Best Liquid Multivitamins For Toddlers

Notice: Please consult with your and/or a medical professional before purchasing over the counter vitamins and supplements.

What are the best liquid multivitamins for toddlers? Do your toddlers need liquid multivitamins? Let’s discuss the liquid multivitamins for your toddler in this topic.


Moms indeed want the best for their toddlers. So does that include giving best toddlers multivitamins? If you’re considering reaching for multivitamin bottles on the shelf, read through the article first to find out if your toddlers need it. We’ll also be showing you our top picks, compiled from the reviews of seasoned moms. Shelves are stocked with all sorts of multivitamin varieties. You’ll see gummy vitamins, multivitamins in liquid form, those with all-natural ingredients, and many with artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors. Trying to choose the best multivitamins for toddlers can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for.


You can find vitamins and minerals of all sorts for both children and adults. But new and existing parents, alike, can easily become overwhelmed by many vitamins for kids that come in everything from gummy vitamins, to other chewable vitamins, and liquid multivitamin assortments. Legitimate multivitamins for kids will all give your kids healthy doses of nutrition their bodies need, however, some types have downsides, such as added sugar or consistencies that get stuck in children’s teeth. Liquid vitamins can be a solution for doing without those negatives. So, we’re going to spend our time looking at kids multivitamins that come in liquid form.

The Importance Of Multivitamins For Toddlers

You might ask yourself, “Does my toddler need vitamin supplements already?” Well, the reality is that they’re not necessary as long as your child is getting proper nutrition. It’s possible to get all the vitamins and nutrients they need from regular food. As mentioned also in LiveStrong, while we all try our best to provide our kids with the right food, it can be hard to get picky eaters to eat appropriately. Even we ourselves have a hard time getting all of the essential nutrients we need from foods. And truly, for the most part, it won’t hurt for your little ones to take a kids multivitamin anyway, just to make sure.

A Toddler refusing to eat the fruits and vegetables

Thus, some toddlers need to take a multivitamin to make sure that they’re getting everything they need. It’s added precaution to help your children grow up as healthy and robust as they can be. It’s a decision you can talk over with your child’s pediatrician. He or she may have some recommendations for good high quality vitamins for kids. Healthy living can be tough in the fast paced world we live in, so anything you can do to make sure you are raising healthy kids is going to be praised by your child’s doctor.

Some Important Things To Consider

When it comes to multivitamins and supplements, there are several types. Make sure you check labels to see if it’s suitable to give to toddlers. Some supplements are for older kids or young teens. It also means you can’t share your vitamins with them. The bodies of adults and teenagers are much different in terms of needs than young children’s. Dietary supplements that you take may be great for you, but they will have too much of the ingredients in them to give to small children. Some adult vitamins are formulated to help with weight loss, too, and that’s not good for giving to children. It could cause them to feel sick and even lead to complications in their bodies.

The amount of essential nutrients that is appropriate for a small child’s body is going to be less than what is needed for an older, more matured body. Children’s vitamins are specially formulated to have the amounts that can be absorbed by the body they have at that time. The level of fat soluble vitamins within their supplements will certainly be less than what’s in yours because of the nature of those vitamins to stay stored in the fat cells of the body. Kid-friendly vitamins also come in flavors, colors, and sometimes characters, that children will respond well to so it’s not a battle to get them to take their daily multivitamin. Starting children early with a healthy living regimen that encourages them to enjoy taking care of themselves is a great way to promote healthy choices later in life.

Kid friendly vitamins are available in different forms. Some come as chewable tablets—just like the beloved Flintstones vitamins—while others are gummies. Manufacturers have also come up with powdered vitamins that you can mix into drinks. However, many of the moms we’ve heard from stand by their choice of liquid multivitamins (read further here:

Choosing liquid comes with many advantages. The best liquid multivitamins for toddlers are free from additives, chemicals, and other substances found in tablets, pills, and gummies. There are fewer filler ingredients. Likewise, the body absorbs nutrients much faster this way as compared to other forms because the stomach no longer needs to break down other additives. Liquid kids vitamins make it into your child’s body systems to start helping sooner because the body doesn’t have to work so hard to get them there.

Another advantage liquid has over solid forms is it’s more comfortable for toddlers to take. It is a challenge to get a child to swallow a tablet. You can mix in liquid vitamins into your child’s food or drinks. It also helps mask the taste of some vitamins. A complete multivitamin won’t even be detected by your child if you give it to them in food or drinks they were already having. Sometimes children’s vitamins don’t have the best taste, especially when you choose ones that are pumped full of the artificial flavors that many of them are. You could have the best vitamins in the world to give your child, but if they won’t take them because they don’t like the taste, it won’t matter. They’ll still be missing out on all of those essential nutrients.

One of the biggest complaints parents have about gummy vitamins is how they get stuck in their kids’ teeth. This could mean trouble at the dentist. Daily gummy vitamins may be easy to get your kids to take, but they could end up causing a different kind of health problem in their mouths if you don’t brush their teeth after each dose. Other chewable vitamins can have that same affect. If you are going to go with one of these types, make sure to at least choose one that is sugar free.

You’ll actually find that most pediatricians and pediatric dentists recommend against giving your children daily gummy vitamins or children’s vitamins that have a candy-like consistency. One reason for this is what we just mentioned above about the filler content getting stuck in children’s teeth and possibly causing cavities. The other reason is that your child could associate candy with being healthy kids. When you go to choose the kids vitamin you plan to give your child, consider what message you want to convey to them before making your selection.


Kids Liquid Multivitamins Top Choices

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of supplements for your toddlers, let’s take a look at products that are in the running to be the best liquid multivitamins for toddlers. These are all considered to be high quality choices in the industry of children’s vitamins.

Salus Kindervital Multivitamin

  • Liquid multivitamin for toddler

Salus has come up with a multivitamin for children aged 2 to 12. The product is vegetarian-friendly and has no additives, preservatives, and alcohol. The liquid multivitamin’s base consists of fruit juices and herbs, making it a healthy choice.

Kindervital is great for bone health. It contains calcium, vitamin D, and iron. These vitamins help build stronger bones and keep them healthy. Kindervital also contains vitamins B, A, C, and E for a more reliable immune system.

Reviews from moms claim that their kids have enjoyed its taste as compared to other vitamins. Those who want an iron-free multivitamin may not want to try this out. Though iron in its kid friendly dose is fine for giving to children, some parents prefer not to dose their children with iron from a kids vitamin.

Zarbee’s Naturals Baby Multivitamin With Iron

  • Liquid Multivitamin For Baby

Zarbee is a company that has a vast product line for toddlers and children. From gummies to cough syrup to even a soothing chest rub, they’ve got something for every need.

Zarbee’s Naturals are on the best sellers lists for many retailers because the products are made naturally. They don’t use artificial colors in their medicines and any dietary supplement. You can give your child Zarbee’s with peace of mind that they’re getting something good for them and without anything that’s not.

Some moms consider Zarbee’s baby multivitamin as the best liquid vitamin for toddlers because it has no preservatives. This vitamin is free from gluten, artificial sweeteners and dyes, and alcohol. It has a natural grape flavor that your kids would love. It has all these while also packing nine essential vitamins such as D, C, A, and iron. Another advantage is that it’s more on the affordable side. It’s one of the best iron sources for young children and a more complete multivitamin choice because it has iron along with so many vitamins in it.


BioNaturals Children’s Liquid Multivitamin

  • Liquid multivitamin for toddler

You can tell from the brand itself: this liquid multivitamin is all-natural. No GMOs, chemicals, artificial dyes, artificial flavors, or sweeteners are in here. It is an excellent choice for toddlers who have allergies as this multivitamin does not contain soy, wheat, dairy, or gluten.

Moms have given it four- and five-star reviews on Amazon, making it a good contender for the best liquid multivitamins for toddlers. It has a peppermint taste that most kids seem to tolerate. The peppermint flavor makes it good for mixing into food and drinks that are more sweet. You can mix it with milk, into oatmeal, pancake mix, and other similar foods. Also, the peppermint is kid friendly because the mint flavor is good for soothing an upset tummy. As there are no artificial colors included in it, most children won’t even realize there’s a liquid multivitamin in there. You can start to give this to kids as young as one year old and continue to do so until they’ve reached 12 years of age.

NovaFerrum Multivitamin With Iron

  • Liquid Multivitamin For Toddler

NovaFerrum has specially formulated their multivitamin for infants and toddlers. They market it as “pediatric drops” since you’ll only need a few. You can mix it into your toddler’s drink or food for ease. It doesn’t have a medicinal taste, and some moms even reported that their kids asked for more. That’s a sign of a good liquid multivitamin right there. When children ask for more of their liquid vitamin, it’s a good day.

NovaFerrum multivitamin with iron is free of alcohol, sugar, and artificial dyes. The bottle comes with a dropper to avoid any hassle and fuss. Its only con is that NovaFerrum can be on the pricier side of supplements. You have to expect that any complete multivitamin for kids that is easy to get them to take is going to have a higher price tag because it’s a best choice product. The benefits of this iron strong kids vitamin, though, are certainly worth the higher price. You’ll be promoting healthy kids that will grow and turn into healthy adults, as well.

Garden Of Life Baby Multivitamin Liquid

  • Liquid Multivitamin For Toddler

The Garden of Life Baby Multivitamin Liquid is an organic liquid supplement that is formulated to give toddlers all of the essential nutrients they need to promote healthy kids bodies. This is one of the best vitamins that are kid-friendly because there are no artificial flavors or other ingredients, it’s all organic, and is gluten free and certified vegan.

You can add the Garden of Life Baby Multivitamin Liquid to your child’s meal or their drink. It’s likely they won’t detect it at all. It’s an easy way to get them all of the daily nutrients they need in one quick dose. Garden of Life has a whole line of other vitamins, also, so you can switch them over to another all organic option that’s age appropriate as they get older.

Smarty Pants Baby Multi & DHA Liquid

  • Liquid Multivitamin For Toddler

Smarty Pants Baby Multi & DHA Liquid is a kids vitamin supplement that is made from all natural ingredients that have been recognized by the Clean Label Project for their purity. When you’re trying to choose a multivitamin for your child, you want to know that it’s been fact checked by someone, and this one has. Parents can be assured that Smarty Pants doesn’t use any artificial colors or flavors, gluten, or GMO ingredients.

Smarty Pants also made sure to leave out any of the well known high allergen ingredients that many children struggle with. Parents will be happy there’s no sugar or caffeine in this vitamin liquid, as well. This is a great company for all sorts of supplements for your family, including prenatal vitamins.

Finding The Right One

When looking for the best liquid multivitamins for toddlers, be ready to go through some trial and error. What works for some moms and kids may not work for you and your little one. But don’t fret; there are many choices and alternatives out in the market today. You can start with our list and go from there. However, remember to always consult with your pediatrician. You always want to make sure that you’ve fact checked what you think you know before making a decision that will affect your child’s health.

You can find that some complete multivitamin options will upset your child’s tummy or cause some other adverse reaction. Iron strong vitamins are known for doing this when children take them on empty bellies. If that should happen, just look for another liquid vitamin to try. Change it up and find one that’s gluten free or maybe check out multivitamins for kids that are good for digestive health. There are plenty of options that contain probiotics for kids that will result in better digestive health for your infants and young children. You just need to try different types so you can find the best liquid vitamins for kids.

So what are you waiting for? Try out a multivitamin for your toddler for a healthier and happier childhood.


FAQs On Best Liquid Multivitamins For Toddlers

What is the top multivitamin for kids?

  • The best multivitamin for toddlers contains vitamins that they cannot get from their meals. For instance, if the pediatrician says that your toddler lacks iron and zinc, then they need a multivitamin that’s dominated by those two minerals. Also, you want to go with a reputable manufacturer of children’s multivitamins because then you know their claims about their products have been fact checked by experts and other parents.

Can I give my 2-year-old multivitamins?

  • If you think your 2-year-old toddler gets enough vitamins and minerals from their diet, you don’t need to give them supplements. Still, children from the age of six months to five years are supposed to take multivitamins to avoid nutrient deficiency.

What vitamins should I give my toddler?

  • Studies suggest that toddlers are prone to lacking potassium, fiber, iron, and vitamins D and E in their system; that’s why your toddler needs a multivitamin that can supply such nutrients.  You can also look for the best liquid multivitamins for toddlers. Before giving any vitamin to your toddler, though, make sure that you are aware of the proper dosage that the little one should get.

How can I boost my kid’s immune system?

  • Toddlers are at an exploratory age in which they enjoy running barefooted everywhere and getting their hands on various objects, regardless if they are sanitary or not. This fact makes it easy for viruses and bacteria to enter their body.
  • In case your toddler eats fruits and vegetables, sleeps early, and exercises every day, their robust immune system should be able to defend your child from harmful microorganisms. Otherwise, you can try boosting their immunity by:
  • Giving them the best liquid multivitamins for toddlers;
    • Ensuring that toddlers are in a smoke-free environment; and
    • Letting toddlers play under the sun.

Are vitamins good for kids?

  • Yes, multivitamins are suitable for toddlers, especially if they happen to consume meals from one food group. The best liquid multivitamins for toddlers will ensure that the kids can meet their daily nutrient requirements despite their lack of interest in healthy foods.

At what age can a child take a vitamin?

  • The ideal age for a toddler to take a multivitamin is four years old. That is when they already know how to chew or swallow the supplement. But if the pediatrician suggests giving multivitamins to your little one before they turn 4, you can do so. Just be sure that the dosage is pre-approved by the doctor to avoid overdosing.

Are gummy vitamins suitable for kids?

  • Gummy multivitamins are excellent for toddlers who cover their mouths whenever they see you holding a medicine bottle. The gummy multivitamins look and taste like real candies, but they contain similar amounts of vitamins and minerals that supplements in other forms have.
  • Since gummy multivitamins are yummy, you need to keep them out of your toddler’s reach to keep them from consuming more nutrients than necessary. Also make sure you’re only giving gummy vitamins from a well known manufacturer that’s had their claims about their vitamins fact checked by governing agencies.

Is vitamin b12 ok to give to children?

  • Vitamin b12 is ok for toddlers. It’s recommended that younger children get a lower dose of this vitamin than older children and adults take, though. While you should always strive to stick to the recommended levels of vitamin intake that have been set by practicing professionals, vitamin b12 can be taken in higher amounts without doing any harm. Your body will keep and use what it needs while allowing the rest of it to leave your body through urination.

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