Best Wireless Printers For Your Home Office: Comprehensive Reviews

When it comes to efficiency in a busy workplace, a Wi-Fi printer can beat traditional models any day of the week. This is why they have become increasingly popular in the past few years. But how do you get the best model for your home office? What are the options out there for your budget? Here’s a quick rundown of the top products on the market.

Samsung's best all-in-one printer, one of the best models available on the market

Wi-Fi direct connectivity takes convenience and work efficiency to a whole new level with its easy setup, compatibility with various devices in the same network, cloud printing capabilities such as Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint, and the ability to scan and print straight from a smartphone or tablet.

Best Wireless Laser Printer

The wireless photo printer is one of the pieces of equipment indispensable in both home office and professional work environments. While choosing a new one can be exciting, it is important to consider your workspace and determine the best wireless option for you, especially your machine placement. Considering your available area and spatial arrangement can help you find the one that fits your specific needs and help you make informed decisions regarding the dimensions and size. Since there are tons of options out there, this can definitely help you narrow your options down.

One notable feature of this type is its ability to seamlessly connect to devices through WiFi direct technology. It eliminates the need for cables, which, we all know, are quite cumbersome. This technology provides the freedom and flexibility to print anything using multiple devices, minus the physical constraints. WiFI direct technology lets you conveniently and effortlessly print documents, bulk files, photos, etc., from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, thus improving your productivity and streamlining the workflow in the workspace.

Determine the type that you need and want. Do you want a laser or an inkjet? Do you want the best multi-functional solution? Are you looking for all-in-one printers or ink tank printers? Look into the capacity of the ink cartridge refills. Can it perform large print jobs by producing multi-page documents or color pages? When searching for the best home printer, consider its ability to produce high-quality color prints.

In terms of the color photo quality prints or print graphics, are the color accuracy and overall quality high? Most of the best printers, especially the cheaper ones, do not offer this level of service. It will force you to order replacement ink frequently. Check if your network machine has excellent scan quality. The one with a reliable, high-resolution flatbed scanner that can easily print is the right choice. Moreover, look for the ones with a document loader if you need to scan many items.

Wireless Printers For Your Home Office

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025


Color inkjet printer from HP, one of the best color printers on the market

This Multi-Functional Color Inkjet can complete up to 20 pages per minute. It scans, photo prints, copies, and faxes—all in one inkjet!

It’s equipped with smart technology for mobile labels. Simply connect the machine to your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) via its dedicated app, and you can print anything remotely through your phone or tablet. You can also access information about the ink tank levels through the app.


  • Option to sign up for HP ink plan
  • Best automatic duplex printing
  • Has a document feeder
  • Best energy consumption


  • Not the best for Mac devices
  • Paper tray is tricky to get in and out
  • No option to enlarge or reduce

HP Envy Pro 6455  

If you are looking for the best wireless printer, then this product from HP should be on your top list. Compared to most competitors, the HP Envy Pro comes in a small and compact body, much like a portable machine.

You can print, scan, and copy. It includes a 35-page document feeder. It accommodates photo paper for photo printing and duplex scanning documents, essential for your print graphics. Use the HP Envy Pro with the HP smart app for setup and remote printing. Self-healing Wi-Fi is built into the dedicated printer to help with dropped connections like the Canon Pixma. Print reports, emails, photos, charts, and more.


  • Best for small spaces
  • Print from anywhere
  • Duplex printing enabled
  • One of the best options


  • Not the best print speed
  • Not the best paper tray capacity
  • Not the best for Apple devices

Best Wireless Printer

HP DeskJet Plus 4155  

The HP DeskJet Plus is a multi-function color inkjet model equipped with all the connectivity options. There is an automatic document feeder built into the design. It works with the Alexa voice control panel. As with all HP products, setup is easy with the HP app. You can print, scan, copy, and fax with this printer. It also prints vibrant color photos, which is good for your print graphics.


  • Best price
  • LCD display screen
  • Vibrant color printing
  • HP instant ink eligible
  • One of the best options


  • Not the best print speed
  • Not the best print volume
  • Duplex printing is tricky

Wireless Printer Best Features

HP OfficeJet Pro

The HP Pro Premier is the most expensive product on our list. It’s equipped with all the smart technology you can get. It works with Alexa voice control. It’s a color inkjet that will need a good bit of desk space in your home office. It prints fast at 22 ppm and has automatic double-sided printing. There is a 35-page automatic document feeder, as well. You can sync to your accounting software and organize all your documents quickly.


  • Best print speed
  • Best security features
  • Print from anywhere
  • Best color display
  • High-capacity trays


  • Pricey
  • Not the best for small spaces
  • Setup is difficult

Best Wireless Printers

Which Wireless Printers Are Best?

Inkjets are good for specific tasks, while the color laser is better than other types. The former prints with more color variations. It makes them better at photos or any job requiring color. They are less expensive, as well.

Laser types use toner to print. The toner lasts longer because it doesn’t take as much to print job documents and images. Toner also doesn’t dry up like ink when it sits for a long time. Laser units typically print faster, too. They usually cost more than inkjets.

Which Lasts Longer, Inkjet Printers Or Laser Printers?

The technology incorporated into both types of wireless printers has evolved tremendously over the past couple of decades. Inkjet tends to last longer in terms of useful life. Laser usually lasts longer in terms of the print volume you’ll get from each toner cartridge.

How Do I Choose The Best Wireless Printers?

Before shopping for top-tier wireless printer models, think about how you’ll use yours. What kinds of documents do you print? Do you print in color? Do you need color documents? Would you like a monochrome printing similar to the Mopia service? Do you want one with optical character recognition? Do you print mostly large documents?

Some only print, while others are multifunctional. Choose a machine that scans, prints, copies, and faxes if you will use those other functions like the Brother MFC and Canon Pixmas. Remember that you’ll need a phone line to process fax capabilities.

For those setting up a small or home office, choosing between laser, inkjet, and other types can be daunting. The all-in-one wireless printer models offer a comprehensive solution, combining the functionalities of a printer, fax machine, and sometimes the ability to print labels. These multifunction printers, often referred to as AIO printers, typically come with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing seamless printing from mobile devices.

While all wireless models can handle standard tasks, selecting the best wireless printer with automatic document feeders (ADF) can expedite the scanning or copying of double-sided documents. For those who print frequently, choosing a device compatible with high-yield cartridges can save money in the long run. Moreover, for photo enthusiasts, some can produce vivid images on glossy photo stock, while a portable model offers mobility. Essentially, the best all-in-one model should encompass all the features required by the user.

Remember, the cost-effectiveness of the wireless printer isn’t determined only by the machine’s price. Look into the price of ink or toner cartridges for the machines you’re considering, along with the print volume for each cartridge. Just because one is cheap upfront doesn’t mean it has a more affordable cost in the long run.

If you need to scan documents, look for one with an automatic document loader. If you generally scan large documents, find one with a large-capacity document feeder. It’s also a good idea to check the resolution of scanners incorporated into the machine setup process.

Other specs to check out include how fast each option prints, how much the cost per page works out to be, the paper tray capacities, print quality, and settings like duplex mode.

Which Wireless Printer Brand Is Best?

A few brands make the list of the most reliable. When talking about how reliable a machine is, you can count on it to last for a long time, print when you want it to, produce the best results, and stay connected to Wi-Fi.

The top brands include:

  • HP – Best overall
  • Brother – Best budget printers
  • Canon – Best for photos
  • Epson – Best for page yield
Colored ink of the best printers

Best Printer Options: Bottom Line

When shopping for the top model, it’s not about finding the most expensive, top-of-the-line machine on the market. It’s about finding the most suitable option to fit your needs. Choose one that makes the most sense for the type of work you do. Find the option that includes all the functions you need, is the most cost-effective, prints as fast as you want, includes bonus features you want, and fits the space you have. The ideal option should make your home office more complete and productive.

Best Wireless Home Printer: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Wireless Printer To Buy?

The top overall at-home option is the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e All-in-One. It’s a little pricey and needs a bit of space, but it is high quality and built for getting things done.

What Is The Best Wi-Fi Printer For Home Use?

The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e and the HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw are the two top machines for home use in 2022.

One of HP's best machines for home and office use

Which Wireless Printer Is Best For Home Use?

This depends on what you need it for. If all you’ll print at home are black-and-white reports, then a monochrome laser is a good choice. If you print photos and other projects requiring color, inkjet cartridges are the ideal option. Match the type of printer you buy to the type of printing you’ll do. And while there are expensive inkjet cartridges, there are also plenty of affordable third-party ink options out there. So make sure your machine is compatible with the latter as well. All-in-one printers are also a great option.

Does The Wireless Printer Need Wi-Fi?

Yes. You must connect to a printer through Wi-Fi to print.

What Is The Best Inexpensive Option?

The HP Envy Pro 6455 All-in-One is the best inexpensive machine. It has several bonus features, an automatic document feeder, and fits almost anywhere.

What Has The Cheapest Ink Cost?

The Canon Office and Business MX922 All-in-One is an ideal option that offers most of the features you’ll be looking for, including high-quality printing and low operating costs. It has a low cost per page so that you can produce high-volume documents with more peace of mind. If you don’t need color, the best option is the Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser. It’s a no-nonsense machine that produces black-and-white documents at running costs.

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