think about how much weight you need.

Weight Itself

Also, think about how heavy you want the stroller weighs. Heavier ones may be able to hold more, but they are a hassle to carry around, and they may not be as useful to store as other prams. You may want to find prams that are a balance of both.


Best & Safe Stroller For Big Kids

Other Features 

Also, you may want to look for a new stroller that has a roomy seat and extra-large storage basket for storage space for excellent maneuverability. You may also choose between a 3 wheel vs 4 wheel stroller to suit the needs of your child. You may want a lightweight and compact umbrella stroller that has additional features as well, such as a large sun canopy, cup holders, snack tray, and parent tray for bigger kids, there are fewer bells and whistles, to be honest, and more accessories can be purchased separately. If you find a pram without sun-shade, you can check out best kids umbrellas in the market that will perfectly match your existing carrier.

GB Pockit Plus Double Stroller

This is quite minimalistic. It has a beautiful little umbrella canopy, a spacious storage basket, parent organizer, and four wheels. It’s the lightest double stroller on our list, so if you’re looking for the lightest strollers you can carry around, it’s quite portable at 13 pounds. The only downside is its weight limit isn’t flexible. It’s 55 pounds, which may turn off some parents from getting it if they need a pram for a little while longer. But if you need a pram that inches a little bit above 50 pounds, there you are.

Baby Jogger City Mini Jogging Stroller

It is one of the best jogging strollers, which means that it is excellent for mothers or fathers who want to go on a little jog in addition to strolling their kids. It has three soft ride wheels, making it much easier for you to turn and maneuver it. When you’re running around, and there are tight corners or spaces, you can’t go wrong with it. At 22 pounds, this one is a little heavy than other jogging strollers, but it does support up to 65 pounds. Also, a jogging parent is another reason why you may need a bigger pram. You may be able to run a marathon, but your big kid may not!


Best Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogger Stroller For Kids

It is the right stroller for jogging. It has an extra large canopy and extra large air filled wheels for a smooth ride. The swivel wheels of this large stroller can also lock in a straight position that provides a stable wheelbase for running or walking on long, straight paths. It is quite heavy, going up to 27.5 pounds, but the trade-off is that you have an excellent weight capacity. You can hold a child up to 75 pounds, making it an incredible little pram. The car seat adaptor (sold separately) is available in various models to accommodate most infant car seat carriers. So get out there and jog, and let your child sit down.


Veer Cruiser – Wagon Hybrid Stroller

This one is among the top ideas for a pram around. Kids are fond of the best kids wagon. This one combines the stroller with a childhood favorite, the wagon. Kids of all ages love lying in a stroller wagon and having someone pull them, and this is a wagon they can lie on, with the shade protecting them from any annoying sunlight.

Also, the weight capacity is fantastic. If you’re 110 pounds or lighter, you can take a ride in this stroller wagon. Some petite adults could ride in this thing. Your child will feel like a king or queen as they ride in this  wagon.

SafeMax Infant Car Seat

The SafeMax Infant Seat for cars is a top-of-the-line choice for parents seeking the utmost safety and comfort for their little ones. With its innovative design and advanced safety stroller features such as plastic wheels, child tray, & cup holder, this car seat provides superior protection during travel. Engineered with a deep, energy-absorbing foam layer, it ensures optimal impact protection, while the adjustable harness system keeps the child securely in place. The versatility of the SafeMax extends beyond the car, as it seamlessly transitions into a toddler stroller with the addition of a compatible frame, offering parents the convenience of a multi-functional travel system. With the SafeMax Infant Car Seat, parents can confidently navigate their journeys, knowing their child’s safety is never compromised, both on the road and while strolling around town.

Moreover, the pram weight of this products is very light which is perfect for moms. It has bearable car seat wheels and is probably the best baby stroller for large kids.

The Mesa Infant Car Seat – A Luxury Car Seat & Stroller

The Mesa Infant Car Seat is a premier choice for parents seeking the perfect combination of safety, convenience, and style. It is also one of the best strollers for your large kids. Designed with advanced safety features, such as a reinforced steel frame and an adjustable headrest with Side Impact Protection, this car seat offers top-notch protection for infants during travel. Its easy installation system, called SmartSecure, ensures a secure and straightforward installation every time. The Mesa Car Seat also excels in comfort, with a soft, breathable fabric that keeps the baby cozy and cool. With its sleek and modern design, the Mesa Infant Car Seat seamlessly integrates with the Vista or Cruz Prams, creating a seamless travel system that allows parents to transition effortlessly from car to prams. The Mesa Car Seat is the ultimate choice for parents who prioritize safety, comfort, and style for their little ones.

What’s The Weight Limit For the Best Umbrella Stroller?

Again, the weight limit is something that you will have to see when you choose one, as umbrella types can have a weight limit that does vary. Like any everyday pram, you do not want to go above the weight limit.

With that said, what are the top umbrella strollers? They are known as convenience strollers, that give you the basics and are cheaper. However, they can still be great prams . Let’s take a look at some of the top umbrella prams.

Summer 3Dlite

In the world of umbrella strollers, the Summer Infant 3Dlite stands out as one of the top strollers if you’re on a budget. It’s an overall great stroller. Let’s look at some of its features:

  • It’s easy to push. This easy-to-drive function is possible because it is a great lightweight stroller. An easy-to-push single pram needs not only great rear wheels, but it should feel like you’re pushing nothing at all. This easy-to-push single stroller is one of the best strollers in that regard.

  • This product folds well. The easy compact fold with carrying strap and auto lock makes it simple to store. Umbrella types, in general, should feature a compact fold if they want to be great prams. After all, you’re traveling a lot, and you don’t want to lug a single giant stroller on you. Even if it folds easily, it may still be hard to put this stroller on an overhead bin when travelling.
  • This single pram despite it being lightweight and minimal, this brand of umbrella pramshas quite a bit of ample storage. With a large basket, you can put virtually anything in it.
  • This line has multi position recline. With four positions, your child will be comfortable as you take this perfect stroller out for a ride; having multiple reclining positions is recommended on your lightweight travel stroller for more off-roading options, for travelling with long distances or short distances.

Top Britax B-Lively – Lightweight Stroller 

Britax is one of the most trusted names in prams, and it makes sense that they would make a pram for your 3-year-old. This big kid Britax stroller is indeed large, with a weight limit of about 55 pounds. It works well for a long day at the park. A few of its  features include:

  • Lightweight. This lightweight stroller maybe for an older child, but it manages to be quite easy for you to push.
  • The lighter weight design has a peek a boo window so your large kid can sleep while you check upon them.
  • One of its top features is that it’s suitable for a travel system as well. If you have a Britax car seat, you can put the infant car seat in there and make it a pram for your baby. Just make sure you have the compatible car seat. It is also a good rear facing car seat, a good baby gear investment for moms.
  • It has a nice adjustable footrest. When your large kid needs a break, the footrest keeps their feet beautiful and comfortable. And it adjusts, so even if your toddler isn’t a big kid, they can enjoy this.
  • Other features include having a deep storage basket. All of the large kid strollers should have a great rear storage pocket. A big kid gets hungry and fussy, so having all your supplies can help them calm down and enjoy the day.

If you’re looking for a stroller for a bigger and older child, one with a higher weight limit works like Britax B Agile. Go shopping for a large kid stroller and see what you can find among their coolest features.

Does A 4-Year-Old Need A Pram At Disney?

See the previous question. A four-year-old will probably need a bigger stroller than a 6-year-old, so make sure that you rent one out if you need one. A pram for a bigger child that accommodates a fussy kid at Disney World is a smart purchase, and Disney World has plenty of large kid strollers you can rent out.

What Is The Top Strollers For Large Children?

If you’re looking for the best stroller for a toddler, then you’ve come to the right place. Toddlers are very volatile. They’re not big kids yet, and you need a stroller that manages to keep them satisfied. So what is the best stroller in that case? The best stroller is the moon grey Chicco Liteway. Let’s look at some of the features of the best prams.

  • One of the reasons why this is the best stroller is that it’s easy to fold and store. There’s no hassle, making it great for traveling or for someone who just likes to pack light. The Liteway is the best stroller in that regard.
  • Once again, this stroller has a canopy you can remove, with a little peek a boo window. This is something any of the best strollers should have.
  • If you’re looking for the best stroller, look for one with a good weight limit. This one has a weight limit of 40 pounds. Sure, there are bigger types out there, but this one has a huge weight limit for being so lightweight. Another reason why it’s the best pram.
  • It has an adjustable backrest that you can move around with one hand. That’s another feature of any pram that calls itself the best pram. The best pram should have a backrest that you can easily adjust.

What’s A Good Kid Travel Double Pram Stroller?

If you’re looking for the best double stroller, (not to be confused with a tandem stroller,) you have a variety to choose from. One double stroller that works great is the Baby Trend Sit N Stand or just the Baby Trend for short. Let’s look at some of the features of this self-standing Baby Trend double stroller.

  • The Baby Trend allows you to put two infant car seats inside of it if your baby is young. It also works like a baby lounger. This means that the Baby Trend can fit a young infant with ease, which is always a good thing, and the  Baby Trend has that feature. This is why it’s the best double stroller.
  • The  Baby Trend gives you variety, which is what you want out of a double stroller. For example, the  Baby Trend allows children to sit in both the rear and front seats, which is something that other strollers do not. In addition, they can use the rear platform of the  Baby Trend to stand. Again, there’s a reason why it’s the best double stroller.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the Baby Trend is quite easy. You can clean the Baby Trend’s seat pad with some warm water, mild soap, and a cloth. In addition, all you need to do in order to check the Baby Trend is to make sure that no screws in the double stroller are loose. The Baby Trend has you covered when it comes to easiness. The best double stroller always makes sure everything is clean.
  • The  Baby Trend has a tray and a cup holder, which you can remove or swing away if you no longer want it. Some strollers don’t have that option, but the  Baby Trend does, and we applaud the Baby Trend for that.
  • The  Baby Trend does have a removable rear seat as well if you want to convert the  Baby Trend from a double stroller to a single one. Variety makes it the best double stroller around.

Overall, the  Baby Trend is one of the best double jogging strollers if you have more than one child. If you have double the trouble, the best double stroller is ideal, and the  Baby Trend has you covered. Before we go, let’s look at some of the features a double pram should have:

  • The double pram can be tandem. What is a tandem double stroller? This means that the seats are stacked, not side by side. This makes the double stroller less wide. If you’re in some tight spaces, then a tandem double pram can help quite a bit.
  • The double pram should be convertible. You may wonder what a convertible double pram means. Let us explain. A convertible double pram allows you to turn the pram into single or double depending on what you need it for. A double pram that’s convertible is great for those times when you may have one and not the other, or there’s a new one on the way. Get a convertible double pram for this case.
  • A double pram should be easy to maneuver. This sounds quite obvious, but many types of double prams do not control very well. A tandem double pram may be easier to move around. When looking for a double pram, always make sure it’s easy to push around. This will save you a lot of grief. Buy the best double pram for your situation.
  • Double prams should be compact. This sounds obvious, but many parents buy a double types that are bulky, then regret it when they have to travel or they have to store the pram away. Double prams, especially wide ones, aren’t going to be as easy to store as lightweight ones. However, double prams should still be relatively easy to install so that you can save yourself from a world of pain.

These are just a few features of double stroller products to look out for.

How Much Weight Can a Jogging Stroller Hold?

Just like any other pram, it’s going to depend on what jogging stroller you have. Let’s take a look at a few of the top jogging prams around, and we’ll see which jogging pram is the best one.


Bob Gear Revolution Flex Baby Jogger 3.0

The Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger is one of our favorite ones when it comes to the best jogging stroller. This Bob stroller is designed for mothers who are always on the go. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome features of the Bob Revolution Flex Strollers.

  • First, the Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger is a large stroller and has a high weight limit. When it comes to a jogging stroller, you sometimes want a higher weight limit to push yourself to the limits. The  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger has a weight limit of around 75 pounds which can be used from the newborn stage with the use of a coordinating car seat and car seat adapter.
  • The  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger is very reflective. Some parents can only run in the morning or at night, making it hard for some people to see. The  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger implements reflective fabric so that anyone can see you, making the Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger one of the safest jogging strollers around.
  • The  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger is quite stable. With a jogging stroller, you sometimes wonder whether or not it’s safe. You worry that your jogging stroller will tip over. The  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger is one that will not tip over no matter what. This jogger stroller will give you peace of mind, which only the Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger can provide.
  • The  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger is very adjustable. If you want to make sure you’re comfortable, the  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger has 9 positions to choose from in the adjustable handlebar alone. When you’re running, you want a smooth experience, and the  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger provides through its adjustable handles.
  • The  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger has an ultra padded compression seat with infinite recline.
  • In addition, the  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger all terrain wheels stroller has air-filled tires that are hard to beat. A parent can run over all kinds of all terrain, and the air in the  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger won’t go out or have any problems. This makes the Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger a jogger stroller to remember it by.
  • If you’re looking for a jogger pram that is tough, the  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger Stroller provides. The Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger Pram has a frame made from the highest aluminum alloy around, making the  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger a stroller you can have some peace of mind when you put your baby in there.
  • The  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger has one deep storage basket. You may think that the storage baskets of jogging strollers won’t be that deep, but the  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger has you packed. The Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger has a cell phone pocket, three pockets located in the back seat, snack pockets, and a very large cargo storage basket. The storage basket is one of the best features of the  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger. The Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger storage basket can store all of your baby’s goods, and you won’t feel weighed down because of the storage basket. Just see what the storage basket of the Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger has to offer. You’ll love the storage basket of the  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger, guaranteed.
  • The  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger has a canopy with a UPF of 50+. If you want to keep your little one safe from the sunlight, this canopy delivers in spades. Now, you won’t have to worry about your little one getting burnt, all thanks to the  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger.

The  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger is a high-quality pram , and one of the top jogging prams around. However, there’s another brand of jogging strollers that may rival the  Bob Revolution Flex Baby Jogger. Let’s look at what that is.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Stroller

If you’re looking for one of a jogging stroller around, the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller has you covered. Let’s look at some of its features.

  • It has an extra-wide padded seat with multiple reclining seat options. This makes it a seat that’s a good fit for your little one who wants a view.
  • It is easy to wash. Many parents who deal with running will want a stroller that is easy to clean, and this one just requires you to wipe it down.
  • It controls well. For those who want straight-locking oversized wheels, this line of jogging strollers has you covered.
  • Like many jogging strollers, it has a tough frame that absorbs shocks quite well. You can have some great peace of mind thanks to the  Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller and what it can do for you.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

Finally, let’s look at the Baby Jogger City. This line of jogging strollers has quite a few features, including:

  • J folding. If you’re a jogger, then you may be disappointed in some jogging strollers and how they don’t fold that well. The Baby Jogger City has folding mechanism that puts the other strollers to shame. If you’re looking for a stroller that can fold with ease, then the Baby Jogger City is for you. Try it out and see what we mean.
  • The Baby Jogger City is quite customizable. You can turn the Baby Jogger City into a double jogging stroller, for instance, or keep it single if you so wish. With many jogging strollers, you can only pick one style. Not the Baby Jogger City!
  • The Baby Jogger City has all the car seat safety features you’d expect out of jogging strollers. For example, the Baby Jogger City has the high SPF canopy and a tough frame to boot.

City Mini

See our lightweight section for more information on the  City Mini. If you don’t want to, in summary, the City Mini is a an extra lightweight stroller that doubles as a jogger. With three wheels, easy maneuverability, and other unique features, try the  City Mini. These are some of the good jogging strollers to pick from.

Also, we should talk about something important to look for in a jogging stroller: a locking front wheel. A pram meant for jogging will usually have one front wheel instead of two, and it’ll be lockable. The front wheel is meant for speed and stability, which you typically cannot find in a pram that has four wheels. Always look for a pram with a lockable front wheel if you want a jogger.

Also, you want a front wheel that can unlock so you can turn it. The jogging stroller is a bit difficult to turn at first because of its front wheel. However, once you get used to the front wheel, you can run with it with ease.

Top Lightweight Strollers

When choosing a baby stroller or a convenience stroller, weight does matter for a lot of people. You also find out the functional uses of baby strollers. Lightweight types can make travel much easier, and they’re great for a parent who doesn’t pack that much.  Many other lightweight strollers will surprise you with more accessories like the capacity to be folded, or be converted into car seats. They tend to have less of a weight limit, but are more compact. Let’s look at some of the top lightweight types on the market.


Baby Jogger City Mini

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT or just the City Mini is a lightweight jogging stroller. If you want both a lightweight pram, but also one you can run around with, the Baby Jogger City Mini is your go-to stroller. Let’s look at some of the features of the Baby Jogger City Mini and you can decide whether or not the Baby Jogger City Mini is for you.

  • The Baby Jogger City Mini is foldable. This is something you should expect out of any lightweight stroller, but the Baby Jogger City Mini GT has it in spades. The Baby Jogger City Mini is a stroller that folds in just a step, making it one of the most compact stroller in lightweight types. No matter where you travel, the City Mini has your back. Give the  Baby Jogger City Mini a try and see what we mean.
  • The Baby Jogger City Mini GT has a weight capacity of 50 pounds, making the City Mini great for bigger kids. A lightweight jogging stroller tends to have a lower weight limit. We’re talking 30 pounds or so on most strollers. Not the Baby Jogger City Mini. You can put 50 pounds in the Baby Jogger City Mini comfortably. We love how the City Mini can fit anything.
  • The  Baby Jogger City Mini has a canopy, too, and the City Mini has a thick one. The Baby Jogger City Mini has 50+ protection, just like most jogging strollers. The City Mini also has a peek a boo window to see your baby as they stay safe via its canopy. The City Mini keeps your little one safe.
  • If you want your baby to recline, the  Baby Jogger City Mini has you covered. The  Baby Jogger City Mini seat reclines with multiple positions to keep your baby safe, and the City Mini allows for the most comfort. The City Mini is so comfortable, your baby will want it as their bed.
  • Another unique feature of the  City Mini is that it has three wheels. Some have 3 or 4 wheels, but between a 3 wheel vs 4 wheel stroller, it’s important to consider the specific features and benefits that each option offers. A 3-wheeled stroller can be easier to turn and allows for more variety. The front wheel of the City Mini is lockable. As mentioned before, this is important for any stroller, and we’re glad the City Mini has it.

Overall, the  City Mini is a great stroller that is well worth checking out, if you’re someone who is a fan of a lightweight type that doubles as a jogger. The City Mini is for anyone who wants to jog and have a good time. So, what’s another good lightweight stroller? We’re about to show you the next best lightweight stroller, so sit tight and we’ll reveal it.

Best Lightweight Stroller For Kids

One of the best strollers you can get is the HEAO Baby Stroller Black. The  HEAO Baby Stroller Black is not only lightweight, but it has quite a few unique features, such as:

  • Some breathable, non-toxic fabric. The  HEAO Baby Stroller Black has fabric that is wearable.
  • It’s quite easy to fold. The  HEAO Baby Stroller Black works for traveling parents.
  • It has 3-reclining positions, as well as a flat position for babies.
  • It has a sizable storage basket where you can some baby stuff like a diaper bag.
  • Finally, it meets all the safety standards, including a 5-point safety harness.

Best Umbrella Stroller For A Toddler Kid

When looking at some of the top strollers around, don’t rule out the umbrella stroller. In the world of best strollers, this one manages to be the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Of course, if you’re a budgetting mom, you would want to find an affordable stroller that does not compromise quality. So, what’s one of the best strollers that has an umbrella? That would be the Graco Travelite stroller. This side by side stroller is one of the ideal for travelers. Here’s why.

  • This is one of the ideal strollers because it has a good maximum weight capacity. It’s about 40 pounds. There are bigger types, but most parents won’t need a higher weight limit. This is why the Graco is one of the best strollers. It manages to get that balance.
  • One of the reasons why this is one of the best prams is that it’s adjustable. You can adjust its calf support and seat to keep your toddler comfortable and satisfied. If your pram doesn’t have that, it’s not among the top strollers.
  • It has a cup holder for the parent. Many of the top prams may have one for your toddler, but this one has one for you.
  • This is one of the top prams because it has a removable arm bar. If your child wants something to grab, the armbar has you covered.
  • It has a swivel front wheel that’s lockable. A good pram should let you control your ride, and this is why the Graco is one of the top strollers in that regard.


The answer may surprise you. No, they don’t expire. However, if you’re using a stroller that has a car seat installed, the car seat does have an expiration date. With that said, be mindful of any recalls, because that may affect the stroller’s performance.


If you’re getting prams for toddlers and large kids, you may need to be mindful of what kind of pram you have. A large kid pram should have the following stroller features, besides the obvious like the right weight limit.

A large storage basket

  • A large kid is picky, and wants their snacks and other goods. Make sure it has a large storage basket to accommodate for all these.

A smooth ride

  • This is ideal for any pram, but when it comes to a large kid, a smooth ride is more important than ever. This is because a big kid is much fussier, while many infants can sleep through everything. In order to avoid waking your big kid up, make sure that the pram has a smooth ride. Take your big kid out strolling. If they like the smooth ride, then get it. If the smooth ride doesn’t appear to be as smooth as you thought, then get a pram with a better smooth ride.

A flexible leg rest

  • A big kid has longer legs, and you want a leg rest that can let your child relax while you’re taking them to their next big place. An awesome big kid stroller should have a leg rest that extends and allows the child to rest. Get an adjustable leg rest, or a flexible leg rest, and you can go far.

Easy to push

  • An easy to push travel stroller is important for any age range, but when you’re pushing a big kid, you need it even more. Go to the store, and if they have a travel stroller, see how it pushes. Is it easy to push? If so, you’re golden.

Maybe convertible as well

  • These are just a few features of bigger and taller kids strollers catered by stroller manufacturers. Now, you may be wondering why you would need this specific type of stroller. Let’s take a look at some reasons why strollers for big kids can be great.

Why Would Big Kids Need a Stroller?

When you think of big kids, you may imagine them retiring the stroller. By big kids, we’re talking about past the toddler stage. You may not imagine your 5-year-old needing a pram for example. However, there’s plenty of reasons why big kids may need a stroller, including the following:

  • They had a growth spurt. It’s possible for a child under three to be bigger, and although they sleep like a toddler, they still need prams.
  • Strollers for big kids may be needed because your child is recovering from a surgery. Sometimes, you may not need a wheelchair, but instead prams for older kids will suffice. This is often temporary and you may want to go to a place that rents strollers for big kids if you don’t want to keep that pram for too long.
  • Another reason why parents buy strollers for bigger children is simply because the child wants to ride in it. Some parents feel like having a strict cutoff date for the stroller is important, because they feel like they have to grow up. Others feel like letting the child be a toddler for a little longer is okay. Either choice is valid, and you should not judge someone who is buying strollers for big children.
  • Strollers for bigger children work great for parents on vacation. For one thing, even though your child can keep up, they may not have energy levels as great, and may need to sleep. Prams for big children make traveling much easier. Also, these big prams are great for the airport, when you have to make it to your terminal ASAP.
  • Some parents who buy strollers for bigger children have a special needs kid. These can make it much easier to travel when your child is someone who has their own needs. If you want to have a less stressful time, consider buying bigger strollers for big kids.

These are just a few reasons why strollers for bigger kids are important. Never judge a parent who has one. In fact, you may find that they are quite useful.



Final Thoughts

If you want a stroller for bigger kids, you do have your options. Sometimes, a bigger kid needs a stroller, and you shouldn’t deny them one just because they are big. If you ever see a  parent with a stroller, and in the stroller is a bigger kid, try not to judge. Often, they have a reason, and if you’re looking at this article, you may have a reason as well.

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What’s the stroller maximum weight?

The weight limit depends on what type you get. Some have a low weight limit, usually a lightweight type, and then there are those with a higher weight limit. Some can go well over 50 pounds. A high weight limit stroller has its uses, such as a small child who has had a long day at the park, or a disabled child. No matter what, always check the weight limit on your stroller and make sure your child isn’t above said weight limit.

What’s The Best Pram For A 3-year-old?

When you’re three, you’re a big kid now. Therefore, you’ll need a big kid stroller to compensate. A big pram, which we’ll talk about later, is not like many prams, but some parents may find some value in it. Here are some products that work great with your emerging big child.

Does a 3-year-old still need a pram?

After age three, the need for a stroller lessens. At this age, toddlers can walk around on their own and don’t need an umbrella type, jogging stroller, or any other kind. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. If you’re taking your toddler to a place that has a lot of walking, a stroller may be the right place for them to rest if they get worn out. With that said, a stroller is not a necessity for most 3-year-olds.


Does a 5-year-old need the best pram?

By five, your child is now in school, is growing, and needs fewer naps. Most five-year-olds won’t need a stroller. Again, if your little one has a disability, or worn out after a long day, maybe a high weight limit stroller can help. With that said, it’s highly unlikely that your kindergarten-aged child will need a stroller.

Does a 6-year-old need a pram at Disney World?

Disney World can be a magical time. There’s so much to do, so much to see, and even if you’re there for a week, you may feel like you haven’t seen it all. For adults, Disney can be a tiring experience, and especially for a 6-year-old. When they are exhausted, having a stroller for bigger children can be useful for when they need to nap or rest their feet.

Amusement parks may have strollers for bigger children you can rent that are designed for a big kid. This way, you don’t have to buy your own, because in most circumstances, your 6-year-old won’t need it. Also, a big kid stroller can be great for Disney World because it allows you to carry snacks and other goods through the comfort of the basket or other carrying methods.

Is It Safe For A Baby To Sleep In A Stroller?

Having your baby nap in a stroller is perfectly fine, no matter which stroller you use. However, you obviously should not use a stroller as an overnight bed. This is obvious, but we felt like we should remind you.

Should A Baby Flat Lay In A Stroller?

If the stroller allows your baby to lay flat, then that’s okay. Always make sure that your baby is lying flat in a stroller on their back, as any other part could affect them, and that’s no good at all.

How much weight can a double pram hold?

The best strollers for big kid stroller is quite useful if you have twins or two young children who aren’t too far apart in age. Like a regular one, a twin stroller or double stroller will have a weight limit that varies. A double type is going to have a higher weight limit to accommodate two kids, but it may change. When searching for a double stroller for two children, read the weight limit, and see which one is for you. In this case, a higher weight limit can help.

At what age does a child stop using pram?

Usually, a child stops using prams for children at around three, but there may be circumstances when they should use a stroller. There is no magic age to stop using it, but obviously, they’re going to have to stop after a little while. If they’re older and still using one, make sure the weight limit does comply.

What do you do when your child outgrows their pram?

When your child outgrows their pram , it’s time to start looking for a new pram that can accommodate their size and weight. Some of the best strollers for big kids include the Joovy Caboose, Baby Jogger City Select, and UPPAbaby Vista, among others. Look for prams with high weight limits and solid frames when selecting one for an older child. Finding a pram that suits everyone’s demands also requires taking into account your personal tastes and needs as well as those of your child.

At What Age Do You Need A Stroller?

The need for a pram typically arises from birth until around the age of 3 or 4 years old when a child becomes more independent in walking longer distances. Brands like Nuna, including the Nuna Pepp, along with other popular brands like UPPAbaby, Bugaboo, and Graco, offer a range of strollers suitable for infants and young children to provide comfort, convenience, and mobility for parents and caregivers. These strollers not only provide comfort and convenience but also come with the option of combining them with compatible car seats, creating the best car seat stroller combos for enhanced mobility and safety. Whether you’re exploring the city or going on outdoor adventures, these innovative solutions ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both parents and little ones.

Can You Put A 3-Month-Old In A Stroller?

Yes, you can put a 3 month old in a stroller. For babies that are 0-3 months old, you’re going to need a stroller with full recline. A 3 month old may or may not need that depending on their development, so take a look and see whether or not they will need it or not.

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