The Spectra S1 Vs. S2: Which One Is Better?

Buying a breast pump can be difficult for new moms or newly breastfeeding moms. There are many breast pump brands, and there are many things to consider when choosing which to purchase: quality, models, suction, price, portability, and more. Buying a pump is a big decision, whether you’re planning to get your milk supply from pumping exclusively or mixing pumping with breastfeeding. You have done much research and narrowed it down to getting a Spectra breast pump, but which one should you buy?  Should you buy the Spectra S1 or the S2?  

Spectra breast pumps

Here is a detailed comparison of the differences between the s1 and the s2.

The Spectra S1 Breast Pump

The S1 is a round, sleek breast pump that is blue compared to the pink S2. This provides a distinct difference between the two so they are not confused for one another.  The S1 is a hospital-grade pumping bra that has different settings for suction to increase your output.  Unlike other pumps, this unique setting with auto timer gives you control and lets you decide what is best for you because each mom is different. It’s a double electric pump, which means it can express milk from both of your breasts at the same time.

It is slightly smaller, and it can be carried, which is great since this is a portable, rechargeable breast pump. This is great for mothers on the go.  The battery lasts up to 3 hours and will indicate when it needs to be recharged by the battery light blinking.  This notifies you that you have 30 minutes left of battery life. It also has great suction, which means you can get more milk in less time.

The Spectra S1 breast pump, a great option for nursing moms

It is a closed system which means that your milk stays sterilized, and the hoses do not get pumped with breast milk in it. This is wonderful because there is less cleaning involved, and you don’t have to worry about the hoses getting ruined.

It has an LED screen as well as a light that lets you have pumping sessions even when it’s dark.  This is one of my favorite features because not every pump comes with a night light.  It also comes with the standard 24 mm sized flange, but you can order larger sizes online. It comes with two tubing, two breast shields, two duckbill valves, two storage bottles, and other attachments. The bottles are not like your standard bottles that fit into the pump, but you can find converters if you want to use regular or Medela bottles.

The Spectra S2 Breast Pump

This pump I have, and I have bought two of these breast pumps.  This has all the same features as the S1 breast pump except for the rechargeable battery. It’s a portable breast pump, and you can use it anywhere as long as you can find a plug-in.  

It also differs in that it is pink rather than blue, and it is cheaper than the first one by $40 dollars (at least on Amazon). Aside from that, there aren’t many key differences. This pump has lasted me around 4 years, and the only pump parts I have replaced are the bottles (for the newer version where the numbers on the bottle are etched into the bottle rather than painted on), the hose, and the suction parts.


S1 Versus S2: Which One Is The Better Option For Nursing Moms?

So which Spectra breast pump is the best one?  It depends mainly on you.  If the features of the S1 are more enticing to you because you are constantly on the go and don’t know if you will be able to access an outlet, then go for it for an additional cost.  If you need one that is a little cheaper at $149 instead of $189, then get the other one. Both have two different pumping phases, massage and expression mode. In massage mode, the cycle speed is set at 70. They also have the same parts. They’re both great products. One is just more useful if you need to pump in your car rather than in your office or at home.

Is The Medela Better Than Both?

The Medela is more expensive than these two pumps, but their pumps, particularly the Medela Freestyle, are highly recommended. It is also hospital grade, and often many hospitals use Medela pumps, unlike the Spectra breast pumps.  The Spectra pumps are not as universal with its parts like the bottles and the attachments. The Medela pumps are universal, meaning you can attach other bottles, and you do not need to buy just Medela products.  This is one thing I appreciate about the Medela pump.

The price is just a little steep for those who have to buy the pumps themselves. Some insurances cover one pump. My insurance covered a Medela pump but it doesn’t have the settings like the Spectra breast pump.  If you have the money, get the Medela pump.  I feel the suction is better than the Spectra and the parts are more durable.  But with proper care, the Spectra parts will last, just not as long as the Medela.

Medela breast pumps

So Which Breast Pump Is The Better Choice For Nursing Moms?

If you have the money, the Medela pump is the best one to choose from.  It has great suction and better attachment universality.  It has long lasting hoses and parts.  It truly is a hospital grade breast pump.  

If you need to save on money, the S2 is a great, quality pump. I still use mine after 4 years, and it still works well.  The Spectra pumps also have night lights which I love for late-night pumping.  It is also much easier to clean than the Medela.  The Medela has small parts that can be broken or lost during cleaning, while the Spectra breast pump does not.  There are also a lot more parts to clean with the Medela instead of the Spectra. If you’re struggling with cleaning your pump parts, you can use a bottle sterilizer.

If you really think you will need one that is cordless, the S1 is just as good as the S2, making it a great choice. These two breast pumps are basically the same pump, with only a few differences. If you’re on a budget, the S2 Plus is a good option. It’s great for moms who want a double electric breast pump, as long as you don’t mind using an AC adapter each time. Personally, I just got an adapter for my vehicle, which was still cheaper than the S2, and used my pump that way.  


Should I Buy The Bag With Spectra S1 And S2 Pumps?

If you get any pump, get the portable bag that comes along with it. Yes, this will cost more but trust me, in the end, it will save you a ton of hassles (especially if you are doing exclusive pumping). The pump bag makes transporting my pump and attachments much easier than if I went out and bought something else.  It has storage specifically designed for the bottles that come with it.

Again, it’s what best fits your lifestyle and needs.


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Yes. Both models have single and double pumping options. They also have backflow protection, as well as adjustable suction and speed.

Is The Spectra S1 Loud?

Not at all. It has a quiet motor. In fact, the Spectra S1 is one of the quietest breast pumps on the market. It’s not 100% silent, but it is a lot quieter than other electric pumps. Many moms also love its suction strength and adjustable pump settings.

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