How To Use Double Jogging Stroller

Double jogging strollers are not very easy to maneuver while walking, more so, when you use it for running. Nevertheless, a lot of active moms out there do this because aside from being able to maintain their active lifestyle through working out, it is also a way to bond with their babies.


With proper precaution, you can go on jogging with your baby using a double jogging stroller happily and safely. Here are five things to remember when you use your double jogging stroller:

Ensure Your Baby’s Safety First

It is not advisable for you to jog with your babies on a stroller when they are less than six months old as this is a very delicate stage for them and their lightweight could cause them to fall off. A double jogging stroller with car seat comes in handy during these situations because its structure tends to hold your baby’s neck and head in place.

Also, ensure that you utilize the complete harness of the stroller to keep your baby securely inside. Also, lock the front wheel in place, so you do not have to worry about the stroller making an unexpected turn or movement.


Maintain Proper Posture And Position

Watch your feet to not be in a duck-foot position because this is unstable. Keep your feet in a straight position while running to maintain your pace and even out the tensions in your lower body. Aside from this, do not shift your upper body weight into the handlebar of the stroller and slump in the process.

Keep your back straight, and your weight away from the jogging strollers double so that you do not push the stroller too hard. Do not hold up your arms in a chicken position. Instead, draw your elbows close to your sides and open up your shoulders.

Know The External Environment

Stick to the flat and well-paved paths when running with a double jogger stroller. When finding the right route, avoid uphill and downhill ones as these put you and your baby’s safety at risk. Also, keep out of the busy streets and look for quiet neighborhoods wherein other cars or road users do not get in the way unexpectedly.

Check the weather before your run. Do not schedule your running when it is either too hot or too cold. Never do it when it is raining. Adjust to these weather conditions by ensuring that you wrap your baby in weather-friendly clothes.

Run At A Manageable Speed

Jogging with your baby is not a race, so do not speed up uncontrollably. While you may be able to control yourself when you run, you might not be able to estimate the impact of high-speed runs on your baby. Ensure that you have proper control of the stroller and your running momentum.

When you wish to go faster, you need to make sure you are flexible enough to respond to situations in the environment too. Do not expect that you can run at your usual normal pace. Running with jogger strollers double may be around one minute per mile slower than usual.


Pay Attention To Your Stroller

Before any run, make sure that your stroller is in good working condition. Check that none of the tires are flat or about to be flat. Don’t forget to air your tires once a month to be sure. Do a general inspection of the stroller too. Check whether or not the harness and belts are properly working.

Do not let loose screws dangle around the stroller. Occasionally lubricate the shock piston with that of the bicycle chain lubricant to make sure that your jogging stroller does not get squeaky. Observe any peculiarity in the way you run the stroller to avoid any untoward incident.

Running with your babies using a double jogging stroller is a worthwhile experience. Do check out various double jog stroller reviews online to help you with choosing the best double jogging stroller for your baby. You get a chance to spend more time with your little ones while maintaining a fit and active lifestyle even as a mom. So whoever said that you could no longer exercise when preoccupied with taking care of the kids? Joggling both as a parent has never been this easy and attainable.

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