2023 Best Business Laptops

What are the best laptops for business? What makes these best laptops stand out in the market? The best laptops stand out from the other laptop types due to their robust performance, best security features, exceptional battery life, and best commerce-oriented software and support.

The best business laptop for efficiency and productivity. A powerhouses designed to keep pace with your full workweek
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Best Laptop For Business: Optimal Performance

When it comes to business laptops, they’re more than just typical computers; they’re powerhouses designed to keep pace with your full workweek. They’re built for speed, endurance, and efficiency, with features specifically tailored for professional tasks like high processing power and robust security to safeguard important data. Unlike consumer models, business laptops often sport a slim, travel-friendly design without sacrificing performance.

Best Laptop For Business: Specific Needs

In today’s remote working era, choosing the right business laptop is crucial. It’s not just about the internal specs, which are often similar across models, but also about finding the one that fits your specific needs. Start by assessing your budget and preference for operating systems, processors, and RAM. Battery life is key, especially if you’re a heavy user – you need a laptop that can last all day. Lastly, don’t overlook the physical aspects like a bright display, a responsive keyboard, and a sturdy build that can handle the rigors of daily use.

What’s The Best Business Laptop?

Finding a laptop that best fits your specific needs
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We will be looking at some of the best laptops for business use a little further down in this article, including some in-depth reviews But, let’s begin with looking further into the factors you should be considering when you’re shopping for your laptop.

Best Business Laptops Operating Systems

There are many different operating systems out there now. However, only a few of them dominate most of the market. Generally, when you’re looking for the best laptops, you’ll find Windows laptops, MAC OS, Chrome, Ubuntu, and Fedora are used by most laptop makers due to their intergity. Which you choose is up to you. Here’s a quick rundown of these.

Windows 10 - user-friendly operating system, good for running apps, and quick to load or close different functions
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  • Windows: Windows is the most popular of the operating systems. It’s the one most people are familiar with. It’s meant to be user-friendly, good for running apps, and quick to load or close different functions. Getting a Windows OS is still one of today’s best deals.
  • MAC Operating System: This is the OS designed by Apple for Apple. It gets updated frequently and has very robust built-in security and impressive battery life. The interface has been well-thought-out and designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. People choose the Apple for their versatility, user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Chrome; Google designed this operating system, which is Linux-based, to be super simple and compatible with all Android devices. It’s good for some different operations and a few Windows laptops as well.
  • Ubuntu: This OS is Linux-based and works well with the best Linux laptops. Ubuntu is free to download by anyone. It has built-in security, translates to 50 different languages, and is compatible with all the new PCs and other touchscreen devices.
  • Fedora: This one is direct competition for Ubuntu. It’s Linux-based and very user-friendly. You’ll get a lot of power pushing this operating system and a lot of reliability, although they’re price-powered too. Fedora isn’t designed to push extreme usage for gaming or heavy streaming. It’s a good OS for students and corporate workers.

These are not by any means the only operating systems you have as options, and there are other future brands, but they’re some of the most popular that are currently available.

Best Business Laptops: Best Laptop Features

Ideal features to look for should be a combination of performance, durability, and versatility
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Here are the features in a business laptop to look for:

  • Processor: You want a decent processor. This is basically the brain of your computer. If you have a better processor, you’ll be able to run any of the software you want to. For businesses, you don’t really want to go below a mid-grade processor, such as Intel’s Core i5.
  • RAM: The RAM (Random-access memory) works along with the processor to make your PC run faster. It’s the part of the computer that helps it run multiple tasks at once without slowing down. The more RAM you have available, the more you can do without losing speed. Video editing, for example, takes a lot of RAM.
  • Battery Life: This isn’t the most important thing for you to look at, however, it certainly should be considered. There will be times you’ll not be able to charge your PC and you’ll want that excellent battery life to last for a long time.
  • Screen Size:  There are different screen sizes to choose from when it comes to a laptop’s external displays. They run from about 11 inches to 17 inches. If you know you’re going to be pulling open multiple documents at the same time and also easily adjust the screen brightness and does not hang when it opens in a new tab, the more screen space will be ideal for you.
  • Touchscreen/Convertible: Depending on the type of business you will be doing on your computer, you may want to check out the best touchscreen laptops or convertible 2-in-1 types. If any of your work requires that you draw or edit photos, this could be a good option for you. If you have a laptop with a small RAM, you can check for those with USB A ports and USB C ports or one with an sd card slot.
  • Build: Think about the build you want. Are you looking for something very slim that will easily fit into a backpack or briefcase? Do you want a near-edge-less screen? What about your keyboard? Would you like it to have backlighting? You will still want something that is durable such as best rugged laptops, especially if you do any traveling for your work or going from place to place.
set a budget to identify the best laptop within your financial range
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Selecting The Best Business Laptop

When choosing the best business laptop, first set a budget to identify the best options within your financial range, keeping in mind that affordable laptops can still offer quality performance and battery life. Consider your preferred operating system, whether it’s Apple’s macOS or another, and select accordingly. Screen size is also crucial, ranging from compact 11-inch models to larger 17-inch notebooks, depending on your needs for tasks like video editing or online meetings. Additionally, think about whether features like touchscreens, tablet mode convertibility, and stylus compatibility would enhance your efficiency. For mobility, opt for a slim, lightweight design, but don’t compromise on durability. If you plan to work in various lighting conditions, a backlit keyboard can be a valuable feature.

Best Business Laptops: Review

The best laptops for business should combine performance, durability, and versatility. These laptops are designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals, ensuring productivity and efficiency in any work environment.

Best Laptop For Business: Lenovo

The 14-inch Lenovo IdeaPad stands out with its Full HD 14-inch display, offering sharp and vivid visuals, perfect for detailed work. It’s powered by a robust processor, ensuring smooth performance even with demanding software. Its lightweight design enhances its portability, making it a great companion for professionals on the move. The laptop also boasts a user-friendly keyboard and reliable build quality, suitable for extensive daily use.


  • Exceptional display clarity.
  • Strong performance with efficient multitasking capabilities.
  • Portable and user-friendly design.


  • The battery life may fall short for all-day use without charging.
  • Graphics performance is not optimized for demanding design or gaming tasks.

Best Laptop For Business: Dell Inspiron 

Dell Inspiron 3510 15.6-inch HD display balances functionality and cost-effectiveness with its 15.6-inch HD display. It’s designed to efficiently handle everyday business tasks, backed by Dell’s dependable customer support. The laptop offers a comfortable keyboard and adequate connectivity options, making it suitable for various business environments. It’s a solid choice for businesses seeking a reliable, budget-friendly option for their workforce.


  • Affordable, offering good value for money.
  • A spacious screen enhances productivity.
  • Dependable support from Dell.


  • Battery life may not support intensive, all-day use.
  • Not ideal for heavy graphics or video editing tasks.

Best Laptop For Business: HP Elite Dragonfly

The HP Elite Dragonfly is top-tier. It impresses with its elegant design and 2-in-1 functionality. It features a premium touchscreen display that supports an interactive user experience. Ideal for business executives, it provides advanced security features, including a fingerprint sensor and face recognition, ensuring data protection. The laptop also delivers connectivity, with ample ports and wireless options, catering to diverse business needs.


  • Ultra-portable with an attractive, sleek design.
  • High-quality touchscreen with intuitive interaction.
  • Advanced security features for data protection.


  • Premium pricing may not suit all budgets.
  • Limited port variety compared to bulkier counterparts.

Best Laptop For Business: Apple MacBook Pro

The Apple MacBook Pro stands out to creative professionals for its stunning Retina display and robust performance. Its seamless compatibility with the Apple ecosystem enhances both productivity and user experience. Equipped with a top-notch keyboard and trackpad, along with impressive sound quality, it provides an immersive environment perfect for intensive tasks like video editing and graphic design.


  • Unmatched display and sound quality.
  • Robust performance, especially for creative tasks.
  • Seamless integration with Apple devices and services.


  • Premium price may be prohibitive for some users.
  • Limited compatibility with Windows-based software and peripherals.

Best Laptop For Business: ASUS ZenBook 14

The ASUS ZenBook 14 combines compactness with high performance, making it suitable for professionals who value mobility and efficiency. It boasts a long battery life, ensuring productivity throughout the day without the need for frequent charging. The laptop’s NanoEdge display and ErgoLift hinge offer an enhanced visual and ergonomic typing experience. It’s a well-rounded choice for those seeking a balance between performance, portability, and aesthetics.


  • Impressive battery life supports extended use.
  • Compact and robust design, ideal for travel.
  • Excellent display and ergonomic keyboard for comfortable use.


  • Limited options for hardware upgrades.
  • Not designed for high-end gaming or intensive graphic design work.

Best Business Laptops: Best Maintenance Tips

To best maintain your business laptop, regularly update your software and perform hardware checks. Keep the laptop clean, focus on the keyboard and screen, and avoid eating or drinking near it to prevent spills. Always use a protective case during transport and store it in a dry, cool place to prolong its lifespan and ensure optimal performance.


The 2023 lineup of best business laptops offers an exceptional blend of performance, durability, and convenience, catering to the diverse needs of professionals. Whether you prioritize speed, security, battery life, or portability, there’s a laptop on this list that meets your specific business demands. By carefully considering these top choices, you can equip yourself with a reliable tool that enhances productivity and supports your professional journey.

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