What Are Some Appropriate Toys For 3 year Olds?

Being three is an odd age to buy a toddler toys. At this age, they may be too old for toys meant for babies or even other toddlers, but they are still too young for toys for older children. If you’re trying to entertain your three-year-old, you may believe that there aren’t many options available.

At three, a child is learning motor skills and may be full of energy. Here are some toys that fit just that.

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ETI Toys Original 101 Piece Educational Construction Engineering Building

At three, toys that encourage building and STEM activities are always good. Building toys for toddlers have gone a long way since building blocks and simple Legos. This toy set is great for kids who want to make their own set of toys.

As it does contain smaller parts, you should supervise, and help your child build the toys if they are confused. We believe that with a little help, a three year old can be creative and show you some unique toys and designs that you will be fascinated with.

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Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter Set – 24 pc.

This is another building set that is good for young children who are creative. It’s also safer than the previous one. They are made from suction cups, so your child can stick their creations everywhere they go. And then remove them when they are done without affecting the wall or anything else they put the toys on.

As you can infer from the title, this is a starter set, meaning that you can buy more if your child likes them.

Dinosaur Take Apart Toys

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? These dinosaurs are take-apart, meaning that they come assembled, but your child can take them apart to see all of their parts and whatnot. Great for younger children to play with, and as they grow older, you can show them all their insides and they can learn just how pieces work. No batteries, and it comes with a screwdriver that’s friendly towards kids.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

At three, your child may not have the artistic skills to create a masterpiece, but they can still learn how to color and create art if they so wish. This case comes with 140 pieces. Again, it’s something you may want to supervise your three-year-old with, but watching them draw and be artsy is a bond that they will love. With crayons, pencils, colored pencils, markers, paper, and other goodies, your child can be extremely creative, and you can watch them make some masterpieces that belong in an art museum. Or at least on your refrigerator.

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Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer

A three-year-old is energetic, and they may love jumping around. A trampoline is something you should get them when they are older, but at three, they are at risk of injury. An inflatable bouncy castle is a good solution. This bouncer works indoors or outdoors and can hold 120 pounds. Meaning two kids can easily play in it. It’s big, too, but not gigantic. You may be able to fit it indoors, but it works best outdoors, as you may imagine.

It’s safe, easy to inflate, and kids will love it.

Master Workbench by Hape

Having a pretend workbench is a fun accessory. Children can feel like they are making something, and they can learn more about tools. All of the tools are kid-friendly and any child can use them with ease. This workbench comes with 32 pieces, so your child will be entertained by them for hours and hours. The tool bench itself can be assembled and unassembled.

OUTREE Kids Pod Swing Seat Hammock

Three-year-olds love playing outside, and a hammock swing is one of the best ways they can unwind after a long day of playing. This hammock set is adaptable for kids, as it can hold 170 pounds. Your child may get use out of it for a long time. The ability to swing around is always fun.

Supervise them at first so they get the hang of the hammock and how to swing. Once they learn it, however, they can be entertained for hours.

It’s easy to put together, lightweight, and you can take it anywhere, both indoors and out. We highly recommend it for these uses alone.

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TOMY Bath Foam Cone Factory Toy

At three, your child is learning to love taking a bath. Toys in the bath can allow for one active imagination. The rubber ducks and boats can make your kid feel like they are going on an adventure in the sea. If they want something more creative, they can do so with this cone factory setpiece. With a little bit of bubble back, they can create foamy “ice cream” cones with their bubbles. Just make sure they don’t eat it.

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby

At three, your baby is probably learning how to use the potty, or has done so already. One way you can help them train if they are a late bloomer is with Baby Alive dolls. These are popular due to their personalities and how realistic they are. This baby can is capable of acting like a baby who can use the toilet. Put water inside it, and then when it’s ready to use the bathroom, you can put it on the toilet and then it will do a little dance once it’s on the toilet, using the bathroom.

It has many different phrases as well. Your child will feel like they have a real companion in training as they learn how to use the bathroom. Try it out and see how it helps your child learn how to use the potty.

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Three year olds are smarter than you think. It’s okay to give them more cerebral toys that test their building skills. Learning these skills can help them grow into intelligent adults with skills to show the world. See what your child is capable of by giving them these toys.

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