What’s The Best Remote Control Spider Your Child Will Like

Ahh, spiders! Some people get scared at the mention of spiders, but there are some cool products to play with that, if your child loves these eight-legged creatures, he or she will love. Here, we’ll talk about the best remote-controlled spiders that children will love, and why they’re considered some of the best on the market. Whether you think this is a scary toy for kids or not, kids in all types of age range, boys and girls, love remote control toys, and that includes spider battery-powered robotic toy arachnids. Why not give your kiddo something to help tear their attention away from those video games they love so much?

remote controlled spider toys are not really scary at all.
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Why Would Your Kid Want A Spider

You may wonder why your child might want a remote-controlled spider over a RC car or a RC plane, here’s the thing, it does involve endless hours of play, but they’re also educational and fun. The more appropriate question here is why wouldn’t your kid want a spider? When even adults would love to play with these toys. You may not want him or her playing with a real spider, but a harmless remote control tarantula could be lots of fun.

They are stimulating for the mind, and they also help form the building blocks in mind, and scientific thinking, which is useful for engineering, robotics, and other science. They also provide a learning experience and problem-solving skills that are good. You can even get kits, which involve building a remote control toy and help build more engagement with time.  These are pretty cool, and they are suitable for laughs and giggles. Plus, if you’re not creeped out by spiders, some of them are very realistic and refreshing.

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Discovery RC Tarantula Toys With LED light Infrared Controlled Technology

This toy is an infrared remote control spider and is one of the cheaper spider toy brands, but with over four stars on Amazon, it’s a great one. It’s got lifelike movements, along with glowing LED light eyes. It also has an infrared wireless remote controller and universal wheel for lifelike action that is flexible and realistic.  It doesn’t come with batteries, but if you have 3 AAA ones around, you just pop those in and let the child have fun. Make sure that young children aren’t left to install the AAA batteries. AAA batteries are small and should only be handled by parents or older children. That being said, for 16 bucks, it’s a pretty reasonably-priced spider toy, even better if you get discounts.

This remote control tarantula spider toy looks much like a real spider. It’s good for kids aged 6 and up. It’s a wireless remote control toy for kids that will keep them interested and give them something cool to show off to their friends. You can find this one in the toys games sections of many large retailers. Amazon can deliver it on your doorstep.



It is one of the best options for a spider bot, and on Amazon, it’s got great reviews. It offers a 360-degree movement with a build and hard casting included, one that your kids will adore playing with, and they’ll see that it handles most surfaces easily.  They will look at all of the different complex mechanisms as it moves. It comes in different colors that you can choose, and it also has a remote that can power different Hexbug spiders that work together. It is one of the fun features, especially if they want to have an army of robot spiders. It’s a little slower than the other RC models out there, but it’s also good if you don’t want your child to ambush you with it.  Plus, let’s face it, this is the least creepy on the market.

HEXBUG actually makes a few different versions of remote-controlled spiders. This one doesn’t look very realistic, instead having more of a robotic look to it. There is an original HEXBUG spider that is meant for kids aged 5-15 years old. Then there’s the battle spider.

The HEXBUG battle spider, which is officially called the HEXBUG Battle Spider 2.0 Dual is meant for kids that are a little bit older. The recommended age range for this one is 8-15 years old. You can get one of these remote controlled spider toys for all of the kids in your house and they can have a HEXBUG battle. You can find them on Amazon in the toys games department.

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Meccano MeccaSpider Robot Kit

It is a vast robot kit, like super huge in terms of size, and also the effort it takes to build one. This one is good for children over ten or so since it does require a bit of work. However, the payoff on this is that it’s a great educational gift that you can get for your kid, the worth for the price is on point. While you do need to assemble and supervise this, it comes with instructions to make this monster, and if you build it together, it can be both challenging and rewarding. You can check terra by Battat Toys for accessories.

It’s pretty cool because it does have infrared controls and even apps and games that your child will enjoy. The infrared remote control gives you better maneuverability for your robot. You’ll need 5 C batteries, as it’s battery operated.

This one is one of the more expensive remote control spiders on the market for obvious reasons, but the payoff is worth it, especially if you want to give your children a gift that they will enjoy for years to come.


Furry toys Spider

If you’re scared of spiders, I may not suggest getting this one, since this is super realistic looking. It’s the perfect gift for pranksters since it can crawl quietly over surfaces, and ambush those that aren’t expecting it. It’s super easy to use and is excellent for younger children. The fact that it’s not as complicated as the other spiders that are listed here is a great feature.  It is pretty durable, but has trouble sometimes if there are harder surfaces, but it also is a fun toy for children to learn how to use. Its features are suitable for Halloween parties too, and they do make cool decorations around the home. The set comes with two-channel infrared controls, and you’ll need two batteries for this. You can also buy a terra from Battat Toys.

This really is probably the best remote control spider for prank purposes that’s on this list. It will help you scare someone with a toy that looks like an alive crawling spider battery operated and controlled by your hand and a remote control. You can use this remote control spider toy for prank time with your friends, family, and parents might get a kick out of the spider for prank time against their kids. Sometimes it’s good for us parents to get back at our kids. Who’s with me?!


Horrible Pets Remote Control Tarantula

If you’re planning to get a creepy critter for your child, then look no further. This one is practically begging to scare those that you love, and it’s a furry, realistic tarantula that can crawl in different directions with realistic movements. It’s got an egg-shaped controller that’s simple to use and is perfect for both younger and older kids because of the ease of use. Since it is radio-controlled, the range is much stronger than the infrared version and is suitable if your child plays with it around different areas. That also makes this RC tarantula one that is the perfect spider for prank games. When you can hide further away and use your spider wireless remote control to move your spider for prank purposes, you’re sure to get a big reaction.

The biggest con here, however, is that it can only really move around smoother surfaces, which is fine if the child keeps this bad boy indoors. The textures on this are realistic and like hair. It is still worth the price compared to other products.


Remote Control Wolf Spider Robot

This one is another infrared spider bot that’s economical and not toxic, and with the realistic design, it’s perfect for kids that love creepy crawlies.  One thing of note, though, is that it doesn’t walk on the legs itself, but rather, it has wheels under all of this, so it’s more like a spider RC car. It’s okay if you’re trying not to have to worry about crawling over difficult surfaces, but it’s also super fast compared to the other models. It also is much more durable than other models, so if your child takes this outside, they’ll have loads of fun. This best robotic toy is made with environmentally-friendly materials, bringing more fun to everyone.

Robo Alive Crawling Spider

This one is a remote control robotic toy by Zuru. Rather than a spider tarantula, this one is designed as a black widow. It’s realistic in the way it’s sized closer to a real spider and its movements are pretty authentic. It has a fuzzy body, the markings of the black widow, and best of all, this RC spider has a low price of less than $10! It’s within the budget even without any discounts.

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LEGO: Marvel Spider Man Set

So, this one isn’t a remote control spider but it’s still a cool spider-like toy that lots of kids will like, so we thought we’d mention it. This is a Spider Man set made by LEGO that has a cool Spider Man vehicle that looks very much like a blue and red spider. The center of the vehicle has wheels like a motorcycle so your child can have plenty of fun rolling Spider Man around in this awesome spider cycle. Remote control or not, Spider Man is always a hit with kids.

Best Remote Control Spider: Final Words

These spiders range from cool little robots to being creepy and scary. But, if your child loves spiders, pranking, or even just wanting to learn more about spiders, and they want to use it around the home, these spiders are the best products that are out there, and the controls are simple, yet practical and allow for a ton of great fun for hours. Plus, you get the great feeling of giving your kids an interesting toy to play with other than the best remote control cars. This RC spider definitely has more benefits than other activities like playing video games or watching tv. With a remote control spider around, your kid may not even think about those video games!


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