6 Easy Ways To Look For Diaper Deals

Being a mother, especially for the first time, is a beautiful moment. Having a baby is a tough and challenging period in the life of a mother, yet it is special and fulfilling. After carrying the baby in her womb for nine months, it is time to take care of the baby in the outside world. And a huge part of caring for that baby is changing baby diapers—something parents have to do a lot of in those first couple of years. Lots of diaper changes means lots of money.

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An average family will go through more than 2500 diapers during the first year. It will cost a lot of money – money you could have spent on other essential baby things such as milk, and you could even use the extra money to start saving up for education. As much as possible, it is crucial to know how to get the best diaper deals. This content will focus on one thing a baby uses regularly – diapers. Read on as we give you tips on how to look for diaper deals, as well as some money saving hints to help you get the best prices.

Use Coupons

Coupons are one of the best ways to save money. You can almost get anything with coupon deals. Various coupons are available online, or even in supermarkets, grocery stores, and drugstores. You can also combine some coupons to save more on expenses. You can look for coupons online, too. Sometimes there are promo codes to put in on the website where you’ll be purchasing from. You can find coupons for baby diapers, baby wipes, baby friendly laundry detergent, training pants, and more.

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The Krazy Coupon Lady has tons of baby deals and baby coupons you can browse through! The site has a great coupon collection, especially for diaper coupon deals such as Krazy Coupon Lady baby and Krazy Coupon Lady Target. The site is highly recommended if you are looking for the best coupon deals in the country.

Be On The Lookout For Sales!

Lots of grocery stores and supermarkets offer discounts and sale prices on diaper deals. Keep your eyes out for diapers on sale this week. More often than not, diapers will not always be on sale. However, it is best to be updated since the stores usually have several diaper deals in a month. Whether the sale is online or in-store, if you are committed to looking for diaper deals, you will be able to find the best diaper sales this week for you.

Kind of along the same lines as looking for sales, look for differences in the price per diaper. What do we mean? Well, it’s almost always true that if you buy the big pack or the jumbo packs of diapers, you’re going to pay a smaller per diaper price. The same is true for training pants like Pull Ups and Pampers Easy Ups. 

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Get Free Samples Of Diapers

Getting free samples of diapers may not be a long-term saving solution, but it can still help in the process. It is considered to be one of the easiest and quickest ways to get free diapers. Usually, the sample package only includes 1-2 diapers. To get free samples of diapers, you can contact your local supermarket and diaper companies. Diaper companies typically give free samples whenever they launch a new product, which is also an excellent way to get the best diaper deals.

If you look around online, you can sometimes find promo codes for getting free samples. Also, when you leave the hospital with your brand new baby, make sure you get some free newborn size diapers and baby wipes to take with you. All of that will be covered under your insurance. For the most part, you’ll find you won’t need newborn size diapers for very long. Babies grow fast, so it won’t be long before they need to go up in size. You could leave the hospital with most of what you need in newborn size diapers.

We mentioned getting to sample new products by the diaper companies for free. One that would be good to try now is the Pull Ups New Leaf Training Underwear. They’re made of plant-based materials that keep them super soft and comfortable for boys and girls who are into wearing Pull Ups training pants.

Earn And Use Your Rewards 

If you don’t have any rewards card, it is time to think about getting one. Earning points while shopping may not be a quick deal, but eventually, you may get rewards. The loyalty and rewards system of most supermarkets and grocery stores are generous. Use your rewards on diaper deals for better consumption.

The Pampers diapers company has its own reward program. You can sign up for it online. Then anytime you purchase Pampers diapers and other products, you can get rewarded for that. You’ll find a code inside your pack of Pampers. It can be Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants, Pampers Cruisers, Pampers Pure, or any of their other products. You’ll scan your code into the app and earn rewards that you can spend on more Pampers products in the future. 

Get In Touch With Diaper Companies

Diaper companies will want to give you free diapers as part of their marketing and sales strategy. The only thing they might want to request from their customers in exchange for the free diapers is for them to sign up and subscribe to the mailing list and website. Companies like Huggies, Pampers, Bambo Nature, Luvs, and GoodNites often send free samples and coupons to people in their mailing lists. Better sign up now to start getting the best diaper deals. 

Not only can you get free diapers and coupons, but you’ll know about all of the good baby deals going on. If you reach out to Pampers asking about the Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants, you’ll almost certainly get a sample pack sent to you, or in the very least, a coupon to use on them. The same will be true for most of these companies. You could reach out to the Pull Ups Training Pants maker, too, and then do a comparison of their products.

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Do Not Mind The Brand

If you want to save money, you should not bother with the brand. You can just get whatever diaper has the best diaper deal. One brand may have a good sale this week, and another brand will have another sale next week. The diaper companies have to stay competitive, and one of the ways they do that is to offer sales. So, you’ll often see one brand go on sale, such as Huggies diapers and Huggies Pull Ups, and the next week, the Pampers Cruisers and Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants are on sale. Then, another brand will get in the mix, Luvs diapers or The Honest Company diapers will be marked down. You could also see deals where when you purchase a certain brand of diapers, you get some baby wipes for free, or some baby friendly laundry detergent. 

Do not be so focused on one brand. If you are willing to try other diaper brands, you’ll be able to save money that way. However, you should still be careful since not all diapers are suitable for your baby. The baby might get rashes or have an allergic reaction to some of the diapers. For the most part, if you stick to the big brands of diapers like Huggies diapers, Pampers Cruisers, or The Honest Company, you shouldn’t have to worry about the materials they’re made of. 

Having a baby means getting big responsibilities. Let’s face it, there will be a lot of expenses needed for the baby – milk, clothes, laundry detergent, toys, cribs, and strollers. Being practical is wise. A lot of your money will be spent on diapers once you become a mother. Being practical means being able to look for diaper deals this week and the next many months to come. Then, as if diapers aren’t enough of huge drain on your finances, then you’ll need Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants or Huggies Pull Ups through the potty training phase. Use what you’ve learned here to save some cash on all of the different baby products you need. Your wallet will thank you.

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FAQs On Diaper Deals

 How can I get free diapers for my baby?

There are several ways to get free diapers. There are sample products that are distributed to look out for. Also, diaper companies give free products as a token upon signing up on their respective websites. The hospitals and doctor’s offices also give out free diapers. You can reach out to the specific maker of a product, such as Huggies Snug and Dry and tell them you would like to try the product. They may ask you to sign up for their mailing list, but you’ll get free samples sent to you for inquiring about Huggies diapers.

What is the cheapest brand of diapers?

Diapers are part of the daily needs of babies, and it’s essential to know which among are the most budget-friendly. Some of the most affordable diapers are White Cloud, Cuties, Parents Choice, Pampers, and Kirkland. You can also find the Mama Bear brand on Amazon at very affordable prices. 

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Is Pampers cheaper than Huggies?

No, Huggies is cheaper than Pampers. The price difference between the two isn’t huge. But on average, Huggies is more affordable by around $0.05-0.10 than Pampers. The same is true for the Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants vs. the Pull Ups training pants from Huggies diapers.

How much per diaper is a good deal?

Around $0.13-$0.15 per diaper is a good deal. Aside from the price, it’s essential to know what type of diaper the baby will need.

Which diaper brand is best?

There are a lot of diaper brands in the market to choose from. It can be overwhelming, to give you a guide, here are some of the best ones listed: Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Diapers, and Target Up&Up Diapers. 

Deciding on the best diaper for your baby is really just about that baby, though. Some babies have very sensitive skin, so they need products that help soothe their skin. If that’s true for your baby, then you need to choose diapers, wipes, and laundry detergent based on what will be best for their needs. 

Can you buy diapers with WIC?

No, WIC is not available for diapers. WIC is more focused on providing nutrition, education, and other social services. But there are a lot of ways to avail of free diapers and discount coupons. 

What is the average cost of a diaper?

Diapers are usually at $0.20. The average cost may still vary depending on the brand, size, variant, and other factors that come into play. 

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What is the average per unit cost of training pants?

Training pants cost more than diapers because you shouldn’t using nearly as many of them. The per unit cost of Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants is about $.50. Easy Ups are meant to be used much like underwear once your child starts getting the hang of potty training. You should be able to use one or two Easy Ups a day, and maybe use one at night. Eventually, you’ll likely only be putting a pair of Easy Ups Training Pants on your child at night. 

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